Top 10 Reasons to Get a PRINCE2® Certification

PRINCE2 Certification

Consider getting a PRINCE2® Certification to start a career in project management.

Projects in Controlled Environments, Version 2 Foundation and Practitioner, also known as PRINCE2®, is among the world’s most well-known project management certifications.

There are numerous benefits to earning a PRINCE2® certification. Some are obvious, some aren’t, and eventually, getting certified in PRINCE2® is just something that a company wants you to accomplish. Find out why thousands of professionals worldwide take the PRINCE2® Certification examinations.

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Here are the Top 10 Reasons to get a PRINCE2® Certification

1. Improve Your Project Management Skillset

A significantly better Project Management skill set is the leading cause and the most visible effect. After completing PRINCE2® training, an expert develops an understanding of and begins utilizing better, more efficient Project Management approaches.

You will gain knowledge of all the terms, methodologies, common systems, frameworks, and processes that many project managers use, as well as the abilities needed to successfully plan, launch, monitor, manage, and execute projects. Knowing both sets of best practices improves flexibility and versatility in professionals with a PRINCE2® certification because they frequently use an alternative technique to the PMP.

2. PRINCE2® is more of a methodology than an instruction book.

In contrast to other PMP certifications (such as the PMP and IPMA), PRINCE2® places more emphasis on the collection of Project Management principles it covers than on strictly adhering to a manual of guidelines.

The project’s phases, roles, and responsibilities are all described in detail in this technical reference document. It will ensure that you truly understand all project concepts and processes and how to manage them, rather than instructing you on how to micromanage the work in your project. This makes it simple for you to customize any PRINCE2® project to meet your demands and closely watch over any project you manage.

3. You can begin quickly.

When selecting a certification, you should consider the time required for study and preparation, the costs involved, and the impact it will have on other facets of your professional life. The unique benefit of PRINCE2® is that you can begin by studying solely for the PRINCE2® Foundation exam. Therefore, you can obtain a legitimate Project Management certification without investing much time and money in your education.

The PRINCE2® Foundation certification will also give you a thorough understanding of what to expect from the PRINCE2® Practitioner certification and subsequent levels. This makes it easier to start a career in project management certification in its early phases.

4. Unlike most other exams, you can get a PRINCE2® certificate sooner!

The only thing left to do after completing the training is to take the exam, either with your training provider or in a public setting. There are no drawn-out, complicated registration procedures, and no audit of your application is necessary.

5. People with PRINCE2® certification make a lot of money!

Project managers with PRINCE2® certifications, who earn an average salary of over GBP50,000, are among the most sought-after occupations in Europe.

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6. Your Certification Is Recognized Worldwide

Your PRINCE2® certification is recognized worldwide. Today, PRINCE2® is widely regarded as the global de facto project management standard. It was created in the public IT sector under the UK government’s supervision. It is currently used by governments and companies in both the public and private sectors, and it is gaining popularity globally, particularly in Asia, USA, and Africa.

To meet the rising demand in US businesses, AXELOS Ltd., the corporation that controls the rights to the PRINCE2® certification, published a white paper in 2009 titled “Using PRINCE2®TM to Manage US Federal Government IT Projects.” The ability to accept project work globally is provided by this certification.

7. The Project Management Approach of PRINCE2® Is More Popular Among Organizations!

In contrast to other Project Management certifications, PRINCE2® emphasizes that there are other heroes and superstars of the project. Within the project organization, roles and duties are clearly defined and distributed. The Project Manager is not completely to blame when something goes wrong in a PRINCE2® project, despite the fact that he or she always has a considerable influence on the success or failure of the project.

Shared roles and duties within a PRINCE2® project also help to ensure success and lessen the chances of failure.

8. With PRINCE2, You Are Not Restricted to Any One Industry

Since PRINCE2® is a technique for project management, it is not connected to any one industry or type of business. Any size project, in any sector, with any type of organization can use it. You have a lot more potential project work areas as a result.

9. Everyone can see the certification proof!

It is quite simple to present certification proof for PRINCE2®. The registry is available for anybody to check online. So there is no need to send in documentation and copies of PRINCE2® certificates, during the hiring process.

The online register proves the fact that you passed the exam and the date you did so. Both candidate numbers and names can be used to search it.

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10. Having a PRINCE2® certification makes obtaining other certifications easier and less expensive.

An independent project management certification is called PRINCE2®. But once you get the certification, you can use study breaks to advance to higher-level project management certifications.

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What other reasons do you have for obtaining a PRINCE2® certification? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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