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Administration of OnCommand Unified Manager and Integrated Solutions Certification – An Overview

NetApp OnCommand Unified Manager, renamed as Active IQ Unified Manager with the release of version 9.6, is a graphical management product designed to provide the comprehensive monitoring and management capabilities for NetApp ONTAP systems to manage the protection, availability, capacity and performance risks of data storage systems. Unified Manager can be deployed over Linux server and Windows server or as the virtual appliance on VMware host.

It is a great support to improve operational efficiencies across NetApp environment. NetApp OnCommand Unified Manager supports the innovative capabilities of clustered Data ONTAP operating system allowing you to monitor and alert about the availability, capacity, health, performance and data protection status of NetApp clustered storage. The integrated OnCommand Performance Manager provides system analysis for data storage performance monitoring, data retention and proactive management.

The Unified Manager server infrastructure consists of data collection unit, database and application server. It provides numbers of infrastructure services for discovery, role-based access control (RBAC), auditing, monitoring and logging. Unified Manager collects and stores the cluster data to analyze it for any cluster issue. Administration of OnCommand Unified Manager and Integrated Solutions ((AOCMCDOT) certification awarded by NetApp certifies your skills in OnCommand System Manager and OnCommand Workflow Automation (WFA).

For Whom ‘Administration of OnCommand Unified Manager and Integrated Solutions’ is Must to Join Program:

It is requirements career objective course for NetApp professionals in roles of support engineers, professional services workers, or customer support services workers.    

Objectives of Administration of OnCommand Unified Manager and Integrated Solutions Course – The Learning Benefits:

On completion of Administration of OnCommand Unified Manager certification training, you will be able to: 

  • Configure Unified Manager
  • Monitor the storage infrastructure, protection relationships & storage objects in storage infrastructure
  • Use annotations to categorize storage objects
  • Configure thresholds, event retention settings, and alerts
  • Identify & resolve issues in storage environment
  • Export data from Unified Manager to comma-separated-values (CSV) file
  • Configure Workflow Automation & execute built-in workflows for storage provisioning, data protection, and decommissioning
  • Schedule workflows for future execution and to review their impacts
  • Modify built-in workflows
  • Configure Performance Manager

Growth Prospects of Administration of OnCommand Unified Manager and Integrated Solutions Certification: 

  • Annual global data center IP traffic is expected to reach 20.6 Zettabytes (ZB) per month by the end of 2021 up from 6.8 ZB per year per month in 2016.
  • The 94 % of workloads and compute tasks will be processed through cloud data centers by 2021,.
  • The average salary for NetApp Infrastructure Engineer is $78,406 per year.
  • Storage specialists will need to have a professional level understanding of ‘how the systems can meet out the specific needs of their organization’; the required skill and expertise come from AOCMCDOT certification exam training.

Administration of OnCommand Unified Manager and Integrated Solutions Certification Course

As being the leading accredited training partner for NetApp, Microtek Learning provides 2 days comprehensive training for Administration of OnCommand Unified Manager and Integrated Solutions certification exam following the most detailed syllabus and robust lab activities:

Module 1: Using OnCommand Unified Manager to Monitor Data ONTAP Clusters

  • Configure Unified Manager and enable the discovery process
  • Use the Unified manager dashboard to monitor the health of your storage infrastructure
  • Create Unified Manager users and assign user roles

Module Lab 1:

  • Perform initial setup of Unified Manager
  • Add clusters for Unified Manager to manage
  • Navigate and use the Unified Manager dashboard

Module 2: Monitoring and Managing Storage Objects

  • Monitor the details of the clusters, aggregates, and volumes in your storage environment
  • Monitor SAN and NAS components
  • Identify and resolve a capacity issue for a volume and an aggregate
  • Explore Unified Manager reporting features
  • Export data from Unified Manager view to a comma-separated-values (CSV) file

Module Lab 2:

  • Monitor clusters, aggregates, volumes, CIFS shares, LUNs, and volume capacity
  • Export data from Unified Manager to a CSV file
  • Run a Unified Manager report
  • Configure event retention settings and alerts
  • Configure alerts
  • View and manage events

Module 3: Customizing OnCommand Unified Manager for Your Storage Environment

  • Configure capacity thresholds for volumes
  • Configure lag thresholds and volume quota alerts
  • Configure event-retention setting and alerts
  • Use annotations to categorize storage objects
  • Assign actions to groups
  • Explain some appropriate use cases for both annotations and groups

Module Lab 3:

  • Configure capacity thresholds for volumes
  • Configure global thresholds
  • Configure and use annotations to categorize storage objects
  • Configure and use groups to categorize storage objects
  • Convert an annotation to a group

Module 4: OnCommand Performance Manager Configuration and Performance Monitoring

  • Deploy the Performance Manager virtual appliance
  • Perform the initial configuration to integrate Performance manager with Unified Manager
  • Use Unified Manager to monitor the performance of cluster objects
  • Configure Performance Manager user-defined thresholds

Module Lab 4:

  • Log in to Performance Manager and explore administration options
  • Explore the Performance Manager UI
  • Manage thresholds and alerts
  • Review events and performance statistics

Module 5: Installing and Configuring OnCommand Workflow Automation

  • Identify the basic architecture of the OnCommand WFA server
  • Install OnCommand WFA
  • Connect OnCommand WFA to Unified Manager
  • Navigate the OnCommand WFA UI
  • Configure OnCommand WFA data sources and target systems
  • Add users to OnCommand WFA

Module Lab 5:

  • Complete the WFA Setup Wizard
  • Configure the connection between OnCommand WFA and OnCommand Unified Manager
  • Enter storage-system credentials
  • Configure data sources
  • Add OnCommand WFA users and user roles
  • Schedule the creation of a volume
  • Manage reserved resources

Module 6: Managing OnCommand Workflow Automation Workflows

  • Execute Predefined workflows from the OnCommand WFA server portal
  • Execute predefined workflows from the Unified Manager server
  • Monitor workflow execution
  • Respond to workflow approval requests
  • Create and monitor data-protection relationships

Module Lab 6:

  • Respond to a request for approval
  • Create a protection relationship
  • Break and resynchronize a protection relationship
  • Configure event retention settings
  • Configure an alert 

Pre-Requisite for ‘Administration of OnCommand Unified Manager and Integrated Solutions’ Certification Exam:

The candidates are required to have ONTAP 9 Cluster Administration and ONTAP Data Management Fundamentals certifications.

FAQs – Administration of OnCommand Unified Manager and Integrated Solutions (AOCMCDOT) Certification

Q.  What is the training schedule for Administration of OnCommand Unified Manager and Integrated Solutions exam training?

We provide 2 days training for AOCMCDOT certification exam.

Q.  What is OnCommand Balance?

OnCommand Balance guides to optimize the performance and capacity of r virtual and physical data infrastructure close to a private cloud.

Q.  What is OnCommand Workflow Automation?

OnCommand Workflow Automation is used to create workflows for virtualized cloud environments and to integrate IT processes.

Q.  What are the key features of OnCommand Unified Manager 6?

It improves availability, capacity utilization and data protection by allowing you to set alerts on clustered

storage running Data ONTAP 8.1.x or later.  You can scale data storage availability and storage

capacity by cluster, aggregate, and  Storage Virtual Machine (SVM).

Q.  What is the global professional value and recognition of AOCMCDOT certification?

It is awarded by NetApp.  NetApp has globally acknowledged repute for creating innovative storage

and data management solutions. So far developed each storage and data management solution is widely hailed for delivering outstanding cost efficiency.

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