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CompTIA Network+ Certification Prep (Exam N10-007) Training

What CompTIA Network+ Certification Prep (Exam N10-007) training is all about?

CompTIA Network+ Certification Prep (Exam N10-007) Training technical course is valid globally to impart fundamentals to foundation-level IT network practitioners. This course efficiently develops user-level knowledge and expertise to work on personal computer operating systems and networks. It compiles all exam objectives in its module to provide you an ascertain marketplace in getting the certification. This Microtek Learning training course improvises on your knowledge, skills, and ability to organize, troubleshoot, and install, operate, and configure the necessary networking infrastructure through vendor-neutral format.

Moving to the main objectives of the CompTIA Network+ Certification Prep training course, it enlightens the students with basic network theory concepts for all primary network communication methodologies. It also describes inbound and outbound network media, figures out major network implementation types, identifies TCP/IP addresses with data delivery methods, analyses of routing and switching technologies, identification of TCP/IP implementation, and analysis of network security.

Further, the course would provide students with learning about the identification and implementation of WAN components, finding the parts of cloud computing and virtualization, and managing and troubleshooting network issues. People who can reap maximum advantage with this course are IT personnel, managers, and supervisors of network-related activities.


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What are the course objectives for CompTIA Network+ Certification Prep (Exam N10-007) training?
  • Troubleshooting technical hindrance for the network.
  • Identifying the components of remote network implementation and WAN.
  • Describing unbounded network media and bounded.
  • Implementing network security and Analyzation.
  • Identifying components of TCP/IP.
  • Identifying component utilized in virtualization and cloud computing.
  • Identifying essential network concepts and main network communications techniques
  • Analyzing switching and routing technologies.
  • Identifying the workings of WAN implementations.
Who should attend CompTIA Network+ Certification Prep (Exam N10-007) training?

This training is intended for an entry level professionals specialized in computer. With having the basic knowledge of computer software, hardware and operating system can enrol in this training. Additionally, supervisors and managers who are seeking for network relevant activities can sign for this course.

What is the course outline for CompTIA Network+ Certification Prep (Exam N10-007) training?
  • 1. Network theory
  • Network types
  • Network standards and the OSI model
  • Data transmission methods
  • 2. Bounded network media
  • Copper media
  • Fiber optic media
  • Bounded network media installation
  • 3. Unbounded network media
  • Wireless networking
  • Wireless network devices and components
  • Implement wireless technology
  • Internet of Things
  • 4. Network implementations
  • Physical network topologies
  • Logical network topologies
  • Ethernet networks
  • Network devices
  • 5. TCP/IP addressing and data delivery
  • The TCP/IP protocol site
  • IPv4 addressing
  • Default IP addressing schemes
  • Create custom IP addressing schemes
  • IPv6 address implementation
  • 6. Routing and switching
  • Switching
  • Network packet routing
  • Static and dynamic IP routing
  • VLANs
  • 7. TCP/IP implementation
  • Assign IP addresses
  • Naming services
  • TCP/IP utilities
  • Common TCP/IP protocols
  • 8. Network security analysis
  • Introduction to network security
  • Network security policies
  • Physical security controls
  • Common network attacks
  • 9. Network security implementation
  • Authentication
  • Access control
  • Port, service, and protocol security
  • Wireless network security
  • Patches and updates
  • Mitigation techniques
  • 10. WAN infrastructure
  • WAN basics
  • WAN connectivity methods
  • WAN transmission technologies
  • VoIP
  • 11. Cloud and virtualization techniques
  • Virtualization technologies
  • Network storage technologies
  • Cloud computing
  • 12. Remote networking
  • Remote network architectures
  • Remote access network implementations
  • Virtual private networking
  • 13. Network management
  • Monitor networks
  • Document the network
  • Establish baselines
  • Network performance optimization
  • Ensure business continuity
  • 14. Troubleshooting network issues
  • Network troubleshooting methodology
  • Network troubleshooting tools
  • Troubleshoot wired connectivity and performance issues
  • Troubleshoot wireless connectivity and performance issues
  • Troubleshoot network service issues
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