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Microsoft Certification

Microsoft Certification is proof of your specialized knowledge and abilities. However, nowadays, technologies are changing faster than anyone could imagine; that is why the renewal of certification is important to keep yourself updated with technology. Microsoft Certification Renewal is not a difficult task as it can be done with a simple process, and any individual can do it. This blog will cover how to renew Microsoft Certification – process, benefits, and requirements. Let’s get started one by one.

Why You Should Renew Microsoft Certification?

The validation of any Microsoft role-based / specialty certification is one year. And bypassing an online assessment after one year, you can renew your certification as per Microsoft. It’s a free exam on Microsoft Learn. You have to pass/clear this exam to update yourself and expand the validation of your certification. Here are the 5 reasons – why renewing a certification is essential:

1. It covers important technology updates
2. It enables learning continuously
3. It validates your knowledge and skills with the latest technologies updates that impact your job role.
4. The perks of validation from Microsoft via digital social badges on LinkedIn.
5. Renew Microsoft certification at your own pace and absolutely free.

What are the requirements of renewing Microsoft Certification?

  • If you are Microsoft Certified with a role-based / specialty certification, that means your certification may be expire in 6 months or less, and that makes you qualified for certification renewal.
  • Sign-in to Microsoft Learn and give the exam any time before your present certification expiration
  • It is necessary to pass/clear your certification exam to improve your knowledge and abilities. You cannot renew certifications bypassing other exams, even though it is a new exam version. For example, you passed the AZ-103 exam; you have to pass the renewal exam of AZ-103 only. If you pass the AZ-104 exam rather than AZ-103, it will not be considered valid for your certification. 

Steps for Microsoft Certification Renewal

  • Log in to your Microsoft account and go to Certification Dashboard. Then see which certification is expiring or available for renewal.
  • If you are eligible for certification renewal, you get an email that will guide you to complete the assessment on Microsoft Learn.
  • To get ready for this renewal exam, you can go to the Microsoft-Certification renewal page and study the self-guided learning modules
  • After you successfully pass the exam, your certification will extend further for one year from the current date of expiration.
Microsoft Certification Training

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Top 5 Benefits of Renewing Your Certification

Whether you just started your career in the IT field or you’re already a professional, Microsoft certification is a key to validating your skills and growing your career. One certification is not enough; professionals need to earn the subsequent level to mastery and update their skills as technology changes. Here are the 5 reasons why your organization and you have to stay updated and renew your certification timely.

1. Invest in Microsoft certification to enhance retention

For organizations, a certified workforce signifies having IT professionals ready to handle upcoming challenges. For Professionals, it is not just adding a skill but showing their credibility to the company. Therefore, both employees and organizations believe in growing and learning together.

2. Extend business via partner programs

Businesses require a fixed number or percentage of your team associates to be certified to deliver partner consultations and services. It lets your partner trust your business abilities and delivers a specific level of service to the customer.

3. Increase your employee’s credibility with core skills

A certified professional has knowledge and experience in their specific field. Therefore, certified employees are a skilled workforce who know modern technology.

4. You’ll get good returns with certification or recertification

Businesses investing in workers certification can have the following benefits:

  • Closed IT skill gap
  • Lower reversal time with troubleshooting issues
  • Quicker project completion
  • Productivity increased
  • Services and products are generated faster
  • Gain an advantage over competitors
  • Fulfil client needs
  • Narrower employee turnover

5. Maintain your place in the market

Many organizations are required to get recertification every year. Certifying and recertifying their employees help them improve their skills and stay up to date with the trending technologies.

Why Choose Microtek Learning as your Learning Partner

Microtek Learning believes in enhancing your knowledge for your better tomorrow. We help many businesses adopt technology and get certified in their specific field. Here is the list of reasons why you should choose Microtek Learning as your favoured learning partner.

1. Microtek Learning is an authorized Microsoft Certified Learning Partner. They offered Microsoft Product training such as Microsoft 365Microsoft DynamicsMicrosoft AzureMicrosoft office 365SharePointPowerShell, and many more.
2. All our trainers are Microsoft Certified Trainers.
3. Microtek Learning offers courses fundamentals to advanced covering every part of learning, such as Data & AI, Apps & Infra, and Modern Workplaces.
4. We provide an official Microsoft designed curriculum to help you learn and understand your needed skills.
5. Microtek Learning has many resources that will support you in your learning.

Therefore, Microtek Learning is with you in every step of Microsoft Certification and its Renewals.

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