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CND - Certified Network Defender Certification – An Overview

Microtek Learning, the best performing Accredited Training Center of EC-Council, conducts virtual Certified Network Defender (CND) training professionally spanned for five days. The certification course is designed especially for Network administrators to train them for protecting, detecting, planning and responding to any possible threat on the network.

The Network administrators, usually aware of traffic, performance, network components, utilization, network topology, location of systems and security policies etc, need to know a lot about true construct of data transfer, software technologies, network technologies; and, the CND training provides deep insights into all the domains including network protocols, security controls, perimeter appliances, VPN & firewall configurations, secure IDS, intricacies of traffic signature, network analysis and scanning for vulnerability.

Objective of CND Certification Course- CND Course Benefits:

The United States holds first place in the ranks of the top countries that are targeted cyber security attacks, according to Norton Security.

CND, a skills-based lab intensive program, is based on the cybersecurity education and jobs-task analysis framework designed by the National Initiative of Cybersecurity Education (NICE). The prime objective of Certified Network Defender training course is to validate the skills that could help even the experienced Network Administrators to foster resiliency and operations continuity during cyber attacks.

The best planned CND Certification training at Microtek Learning is designed by the experienced EC-council certified trainers ensuring that you learn to:

  • Install, configure, and manage network security controls and devices
  • Perform vulnerability, risk and threat assessments
  • Harden hosts securing them against any possible intrusion
  • Design, implement, and monitor security policies
  • Implement & configure VNPs & wireless network technologies

For Whom CND training is Right Choice- Who Must Have CND Certification:

It is the best known and widely acknowledged certification that boosts up the performance and career growth of -

System Administrators;   System Engineers;   IT Managers;   Firewall Administrators;   Network managers;   Network Defense Technicians;  CND Analyst;   Security Analyst or Operator  etc

Scope of EC-Council’s CND Certification- Career Prospects of CND certification:  

‘Why should I get CND certification from EC-council’ or ‘would I get benefit of having CND certification in future’ like questions come your mind before getting indulged I to the process. Following facts will help you decide right with confidence to join CND training course:

  • Global Network Security Market is expected to grow at CAGR of 4.74% during 2017-2022”.
  • The average annual salary of a Network Administrator is USD 60,153 whereas CND certification may help you get the annual salary around USD73,000.
  • The EC-council’s Certified Network Defender exam presents the represent real-world challenges for the candidates; so, test your knowledge.
  • By the end of 2019, a global shortage of two million cyber professionals is predicted by the nonprofit ISACA.

Outline for Certified Network Defender Certification (CND)

The five days CND certification training conducted by Microtek Learning, the leading accredited training centre, covers the most detailed CND syllabus. The training is conducted by the highly experienced EC-council certified trainers well aware of any update in curriculum and exam pattern. Joining Certified Network Defender training course at Microtek Learning means you are 100% ready to take on the CND exam with zero knowledge gap and hands-on experience. 

The entire Certified Network Defender (CND) course curriculum is divided in to fourteen modules; and, CND trainers at Microtek Learning expand the learning scope in each module up to the maximum: 

CND Course Modules- CND Training Curriculum Outline

  • Module 01: Computer Network & Defense Fundamentals.
  • Module 02: Network Security Vulnerabilities, Attacks & Threats.
  • Module 03: Network Security Protocols, Devices & Controls.
  • Module 04: Network Security Policy Formulation and Implementation.
  • Module 05: Host Security.
  • Module 06: Physical Security
  • Module 07: Secure IDS Configuration & Management.
  • Module 08: Secure Firewall Management and Configuration.
  • Module 09: Secure VPN Configuration and Management.
  • Module 10: Network Traffic Monitoring & Analysis.
  • Module 11: Wireless Network Defense.
  • Module 12: Network Vulnerability and Risk Management.
  • Module 13: Network Incident Management and Response.
  • Module 14: Data Backup & Recovery.

Prerequisites for CND Certification Exam:

The aspiring CND aspirant must have two years’ experience in Information Security domain. The CND certification aspirant must have a proof of attending official training at an Accredited Training Center via the iClass platform.

Alternatively, if a CND aspirant wants to attend the CND certification exam without completing official training at an Accredited Training Center, he/she will have to go through eligibility application process but the first option provides cutting edge competitive advantages.

FAQs for CND certification training

1. What is the Certified Network Defender (CND) exam code and pattern?

Certified Network Defender (CND) exam code is 312-38. It is a four hours duration exam. The exam format is ‘100 Interactive Multiple Choice Questions’.

2. What is the importance of being a Certified Network Defender?

Most of the organizations focus more on cyber defense than taking chances to manage the identified threats. As a Certified Network Defender, you become the first line of defense to protect the network environment from any cyber breach. 

3. What are the specialty areas, responsible for conceptualizing, designing and building a secure information technology (IT) system, covered during five days CND training?

The CND certification training covers all the key areas pertaining to conceptualizing, designing and building an IT information system including Assurance (IA) Compliance, Systems Security Architecture, Technology Research and Development, System Requirements Planning etc.

4. Is it possible to test my skill before finally taking on the Certified Network Defender exam?

Yes, it is. Our Certified Network Defender trainers help you take on skill assessment test.

5. How will and how much will I gain practical expertise during CND certification training?

The entire Certified Network Defender certification training course is made up of 50% hands-on labs and practical work.