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Course Objectives

  • Google Analytics Implementation.
  • Google Analytics accounts management.
  • goals, funnels, and filters Configuration.
  • The configuration of monitoring and alerting.
  • website traffic Analyzation.
  • Behavior and conversion Analyzation.


Course Objectives

  • Creating an account for Google AdWords
  • Creating Ad campaign
  • keywords optimization for pay-per-click campaigns
  • Writing effective ads for campaigns of Google AdWords
  • Analyzing and reporting campaign performance
  • Management of bidding and budgets
  • Configuration of language and location targeting
  • ad extensions for Enhancing campaigning
  • Creation of product list campaigns
  • Creating a display network campaign
  • Implementing advanced features of AdWords
  • Measuring the performance of campaign
  • Campaigns optimization
  • Optimization of AdWords campaigns for conversions
  • Management of AdWords with the AdWords Editor
  • Managing and extending AdWords accounts


Google Analytics Course Outline

      1. Google Analytics Implementation
        1. Google Analytics overview
        2. Google Analytics Account creation
        3. Page tagging
      2. Google Analytics Accounts Management
        • Google Analytics Settings and its configuration
        1. Management of Multiple Accounts, Views, and Properties
      1. Configuration of Goals, Funnels, and Filters
        • Goals configuration
        1. Funnels configuration
        2. Filters configuration
      1. Monitoring and Alerting
        • Real-Time Reports Monitoring
        1. Dashboard Management
        2. Intelligence Alerts and Reports Management
      1. Website Traffic Analyzation
        • Traffic Analyzation with the help of Audience Reports
        1. Traffic Analyzation with the help of Acquisition Reports
      1. Behavior and Conversions Analyzation
        • Data Analyzation with the help of Behavior Reports
        1. Data Analyzation with the help of Conversion Reports

Introduction To Google AdWords Course Outline

  1. Google AdWords Account creation
    1. Creating and Navigating Account Structure of Google AdWords
    2. Configuration and Management of Account Alerts and Notifications
  2. Ad Campaign creation
    • AdWords Campaign Planning
    1. Creating Campaigns and Configuration of Campaign Settings
    2. Creating and Configuring Ad Groups, Ads, and Keywords
  1. Keywords Optimization
    • Selection of Keywords in AdWords
    1. Keywords Researching with Google Keyword Planner
    2. Online Keywords Researching
    3. Configuring Ad Groups and Keywords
  1. Ads Writing in Google AdWords
    • Google Ad Policies Review
    1. Writing High-Quality AdWords Ads
  1. Analyze and Report Campaign Performance
    • Campaign review and Adjust Settings
    1. Analyzation and Optimization of Ads
    2. Report creation in AdWords
  1. Managing Bidding and Budgets
    • Setting and Managing of Budgets
    1. Setting and Managing Bids
  1. Language and Location Targeting
    • Configuration of Language Targeting
    1. Configuration of Location Targeting
  1. Using Ad Extensions to Enhance Campaigns
    • Ads enhancement with the Location Extension
    1. Ads Enhancement with Call Extensions
    2. Ads Enhancement with SiteLink Extension
    3. Ads Enhancement with App Extension
    4. Ads Enhancement with Structured Snippets
    5. Ads Enhancement with Review and Callout Extensions
    6. Ads Enhancement with Automated Extensions
  1. Creating Product Listing Campaign
    • Setting Up of a Google Merchant Account
    1. Creating a Shopping Campaign
  1. Display Network Campaign creation
    • Planning and Creating a Display Network Campaign
    1. Ad Creation with Ad Gallery
    2. Target Campaigns and devices
  1. Implementation of Advanced Features of AdWords
    • Configuration of Ad Scheduling
    1. Dynamic Ads creation
    2. Keyword Insertion implementing
    3. Implementation of Ad Customizers
    4. Implementation of Campaign Experiments
    5. Configuration of Conversion Tracking
  1. Campaign Performance Measuring
    • Linking of AdWords to Google Analytics
    1. Measure AdWords Campaign Success
    2. Analyze Campaign Performance in AdWords
  1. Optimization of Campaigns
    • For ensuring Quality Score Optimizing Landing Pages
    1. Bidding Performance Optimization
    2. Budget Optimization
  1. Optimization for Conversions
    • Conversions Measuring
    1. Optimizations for Conversions
  1. AdWords management with the AdWords Editor
    • Configuration of AdWords Editor
    1. Importing and Analyzation of Data
  1. Management and Extension of AdWords Accounts
    • Using my Client Center for Clients Management
    1. AdWords API usage


  • The student should have completed or taken Any or all the courses in the curriculum of Microsoft 2010, 2013, or 2016
  • The student should have experience using a Web browser and productivity software such as Microsoft Office or Google Docs.
  • Hands-on working experience with Microsoft Windows 10 or Windows 8 or Transition from Windows 7 Microsoft Windows 8.