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Prince2 Foundation Certification Training – An Overview

PRINCE2 (Projects in controlled environments), established in 1989 by CCTA, is a de facto process-based methodology for the effective IT project management used globally. It is recognized in the private and govt. both the sectors. PRINCE2 was published in 1996 by a consortium of 150 European organizations.

PRINCE2 application provides greater control of resources and enhanced ability to manage a business with minimum risk. PRINCE2 certification, an invaluable asset to career credential, delivers much required competitive edge in project management.

Organizations adhered to PRINCE2 process model are highly benefitted by having –

  • Common and consistent approach

  • controlled & organized start up the end

  • Regular review of project progress

  • Best possible ROI with a justification and   …….many others

PRINCE2 Foundation Level is the 1ST qualification mandatory to become a certified PRINCE2 Practitioner. PRINCE2 Foundation exam is aimed to measure whether the candidate has understanding of PRINCE2 principles and terminology. PRINCE2 Foundation certification assures that you can perform as a member of a project management team using PRINCE2 2017.  

PRINCE2 Foundation Course Objectives – The Learning Scope:

  • How to get controlled start and closure of the project in line of PRINCE2 2017 principles

  • How to perform review the project progress according to plan and other concerns

  • How to communicate effectively between management & stakeholders

  • How to breakdown a project into manageable stages for easy progress monitoring

  • How to delegate, monitor & control the project

  • How to change authorization for prompt decision making

  • How to improve project management skills & competences at all the levels

For Whom PRINCE2 Foundation Certification is Good to Have – Audience: 

The PRINCE2 2017 Foundation certification training is ideal for the senior project managers and the fresh IT professionals aspiring to become senior project managers. It is best suited for –

Project Managers    Associate Project Managers                       Assistant Project Managers

Team Leaders                            Team Managers                                                Project Executives

Project Engineers                     Software Developers                                      Business Analysts ……

Scope of PRINCE2 Foundation Certification – The Career Benefits:

  • PRINCE2® Foundation project management skills are widely accepted around the world.

  • PRINCE2 Foundation Certification helps to plan, initiate and control the projects with high success rate by effectively collaborating with team members and stakeholders.

  • The project management-oriented job openings in seven project-oriented sectors are expected to increase by 33 % by 2027.

  • Nearly 22 million new jobs for project managers in different capacities are expected within five -six years.  

  • By 2017, the employers will require 88 million certified project management professionals.

PRINCE2 Foundation Certification Course Outline

As being the leading PRINCE2 foundation training agency, we at Microtek Learning follow the robust PRINCE2 Foundation Certification syllabus aligned to the latest updates in 2017.  

The entire PRINCE2 Foundation certification curriculum is divided in to six lending modules plus more than 15 practitioner modules:

Learning Module 1: Introduction to PRINCE2 Foundation

  • Principles

  • Themes

  • Processes

  • Project environment

Learning Module 2: Key Concepts of PRINCE2

  • What makes a project - 'PRINCE2 project

  • 6 aspects of project performance management

Learning Module 3: PRINCE2 Principles

  • Business Justification

  • Learning from Experience

  • Roles & Responsibilities

  • Management by Stages

  • Exception management

  • Tailoring decisions to suit the project

Learning Module 4: Processes (Introduction to Processes & Journey Stages)

  • Starting a project

  • Directing a project

  • Controls at different stages

  • Managing product delivery

  • Managing a stage boundary

  • Project closing

Learning Module 5: PRINCE2 Themes

  • Roles and responsibilities of project board, executive, senior user, senior supplier, project manager, team manager etc.

  • Project assurance & Change authority

  • Concepts and differences related to outputs, outcomes, benefits and losses

  • ‘Progress’ theme

Learning Module 6: Tailoring

  • Aspects of a project that should be tailored

  • Fixing responsibilities

  • Documenting the tailored decisions

The PRINCE2 Foundation training participants also go through more than fifteen practitioner modules that deliver the hands-on experience as well as opportunities to test the gained skills.

PRINCE2 Foundation Training Prerequisites:

There is no prescribed prerequisite for the PRINCE2® Foundation Certification Exam but basic project management skill is advisable.

FAQs – PRINCE2 Foundation Course Training

Q: Why should I pursue PRINCE2 Foundation Certification?

The PRINCE2 Foundation Certification teaches you the valuable project management skills widely accepted around the world. This certification helps you plan, initiate and control the projects assuring better success rate. You find easy to collaborate with team members and stakeholders. The enhanced ability to break the project into manageable chunks simplifies the progress monitoring.

Q: What is the next level certification course after PRINCE2 2017 Foundation Certification course?

The PRINCE2® Foundation is the first stepping stone with wide scope for continuous improvement for career and performance boost. After understanding the basics of PRINCE2®, you can apply for PRINCE2® Practitioner Certificate to deepen your practical skills and expertise to handle more complex project completion challenges.

Q: What is the PRINCE2 Foundation certification exam format?

It is a closed book exam containing 60 multiple choice questions each for one mark worth. Candidates have one hour to complete the exam.

Q: What is the passing percentage for the PRINCE2® Foundation exam?

You need 33 marks out of total of 60 marks i.e. 55% to pass the PRINCE2 Foundation course exam.  

Q: When will my PRINCE2® Foundation certificate expire?

PRINCE2® Foundation certification will never expire by itself but your status as the Registered PRINCE2 Practitioner has an expiration date that expires after five years after the certification date.

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