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Cybersecurity Nexus CSX Practitioner II: Detection – An Overview

ISACA’s Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX) certification exam assesses a candidate’s abilities and skills at three progressive technical levels, which are differentiated by skills not by the experience level. Each certification exam measures the candidate’s abilities, technical skills and performance in five areas: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover.

CSX Practitioner II: Detection is the 2nd level certification for CSX Nexus series created by ISACA after the CSX Practitioner I: Identification and Protection. It improves the capability and competency of IT security professionals for detecting system events and non-event level incidents.

The Cybersecurity Nexus CSX Practitioner II: Detection course is designed to help the IT security experts, with any level of experience, to serve as the first responder following the established procedures and defined processes with known problem on in a system network. The different skills learned during the CSX Practitioner II: Detection training help the professionals to detect anomalies and malicious activities prior to let these developments harm the organization.  

Cybersecurity Nexus CSX Practitioner II: Detection certification course is empowered with the reviews about the existing global cybersecurity frameworks and the inputs from hundreds of IT security experts. To pass the exam, students need to attend the five days virtual training at any accredited training partner; and, Microtek Learning is the best.

Objectives of Cybersecurity Nexus CSX Practitioner II: Detection Certification- Learning Scope:   

After completing of ISACA CSX Practitioner II: Detection course training, attendees will be able to:

  • Detect malware
  • Notify proper channels
  • Analyze and monitor network output
  • Detect incidents
  • Analyze attacks
  • Escalate the incidents
  • Incorporate required change for monitoring                       

For Whom CSX Practitioner II: Detection is Good to Join:  

Individuals working in cybersecurity domain at any level with interest in gaining hands-on technical skills to detect the threats must have this globally recognized certification. 

It is a promising career booster course for Forensic Computer Analysts, Information Security Analysts, Penetration Testers, Security Architects, IT Security Engineers, Security Systems Administrators, IT Security Consultants etc.   


Knowing ins & outs of a cyber threat landscape, so that the security team could respond on time, is crucial to manage the possibilities of high-profile attacks or database .breaches.

It is a globally respected certification career booster for the aspiring technical support staff, network administrator, network infrastructure support engineer, computer research scientist, information systems manager etc.

Scope of CSX Practitioner II: Detection Certification – The Career Benefits:

Cyber threats are increasing at an alarming rate. Majority of organizations, convinced with possibility of cyber attack possibility, are experiencing the shortage of professionals who could detect and mitigate the threat possibility or any abnormal incident detected in systems and processes.

ISACA’s certifications are among the highest paying globally recognized qualifications for cybersecurity professionals; and, CSX Practitioner II: Detection is one of those.  

According to a prediction, more than 3.5 million cybersecurity job openings by 2021 would be waiting for the certified cybersecurity professionals; and having CSX Practitioner II: Detection certification will help you win the battle at ease.

According to a report in Forbes Magazine, the financial cost of cybercrime damage control may be around $2 trillion in 2019, and, it is expected to increase year after year.

Cybersecurity Nexus CSX Practitioner II: Detection Certification Course Outline

CSX certifications are designed to help the employers showcase their competitive additional abilities and knowledge to tackle real-life cyber security scenarios. CSX Practitioner II: Detection exam certification brings for you the much required & beneficial credibility for career mobility.

As being the leading accredited training partner, we, at Microtek Learning, have the best ISACA certified CSX trainers with years’ hand on experience. Our Cybersecurity Nexus CSX practitioner trainers follow the most detailed CSX Practitioner II: Detection curriculum that supports the CSX –level 2 certification aspirant pass the exam(60 minutes):





Traffic Flow Analysis; IR Resource

Analyzing Network Traffic Using Monitors; Monitoring Network Traffic; Monitoring Schedule;

Searching for Indicators of Compromise; Monitoring for False Positives

Using Snort and Wireshark to Analyze Traffic; Monitoring Network Traffic






Attack Types, Network Access Control, Attack Methods, Virus Types, Worm Variants.

Escalate Potential Compromises;

Network Packet Analysis; Malicious Activity and Anti-Virus;

Malicious Code and Activity Types; Remediation Steps

Searching for Indicators of Compromise; Monitoring for False Positives






Incident Identification Methodologies; IP Reputation Databases; Port Scanning; Host Analysis; Network Traffic Behavior

Assessing Available Event Information; Performing Initial Analysis; Identifying Potential Collection Sources; Deploy the Data Collection Utility; Using Event Correlation

Performing an Initial Attack Analysis; Detect the Introduction and Execution of Malicious Activity; Analyze and Classify Malware






Malware Functionality; Spyware; Trojans; Rootkits; Viruses; Backdoors

Using Established Baselines to Detect Anomalies; Documenting Your Steps; Initial Attack Analysis; Determine the Initial Scope; Identify if High-Risk Systems Were Affected

Event Log Collection; Windows Event Log Manipulation; Host Integrity Base lining






NIST Roles; ISO Designations; Cert Designation; CSIRT Roles

Monitoring Controls; Updating Cyber Security Controls; Patch Management; Verifying Identities and Credentials; Cybersecurity Standards and Procedures

IDS Setup; Personal Security Products; Verifying Hotfixes;

Linux Users and Groups; Core Impact Vulnerability Scan

ISACA Cybersecurity Nexus CSX Practitioner II: Detection Training Prerequisites:

The candidates must have ISACA CSX Practitioner I: Identification and Protection certification.

The professionals with experience in cyber security domain are the good candidates for ISACA CSX Practitioner INDIVIDUAL training.

FAQs for Cybersecurity Nexus CSX Practitioner II: Detection Certification Course

Q1:   Can I reschedule my CSX Practitioner II: Detection training for a convenient date?

Yes, you can reschedule your training for a convenient date. Participants registered for an upcoming training event are allowed to reschedule for another date or to transfer their registration to other person within same organization.

Q2:   I am a network administrator with three years’ experience. Am I eligible for CSX Practitioner II: Detection exam without attending training?

You will have to get 5 days CSX Practitioner II: Detection training. Experience as network administrator will help you understand the subject matter to see the solutions of problems you might be facing in threat secured system management.

Q3:   Is it essential to take on CSX Practitioner I before joining CSX Practitioner II: Detection training?

Yes, it is required because ISACA’s CSX certification levels are structured as the pathway to become a globally recognized cybersecurity professional with proficiency in all the domains. 

Q4:   What is length of each day training program for CSX Practitioner II: Detection exam?

It depends upon the trainers and the ongoing class environment; however, average period is about eight hours for a day. You can expect CSX Practitioner II: Detection exam training to be a virtual teaching course for 40 hrs.   

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