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Nowadays, every organization has a web presence of its whether it is a single website or multiple websites, mobile applications, or anything related to web. However, the way your organization presents itself and doing management of its web presence is vital to its success. Knowing the interaction of people with your websites and mobile applications provides insights how well the messages, pages, and other content on website is received. By tracking, and analyzing visitors activities on your website, you can make conclusions about the effectiveness of the content of the site, promotions, and advertising campaigns and some technical details. Google Analytics is a suite integrated with Google's data and other service offerings like AdWords and AdSense. 

It is free to use and easy to set up allowing your organization to track user actions on your web and using Google Analytics reporting and analysis tools for analyzing data, measuring interactions on site, and qualifying the success of web initiatives. Google Analytics helps you to define success metrics of your website and measuring the performance through data analysis.

it will be easy to start using Google Analytics but still robust and complex suite of tools will take time to master. In this course, we will be creating a Google Analytics account and creating multiple web properties for monitoring and tagging website pages with tracking code of Google Analytics. we will be than creating multiple views for data collection and analyzation and creating filters, goals, and funnels for views. we will then use real-time reports and dashboards of Google Analytics for performing quick analysis of monitored websites.


Audience Profile

  • This course is intended for students who want to do website traffic analyzation or online advertising campaigns for various reasons which includes increasing customer conversions. In this course, you will be learning the set up and use of Google Analytics and reports provided by standard Google Analytics.

Course Objectives

  • Google Analytics Implementation.
  • Google Analytics accounts management.
  • goals, funnels, and filters Configuration.
  • The configuration of monitoring and alerting.
  • website traffic Analyzation.
  • Behavior and conversion Analyzation.


      1. Google Analytics Implementation
        1. Google Analytics overview
        2. Google Analytics Account creation
        3. Page tagging
      2. Google Analytics Accounts Management
        • Google Analytics Settings and its configuration
        1. Management of Multiple Accounts, Views, and Properties
      1. Configuration of Goals, Funnels, and Filters
        • Goals configuration
        1. Funnels configuration
        2. Filters configuration
      1. Monitoring and Alerting
        • Real-Time Reports Monitoring
        1. Dashboard Management
        2. Intelligence Alerts and Reports Management
      1. Website Traffic Analyzation
        • Traffic Analyzation with the help of Audience Reports
        1. Traffic Analyzation with the help of Acquisition Reports
      1. Behavior and Conversions Analyzation
        • Data Analyzation with the help of Behavior Reports
        1. Data Analyzation with the help of Conversion Reports
  • Hands on experience with Any or all of courses in the Microsoft curriculum 2010, 2013, or 2016
  • Use of Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, or Microsoft Windows 8.1 Transition from Windows 7