Best IT Certifications For Beginners

Best IT Certification

A growing number of individuals are moving toward the IT sector, as it exposes them to a host of great opportunities. Professionals want to put their skillset to good use to build a bright career and earn high salaries. 

Technology is pervasive in our lives. Many industries need IT, professionals, from start-ups in the liminal stage to international corporations. It includes governmental entities, financial institutions, companies, and the media.

Additionally, the IT landscape changes as new technologies are created and time passes, resulting in new skills gaps in a sector with a lack of workers. Plus, salaries are gratifying, and both people with and without degrees can pursue successful career paths in IT. However, obtaining relevant certifications is essential to making a career in IT. 

Individual IT certifications are a feasible approach to highlight your unique skills and specialties and provide the opportunity to create a skill set that will help you land the job you want. As a result, we have selected the best IT certifications for newcomers in 2022. Whether you are hoping to launch a new career in IT or a professional eyeing up some new credentials, this list can assist you.

1. CompTIA A+ – Best Suited All-Round Certification

One of the most well-known certificates available is the CompTIA A+, offered by CompTIA, which specializes in providing professional certifications for the IT sector.

According to the trade association, the A+ qualification is the only industry-recognized certificate with performance testing to demonstrate professionals’ ability to “quickly improvise” when handling crucial IT support jobs. The candidates must pass two tests, Core 1 and Core 2, and these two combined cover materials are designed to give IT professionals the necessary resources to support a hybrid workforce.

These courses address issues like the rise in software-as-a-service (SaaS) reliance and troubleshooting. They also cover remote diagnostics of typical software, hardware, and connectivity issues for desktop & mobile devices. Exam participants must get familiar with fundamental concepts, including data management, scripting, cloud virtualization, and IoT device security.

Numerous well-known international brands, like Intel, Nissan, Ricoh, Blue Cross Blue Shield, HP, and Dell Technologies, are among the businesses that use A+.

As a bonus, this course can open a path to some good remote working opportunities for certified professionals. 

Cost of Certification: Each exam costs $239. (Core 1 & Core 2)
Important Link: CompTIA A+

2. Microsoft 365 Fundamentals Certified – Best For Saas Beginners

Given how well-liked and widely-used Microsoft’s 365 productivity package is across the IT sector, no top IT certification list for beginners would feel complete without a section devoted to it.

The Microsoft 365 Fundamentals certification got a recent update for 2022. It highlights the principles of a SaaS – software-as-a-service cloud model and validates your understanding of the suite’s features.

According to Microsoft, the course is specifically intended for those who want to highlight proficiency in its selection of 365 SaaS solutions and available cloud service options while also exhibiting core knowledge of cloud services.

Candidates must explain cloud principles and essential Microsoft 365 services & concepts as part of the exam. In addition, the exam also grades your ability to describe security, compliance, privacy, and trust in connection to the suite, its cost, and customer support.

Certification cost: $99
Important Link: Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals

3. CompTIA Security+ – Best for professionals who are new to cyber security

Knowledge of systems security is becoming increasingly important as our reliance on technology increases. Particularly given that security risks affect IT at every level, paying little attention to your level of expertise in handling them.

Because it will eventually demonstrate to employers that you have the fundamental abilities necessary to carry out core security functions, CompTIA’s Security+ accreditation is a crucial tool in getting ready for a career in the field.

The Security+ exam covers essential technical abilities in enterprise networks, risk assessment &management, forensics, incident response, hybrid and cloud operations, and security controls. It places a strong emphasis on practical skills.

The exam aims to verify your proficiency in monitoring, secure hybrid setups, such as cloud, mobile, and IoT environments, and correctly assess a business environment’s security. The exam also provides awareness of pertinent rules and regulations, including the concepts of governance, risk, and compliance.

CompTIA states that the exam establishes the “fundamental knowledge required of any cyber security profession” and provides a doorway to several middle-level security positions.

Cost of certification: $381
Important Link: CompTIA Security+

4. CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ (ITF+)

The CompTIA Fundamentals certification delivers a course created with the complete novice in mind, as suggested by its name. A program is convenient for those without technical backgrounds because it offers a single certification covering all IT fundamentals.

The ITF+ could be a fine place to begin if you are not yet prepared to accept the jump with some of the other courses on our list, like the CompTIA A+. It aims to support professionals in determining whether a career in IT is the best choice for them.

The certification includes a wide range of subjects, such as IT language and concepts that will help you comprehend the basics of computing and how crucial data and troubleshooting are. It also delves deeply into software development, hardware and infrastructure, applications and software, security, and more.

Exam fee for voucher: $130
Important Link: CompTIA Fundamentals (ITF+)

5. CompTIA Network+

An entry-level certification called CompTIA Network+ covers IT infrastructure & networking fundamentals, troubleshooting, operations, tools, and security. The credential is intended for junior system engineers, network administrators, system field technicians, IS consultants, and junior network field engineers. Having at least nine to twelve months of networking experience is recommended for CompTIA A+ certification before taking the exam.

Your understanding of establishing and building functional networks, configuring, managing, and maintaining network devices, network security, and network troubleshooting are all tested on the exam. It is a recognized and valuable credential that sets you apart from other entry-level candidates if you know you want to work closely with IT networks.  

Exam fee for Voucher: $348
Important Link: CompTIA Network+

6. ITIL 4 Foundation

Axelos’ ITIL 4 framework is a well-known management approach to enhancing team productivity and organizational procedures. The fundamentals of IT service management and best practices for developing, delivering, and improving tech-enabled goods and services are covered by the ITIL 4 Foundation certification. It is an excellent certification to start your career path if you intend to work in IT service management capabilities. The ITIL 4 guiding principles, the four service management dimensions, and important ideas like Lean, Agile, and DevOps are all covered in the test.

Exam fee: Varies, depending on the vendor
Important Link: ITIL 4 Foundation

7. Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) – Ideal For New Software  Professionals

It should be no surprise that the Redmond behemoth makes this list, given its ubiquity across the IT world. The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification program includes tests in three main categories and covers a wide range of topics for people wishing to launch a career in IT.

The first is IT infrastructure, intended for people who want to advance their understanding of desktop, server, and private cloud computing. The second category, which deals with databases, has been created for people who want to work in business intelligence or data platform management.

Thirdly, various fundamental subjects for aspiring software developers are covered in the Developer tests, such as web programming, Microsoft.NET, gaming, JavaScript, HTML and HTML5, Python, and more.

These certifications are an excellent method to gain experience in some of the essential facets of contemporary IT because of the variety of MTA options accessible. It is also essential to remember that Microsoft frequently updates and modifies its certifications to reflect the evolving IT world.

Cost for Certification: $127 per exam
Important Link: Microsoft Technology Associate

8. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner – Best For New AWS Professionals

Amazon has taken the initiative to establish itself as one of the leading companies in the business with AWS as the ever-evolving cloud has cemented its position as a crucial element of the modern IT landscape. However, with such a growing presence, it becomes necessary to assist IT professionals in learning about its platform and service applications. That is what this core level course seeks to do.

AWS advises those with a fundamental understanding of AWS Cloud to pursue the certification. It covers the platform’s services, security, compliance, and a fundamental comprehension of its economics.

This course will further students’ understanding of important subjects, including coding, building cloud architecture, debugging, implementation, migration, load and performance testing, and business applications like Amazon Alexa, Amazon Chime, and Amazon Work Mail. Finally, cloud Concepts, Security and Compliance, Technology, and Billing and Pricing make up the four components of the exam itself.

Important Link: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
Cost of certification: $100
Moreover, we have reached the end of our list of Best IT certifications for beginners. It takes a small step, immense research, and solid preparation to reach your goal of becoming a successful IT professional. Microtek Learning can help you in your journey by becoming a steppingstone for training. Check out the website to know more. 

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