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10979: Introduction to Microsoft Azure for IT Professionals Certification
Date: November,18 2019
2 Days USD 1166 View details
10992: Integrating On-Premises Core Infrastructure with Microsoft Azure
Date: November,25 2019
3 Days USD 1553 View details
10993: Integrating On-Premises Identity Infrastructure with Microsoft Azure
Date: November,28 2019
2 Days USD 1080 View details
Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-103)
Date: December,09 2019
4 Days USD 2426 View details
Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification
Date: November,27 2019
1 Day USD 629 View details
Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate
Date: November,18 2019
5 Days USD 2879 View details
Microsoft Azure Security Technologies AZ-500 Exam
Date: November,25 2019
5 Days USD 2426 View details
AI 100 Designing And Implementing Azure AI Solution
Date: November,25 2019
3 Days USD 2249 View details
AZ-300 Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies
Date: November,18 2019
5 Days USD 2609 View details
AZ-301 Microsoft Azure Architect Design
Date: November,19 2019
4 Days USD 2249 View details
AZ-400 Microsoft Azure Devops Solution
Date: November,25 2019
4 Days USD 2249 View details
DP-200 Implementing an Azure Data Solution
Date: December,02 2019
3 Days USD 1620 View details
DP-201 Designing an Azure Data Solution
Date: November,25 2019
2 Days USD 1296 View details


Microsoft Azure Certification Course Training


Azure is a Microsoft's public cloud computing platform that provides the variety of cloud services for compute, storage, networking and analytics. On July 2018, Microsoft categorized Azure cloud services into 18 product types including Compute, Web, Data storage, Analytics, Networking, content delivery network (CDN), Hybrid integration, Identity and access management (IAM), Internet of things, Development, Security, Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Databases, DevOps and Mobile etc. To get the in-depth knowledge and practical exposure, you need specific Azure training course that we provide the best as being the leading training centre for Microsoft.

Azure certification is a stepped roadmap to simplify your journey to become a certified Azure specialist. We conduct special Azure certification training for individuals and groups in different modules. Whether you are interested in learning the ways of integrating On-Premises Core Infrastructure, integrating On-Premises Identity Infrastructure, Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions or developing Azure Big Data Analytics Solutions, we ensure to deliver the best expertise with high confidence of using the gained skills.

Our Azure trainers follow the best detailed syllabus as prescribed for the latest Azure certification exam with complete support for practice tests. Our online counselors and Azure training experts guide you to have the best certification out of the following according to your professional needs and career growth plans.

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