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This course discusses the ITIL philosophy of "adopt and adapt" and shows the implementation of service improvements based on it. The course will be covering various aspects of practicing ITIL such as service improvement's guiding principles, approach, communication, organizational change management (OCM) etc. This course leaves no stone behind for the preparation of ITIL Practitioner exam, which can be taken by student at a later date.

Training will be included: -

  • training sessions
  • books
  • voucher for exam

Course Preparation


  • course book which include case studies and sample questions for exam
  • ITIL foundation study material revision
  • acquire "ITIL Service Design Core Publication" and do personal study of that

Exam Info the exam can be taken in following 3 ways:

  • In-class exam
  • testing center
  • after course completion online test via PeopleCert (anywhere)

NOTE: 3 credits will be received after passing the exam

Audience Profile:

  • professionals who are related to IT development, operations and service management
  • individuals who wants to understand Service improvement principles

Course Objectives:

  • Understanding the concept of Service management
  • priciples of guiding
  • Understanding approaches for Service improvement
  • change management in organization
  • Metrics and measurements
  • mechanism for Communication
  • how to pass ITIL Practitioner exam: important tips
  • Practicing ITIL Practitioner exam as sample

Course Outline

  • Concepts of Service management
  1. understanding Adapt and Adopt concept
  2. understanding value, outcomes, costs, and risks: VOCR concept
  • priciples of guiding
  1. focussing on value
  2. designing for experience
  3. start from where you were
  4. work holistics
  5. iterative progress
  6. direct observing
  7. transparency
  8. collaboration
  9. keep everything simple
  • Approaches for service improvement
  1. Understanding vision
  2. Where we stand for now
  3. Where we want to be
  4. How can we get there?
  5. How we know that we have arrived
  6. how to ensure that the momentum keep going
  • Organizational Change Management (OCM) and its working
  1. understanding OCM
  2. Sources of resistance
  3. Transition of people
  4. Management of stakeholders
  5. Management of Sponsors
  6. Management of Resistance
  7. Process of Reinforcement


  • Metrics  and Measurements
  1. Understanding CSFs and KPIs
  2. Hierarchies and Cascades  of Metric
  3. Categories of Metric
  4. Doing the Assessment
  5. Doing the Reporting


  • Communication process
  1. Poor Communication and issues caused by it
  2. Good communication Benefits
  3. Essentials of Communication
  4. Principles of Communication
  5. Types of Communication



  • The student should have completed ITIL Foundation Certification Prep