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Implementing Cisco Cloud Center v1.0 (ICCC v1.0)

Course Overview

After finishing this course, the student will have the capacity to meet these general destinations:

  • (Actualizing Cisco CloudCenter v1.0)

  • Portray Cisco CloudCenter Architecture

  • Outline Cisco CloudCenter Features, Deployment Models, Key Components, Components, Public and Private Clouds

  • Clarify Cisco CloudCenter Manual and Certificate Installation, Configuration and Setup

  • Look at Cisco CloudCenter Clouds, Users, Tenants Administration

  • Portray Cisco CloudCenter Activation Profiles, Groups, Roles, Images and Extensions

  • Portray Cisco CloudCenter VM Operations, Tagging, Governance, Usage Plans and Fees

  • Comprehend Cisco CloudCenter Application Modeling and Deployment

  • Clarify the Ways Cisco CloudCenter Simplifies AWS


It is suggested that understudies have the accompanying learning and abilities before going to this course:

  • Great comprehension of systems administration conventions.

  • Great comprehension of the VMware condition.

  • Go to the Cisco CCNA Cloud Fundamentals course and Cisco CCNA Cloud Administration or proportional. encounter is profoundly suggested, to completely profit by this course.

  • Open and Private cloud encounter is prescribed.

  • Learning of Linux Administration (nature with SSH, summon line interface, and so on)

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for Cloud Architects, Sysadmins, Network Architects, Software Architects, and DevOps Engineers will's identity executing and dealing with Cisco's CloudCenter. Cisco CloudCenter gives the capacity to show, oversee and arrange organizations of uses consistently with finish skeptic conduct to for all intents and purposes any open cloud, for example, AWS, and in addition to any private mists, for example, vSphere. This course will furnish hands-on involvement with conveying Cisco CloudCenter with incorporation and arranged provisioning to private and open mists.


  • Course Introduction

  • Diagram

  • Course Goal and Objectives

  • Course Flow

Lesson 1: Cisco CloudCenter Architecture

  • Cisco CloudCenter Manager

  • Cisco CloudCenter Orchestrator

  • Endeavor Class Solutions

Lesson 2: Cisco CloudCenter Basics

  • Highlights

  • CloudCenter History

  • CloudCenter Terminology

  • Organization Models

  • Multi-Tenancy Models

Lesson 3: Cisco CloudCenter Key Components

  • Open Clouds

  • Datacenters and Private Clouds

  • Application Profiles

  • Administrations

  • Lab: Configure a Bundle Store

Lesson 4: CloudCenter Installation

  • Establishment Overview

  • Manual Installation

  • Endorsement Authentication

  • Organization Best Practices

  • Lab: Install CloudCenter v4.x

Lesson 5: Configure and Setup CloudCenter

  • Setup the Admin Account

  • Design Cloud(s)

  • Enroll the CCO with the CCM

  • Guide Images

  • Oversee Instance Types

  • Design Cloud Storage

  • Design Image IDs

  • Lab: Configure a Cloud

Lesson 6: CloudCenter Administration

  • Mists

  • Clients

  • Occupants

  • Actuation Profiles

  • Gatherings

  • Parts

  • Pictures

  • Expansions

  • Administrations Administration

  • VM Operations

  • Administration and Security

  • All Reports

  • Use Plans and Fees

  • Lab: Users and Sharing

Lesson 7: Application Modeling and Deployment

  • Application Migration and Management

  • Move and Manage

  • Propelled Features

  • Lab: Configuring Application Profiles

Lesson 8: Application Management and Governance

  • Benchmarking

  • Mixture Cloud Management Solution

  • Labeling and Governance

  • Lab: Benchmarking and Reporting

Lesson 9: CloudCenter and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • CloudCenter and AWS Benefits

  • Send a Virtual Machine on Demand

  • Oversee Images in Multiple Regions

  • Send any Application Stack on Demand

  • Computerize Continuous Deployment

  • Auto Scale crosswise over Availability Zones

  • Relocate Across Regions

  • Robotize Micro-division

  • Counting AWS Specific Services

  • Benchmark Price and Performance

  • Remain in Control

  • Lab: Deploying CloudCenter and AWS

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