DoD 8140 Compliant Cybersecurity Certifications

2005 witnessed an important change in the US cybersecurity workforce. The Department of Defense (DoD) decided to manage cyberspace and its security with DoD Directive 8570. However, after ten years of being in existence, it was replaced with DoD Directive 8140 in 2015. Have a look below for a detailed view of it:

Department of Defense (DoD) Directive 8140

To safeguard some cardinal information, information infrastructure, and other information systems, the United States’ Department of Defense depends upon its IA (Information Assurance) Workforce.

This workforce is expected should have the necessary knowledge and skills in order to do their task seamlessly and that is why the DoD came up with the 8140 directive. The employees of the DoD have some privileges. They have access to an exclusive DoD database where they can get their hands-on information related to Defense contractors, military service personnel, foreign and civilian employees, etc. These DoD employees must be familiar with certain concepts, applications, and principles that can be gained only through certifications. If they have this required knowledge, it will enhance the working of the department and will also protect data, networks, and information systems. In addition to this, the directive has an assertive timetable that needs to be followed which also ensures that the workforce is 100% fully certified.

The technicians and the management at the IA workforce are expected to be fully equipped with the required certifications and training so that they can perform their duties effortlessly. In the same manner, Information Assurance System Architect (IASAE) and the Cybersecurity service provider (CSSP) must validate the requirements for the various jobs in this department.

Baseline Level Necessities

Microtek Learning offers numerous training options for Management and Training Levels I to Level III. They guide in various formats including certification boot camps, accelerated training, private training as well as public learning centers that are award-winning and have created a benchmark in the industry. We have the best instructors that are not only efficient but also certified to give you effective and proficient knowledge. We provide you the much-needed guidance for your certification, training, and management.

Microtek Learning provides different training options for Technical and Management Levels. With this certification, you will be able to carry out your work seamlessly.

IAT Level I
IAT Level II
Infrastructure Support
Incident Responder
  • CISM
  • C|CISO
  • Other: CISSP-ISSMP
IAM Level I
IAM Level II
  • CISM
  • C|CISO
  • Other: GSLC

Steps to become DoD 8140 compliant

There are around seven job categories under which the Cybersecurity personnel must fit under the framework of DoD 8140. These are security provisions, operate/ maintain, defend/ protect, analyze, collect, oversight and developments and investigate. These seven fields incorporate 54 work roles and 33 special arenas Steps to become DoD 8140 compliant and if you want to become DoD 8140 compliant, you must get hold of at least one IT certification from the DoD 8570.01-m list. The four easy steps for obtaining certification are:

  1. Within the IA workforce standards, figure out the level, positions, and IT certification requirements.
  2. By following the protocols of the organization, train for the IT certification.
  3. Followed by the training, you can request a certification voucher.
  4. Finally, you can notify your IA manager that you have completed your training and also you have the certification with you.

Benefits of DoD 8140 Certification Program

The DoD program comes with advantages at its bay. Have a look at a few below:

  • Working with DoD will get you a chance to work with people from military and defense background. These personnel work as program managers and sales professionals and they are also equipped with industry required knowledge. They will understand your necessities and will discover training plans specially customized for you.
  • The training program will enable you to build a competent workforce so that handle complex responsibilities and tasks ranging from basic skills to advanced and comprehensive critical roles. With this, you can help to improve the overall productivity of the firm.
  • When it comes to cybersecurity, it is essential to have in-house experts so that you can comply with the top federal initiatives. If the employees of an organization are trained in different security standards, then the firm can attain compliance smoothly and rapidly.
  • DoD certifications will train you on the latest software. One can get the most of the latest trends and technology and that can be utilized to enhance the efficiency of the management of the organization.
  • These certifications will optimize the IT infrastructure of the firm. You would be able to build synergy between various IT frameworks. Consequently, it will lessen the costs, collaboration, improve interoperability, and will also improve security vulnerabilities.
  • You will be able to adapt and execute various methodologies once you are compliant with DoD 8140 cybersecurity certifications. This will ensure that you have desired outcomes.
  • Lastly, these certifications would enable you to analyze data and obtain useful information. You will be able to make real-time decisions that will help you to mitigate loss and damages.

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