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EC-Council Certified Security Analyst Certification - ECSA V10 – An Overview

EC-Council, constituted to provide information security training and certifications at various levels, helps the cybersecurity professionals to update their knowledge and practical skills to protect all the information and network from any possible cyber attack or breach. EC-Council Certified Security Analyst - ECSA V10 is one of the top in demand certification qualifications that helps the IT security professionals boost up the career growth. EC-Council Certified Security Analyst certification adds a new feather to their cap to make them stand out of crowd because it is widely acknowledged and required globally.

For Who ECSA Training Is Must To Join Program: 

  • Ethical hackers
  • Network server administrators
  • Penetration testers
  • Security testers
  • Risk assessment professionals
  • System administrators
  • Firewall administrators

More than 500,000 certified cyber security experts are urgently required in North America alone.

 Prime Benefits of ECSA Certification Training:

Takes you ahead from where Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) program leaves you.

  • Covers different pen-testing requirements in all the verticals.
  • Hands on experience with labs and exercises gives an exposure to real world scenarios.
  • Provides skills to identify the possible security threats that an organization is vulnerable to.
  • Provides skills for testing the modern infrastructures, application environments and operating systems.

Key Features of ECSA Training Course – The Learning Scope:

  • Maps NICE 2.0 Framework
  • Focused on pen-testing methodologies like Database Penetration testing, Wireless Penetration testing, Cloud Penetration testing, Perimeter device Pen testing etc.
  • Covers Social Engineering Pen Testing
  • Provides insights into the combination of automated and manual Pen Testing approach
  • Provides skills to create penetration report
  • Provides standard templates required for Pen Test
  • Presents comprehensive engagement methodology

In between September  2017 & August 2018, 313,735 job openings for cyber security professionals were posted; it is in addition to more than 715,000-plus engaged cyber security professionals.

Importance/ Growth Prospects of ECSA Training Course:

  • Human factor is the weakest link in Cyber security.
  • In the absence of proper training to employees,
  • Hackers take advantage of knowledge gap for

Cybersecurity. Phishing attack, data tampering, eavesdropping, man-in-middle attack and other hacking techniques are commonly applied to steal or destroy the key information and valuable database. 

According to CyberSeek report, demand for certified cyber security professionals across the United States is going to be high in future. With requirement for 3 million IT security pros, cyber security remains the hot spot job market.  Global cyber security staffing shortage is almost 3 million and it is growing consistently. The average salary for a certified cyber security expert ranges from $75,000 to $129,000 according to certification level and experience.

 EC-Council Certified Security Analyst Training  - ECSA V10 Syllabus

Microtek Learning conducts five days virtual classes for ECSA V10 aspirants in the USA. As being the leading EC-council certification training provider in the USA, we follow the most detailed syllabus to address each aspect of CEH (v10) certification exam curriculum:

  • Penetration Testing Essential Concepts (Self-Study)
  • Introduction to Penetration Testing and Methodologies
  • Penetration Testing Scoping and Engagement Methodology
  • Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Methodology
  • Social Engineering Penetration Testing Methodology - Identify employees who don’t properly authenticate, handle, follow and validate the defined processes and technology
  • Network Penetration Testing Methodology – External
  • Network Penetration Testing Methodology – Internal
  • Network Penetration Testing Methodology – Perimeter Devices
  • Web Application Penetration Testing Methodology - Detect security issues in web applications generated because of insecure design & development practices
  • Database Penetration Testing Methodology - Identify security issues in database server configuration and related instances
  • Wireless Penetration Testing Methodology - Identify miss-configurations in wireless infrastructure including WLAN, Mobile
  • Cloud Penetration Testing Methodology – Identify security issues in cloud infrastructure
  • Report Writing and Post Testing Actions

EC-Council’s ECSA v10 Certification Exam:

  • Multiple-choice exams are proctored through EC-Council Exam portal:
  • Credit Towards the Certification: ECSA v10
  • Number of multiple-choice questions: 150
  • Passing score: 70%
  • Test duration: 4 hours 

ECSA V10 Certification Pre-requisites:

2  years experience in the related Info-Sec domain along with EC-COUNCIL accredited training is must to appear in certification exam conducted by EC-Council. Microtek Learning conducts five days virtual ECSA certification training classes.

FAQs for EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA) V10

Q.  How long does the ECSA v10 application process take?

ECSA v10 application process takes 5-10 working days once the verifier responds to EC-Council’s requests for information.

Q.  For how long is ECSA v10 approved application valid? 

The EC-Council Certified Security Analyst v10 application is valid for 3 months from the date approval date.

Q.  Is the ECSA V10 title a part of EC-Council’s continuing education scheme?

Yes, it is.

Q.  What is the validity of exam voucher code?

The validity for ECSA v10 exam voucher code is 1 year from the date of receipt.

Q.  Is there any report-writing also in ECSA v10 exam like it is in ECSA v9 exam?

No, ECSA v10 exam pattern doesn’t include report-writing task; if you are interested in a performance- based skill assessment exam, you can choose to attempt EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (Practical) exam.

Q.  What will I have to do once my application is approved?

Once your application is approved by EC-council, you should purchase the exam voucher from the authorized training channel from where you get EC-Council Certified Security Analyst training or directly from EC-Council’s online store

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