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COBIT 5 Foundation Trainig Course Overview

Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), globally known for the development of globally accepted IT security, audit and ethical hacking certification courses, offers the value added CobIT 5 Foundation certification. 

COBIT 5 ensures quality, control & reliability of information systems in organization, which is the most important aspect of modern business.

COBIT 5, introduced in April 2012, is the widely used business framework for the management and governance of enterprise IT. The CobIT 5 certification is developed for IT security and IT admin professionals interested in getting the foundation-level knowledge of COBIT 5 in the logical and example-driven manner. COBIT 5 is a generic and useful framework for the businesses of all sizes including public sector, commercial, mid size businesses, corporate etc.

The key components of CobIT 5 Foundation include:

  • Framework – Helps to organize the IT governance objectives and to incorporate the best practices in IT processes and domains in the line of particular business requirements.
  • Process Descriptions – A reference model for all the users within the organization. It suggests the effective ways for planning, building, running & monitoring the IT processes.
  • Control Objectives – Provide a list of requirements for the effective enterprise IT control.
  • Maturity Models – Accesses the capability and maturity of processes while filling up the gaps.
  • Management Guidelines – Support in assigning the responsibilities, agreeing with common objectives, measuring performances, and illustrating interrelationships with processes.

The professionals with CobIT 5 Foundation certification are the masters of COBIT 5 enablers, principles, implementation phases, process capability assessing models etc. The globally recognized certification helps the IT admin professionals to perform better in the current environment as well as to advance their career at faster pace.

Objectives of CobIT 5 Foundation Certification- Learning Scope of CobIT 5 Fondation Training:

  • Understanding the IT management issues with CobIT 5 that often affect organizations
  • Implementing COBIT framework to respond to challenges in enterprise IT
  • Using COBIT 5 framework to design new applications for enterprise-IT projects
  • Understanding the enterprise IT governance based on the continual improvement process
  • Understanding to assess process capability

For who CobIT 5 Certification is a Must Have credential- Is CobIT 5 Foundation Training for Me? 

It is a boon for the career development and performance boost of –

IT management consultants                 Business managers                         IT governance professionals

Auditors                                                       IT leadership                                      Process practitioners

IT developers  ……

Future Scope of CobIT 5 Certification – Career Benefits of CobIT 5 Foundation Certification Training:

COBIT Certification helps the IT professionals for effective risks and expenses management at an acceptable level. COBIT integration guarantees the integrity of enterprise information system. CobIT 5 Foundation certification helps you bridge the crucial technical gap between business risks, control requirements and technical issues; therefore, it opens the doors tremendous career growth. The average annual salary of CobIT 5 Foundation professional is around $74,437.

It is recognized worldwide. It is being used in many high-profile institutions and organizations including the European Court of Audit, the UK Parliament and the US Postal Service etc.

CobIT 5 certification is widely acknowledged and desired credential by commercial & investment banks, asset management firms, and energy sector companies.

CobIT 5 Foundation Course Outline 

COBIT 5 Foundation course provides an overview to Governance of Enterprise IT with in-depth knowledge of COBIT 5 principles. The globally accepted framework for Governance and Management of Enterprise IT incorporates the thought leadership from the business IT governance experts around the world. 

The three days COBIT 5 Foundation course training delivers insights into the COBIT 5 Framework, Process Reference Model and Procedures Reference Model etc. As being the leading accredited training partner of ISACA, we have the best experienced ISACA certified COBIT 5 Foundation certification trainers who follow the robust COBIT 5 curriculum:   

1. Introduction to COBIT® 5

  • Course Objectives
  • About ISACA®
  • COBIT® 5 Certification Program Overview
  • COBIT® 5 Certification-Benefits for Enterprises
  • Purpose of the COBIT® 5 Foundation Certification
  • Target Audience of the COBIT® 5 Foundation Course
  • Learning Outcomes of the COBIT® 5 Foundation Course
  • Learning Areas of the COBIT® 5 Foundation Course
  • COBIT® 5 Foundation Certification Examination
  • Preparation for the COBIT® 5 Foundation Certification Examination

2. Overview of the COBIT® 5 Framework

  • Overview and Key Features of COBIT® 5.0
  • COBIT® 5 and Other IT Governance Frameworks

3. Learning Area Module: COBIT 5 Principles

  • Meeting Stakeholder Needs
  • Covering the Enterprise End-to-End
  • Applying a Single Integrated Framework
  • Enabling a Holistic Approach
  • Separating Governance from Management

4. Learning Area Module: EN-Enablers

  • Introduction to the COBIT 5 Enablers
  • Principles, Policies and Frameworks
  • Processes
  • Organizational Structures
  • Culture, Ethics and Behavior
  • Information
  • Services, Infrastructure and Applications
  • People, Skills and Competencies

5. Learning Area Module: IM—Implementation

  • COBIT 5 Implementation—Phase 1
  • COBIT 5 Implementation—Phase 2
  • COBIT 5 Implementation—Phase 3
  • COBIT 5 Implementation—Phase 4
  • COBIT 5 Implementation—Phase 5
  • COBIT 5 Implementation—Phase 6
  • COBIT 5 Implementation—Phase 7
  • The Business Case

6. Learning Area Module: PC—Process Capability

  • Process Capability Assessment Model
  • Process Attributes and Process Capability Levels

Prerequisites for CobIT 5 Foundation Certification Exam: 

There is no particularly defined prerequisite for CobIT 5 Foundation certification course but the knowledge and experience with IT administration, process change or enterprise IT administrations help to learn and perform better.   

COBIT 5 Foundation Certification Course FAQS

Q1: What is the COBIT 5 Foundation exam format?

Exam Type: Multiple choice questions; Result: 25 marks out of 50 required to pass; Exam Duration: 40 minutes; No of Questions: 50 questions

Q2: What are the major domains of COBIT 5? 

There five domains of CobIT 5 - Evaluate, Direct and Monitor (EDM); Align, Plan and Organise (APO); Build, Acquire and Implement (BAI); Deliver, Service and Support (DSS); and Monitor, Evaluate and Assess (MEA).

Q3: Will COBIT 5  Foundation course training help to secure and manage my exisintg Enterprise IT environment? 

Yes, it will certainly help you secure and manage your exisintg Enterprise IT environment because you learn all the skills to identify the issues, manage the problems, organise the procedures and administer the processes.

Q4: What is the difference between ITIL certification and Cobit 5 certification ?

ITIL is focused more on the service management enablers like process activities, organizational structures etc. of an enterprise IT. CobIT 5’s scope is much broader than ITIL’s scope. ITIL is an ITSM framework, while, CobIT 5 is the IT practice & governance framework.

Q5: What is the purpose of corporate CobIT 5 training?

COBIT 5 delivers a comprehensive time tested framework that empowers the corporate businesses to achieve their governance and management objectives aligned to enterprise information & technology assets (IT).

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