Microsoft Update: Renew Your Certification for Free

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Renew Your Certification for Free

The impact of technology can be seen in every sphere of life and especially in the field of IT where it has transformed to meet the increasing collaboration and productivity needs all around the globe. Microsoft saw two years’ worth of digital transformation in just the first two months of the COVID-19 pandemic where it still continues to optimize and grow businesses everywhere. The entire canvas of in-demand skills has completely transformed due to this rapid development.

What exactly happens in the renewal of certifications offered by Microsoft?

Lately, Microsoft curated free certification renewals to stay current with the in-demand skills, keeping in mind the present Covide-19 situation where you will be able to refresh your technical skills at absolutely no cost. In addition to this, you also need not write any professional rigorous exams. Just get your hands on a new, renewed certificate through a Microsoft Learn assessment. You are eligible to apply for this assessment test only six months before your certification expires on the Microsoft Learn site. When the renewal assessment is available, an email notification from Microsoft would be sent to you. You can customize the timings of this course just according to your convenience since the courses are available all the time on the Microsoft Learn site. After you have completed the renewal assessment, your certification would be extended for a period of one year. This additional time span will start from your current expiration date. Specially curated modules for each renewal assessment are available to the IT professionals who are seeking to advance their skills.

How will I be notified about the renewal?

Once you are eligible to renew your certification, you will be notified through an email linked to Microsoft Certification ID commonly known as MCID. Four reminders would be sent to you on this email before your certificate expires and the next time you receive such an email, it simply means that it again the time to renew the certificate.

How to get your Microsoft certification renewed?

Getting your certificate renewed is an easy task. Just follow the below-mentioned steps and get your renewed certificate along with some refreshed technical skills:

  • The first step incorporates identifying the certifications available. This can be done by visiting the Microsoft Certification Dashboard.
  • Secondly, you are expected to have a Docs profile that is connected to your certification profile on the Microsoft Learn site.
  • Thirdly, an email notification would be sent to you by the Microsoft professionals that would direct you to the assessments available on the Microsoft Learn site. This assessment is free and you need not pay for it.
  • Fourthly, once you pass the online assessment, your certification would be extended. However, you can also retake the assessment till the time you are not satisfied but this has to be done before your certification expires.
  • Lastly, on passing the assessment, your certification would be extended by one year from the current expiration date.

Microsoft has made it easier for IT professionals to pass this assessment. You can advance your skills with a collection of self-paced and free learning modules that are available on the certification renewal page.

What makes you eligible for the renewal of certifications from Microsoft?

Certification renewal comes with a set of requirements. You are eligible for a renewal process only if:

  • You have a valid Microsoft specialty or role-based certification.
  • You apply for renewal approximately six months before the certification expires
  • You pass the assessment on the Microsoft Learn site before the expiry date.

What are the benefits of renewing Microsoft certifications?

This recent update has allowed professionals to get knowledge on the latest topics and trends related to the Information Technology environment. Have a look at the other benefits mentioned below:

  • Develop a steady learning mindset by maintaining your certifications from Microsoft simultaneously.
  • Be future ready at absolutely no cost.
  • You will be awarded a Microsoft certification that is globally recognized.
  • Microsoft Certifications are industry-endorsed shreds of evidence of the mastered skills.
  • These certifications will also project your willingness, commitment, and proficiency in keeping pace with the ever-rising technology.
  • Grab a better job role since you can validate your skills with the latest trends and technology in your work field.
  • You don’t have to pass any exam(s) or pay an amount to get your certifications renewed.
  • You can take multiple attempts and you will be are notified well in advance about the renewal process.

What are the changes in the validity of these certifications?

From June 2021, Microsoft is also expected to reduce the time span for which the specialty and role-based certifications would be valid. Earlier the validity of such certifications was two years but now, it would be brought down to one year.

Why has Microsoft changed the validity of certifications?

Officials from Microsoft believe that cloud technology changes quite often and is pretty dynamic. This novel approach of reducing the validity is adopted with the intention that it will keep IT Professionals focused on the current technology and will reduce complexity, stress, and the cost of keeping all your certifications valid. The need for continuous learning and embracing growth as an opportunity will help the professionals to have better career opportunities and better performance in job roles.

It’s all about updating knowledge

Stay updated with the required skills so that you can ace in your work field. You can check the Microsoft website for these assessments that are available from March 2021. There is a list of 19 certifications from which you can opt for the desired one. However, you must remember that once your certification expires, you must earn it again by passing the necessary examination (s). Therefore, it becomes cardinal to apply for these renewals well in advance. These renewal assessments are only available to certifications related to role-based and specialty certificates. Also, they are curated in the same language as their corresponding certification examinations.

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