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Solarwinds Orion 201 Advanced Network

Course Overview

The preparation is a thorough review and itemized clarification of Solarwinds modules for the "Propelled Network" track. The class is driven by a SCP educator with long stretches of experience chipping away at many one of a kind Solarwinds situations for organizations everything being equal.

This propelled course covers NPM, SAM, DPA, WPM, VMAN, SRM, and also the SolarWinds Appstack sees. The essential goal of this course is to enable competitors to advance from fundamental up/down checking into an all encompassing end-to-end observing method that enables associations to stick point the effect of execution issues or blackouts crosswise over complex application conveyance conditions. Every one of the items in the 201 course brings particular information important to completely delineate conveyance and enable managers to imagine and screen disappointments with completely mapped connections so the effect of any single disappointment can be completely seen quickly.

Target group For This Solarwinds Orion 201: Advanced Network Course

» Administrators

» People who have a little systems administration group

» Individuals searches for SolarWinds

Course Prerequisites For Solarwinds Orion 201: Advanced Network

» Required: Aspirant would exceedingly benet from an essential comprehension of the Transact-SQL and PowerShell dialects, yet not required.

» Required: Orion 101 not required, but rather this course won't cover establishment and essential outline of NPM and the Orion Platform

Solarwinds Orion 201 Advanced Network

Course Outline

1  System Performance Monitor

  •  Orion Architecture Best Practices
  • Essential Polling Engine
  • Extra Polling Engines
  • Extra Web Engines
  • SQL Server
  • Disclosure of Nodes in the Enterprise
  • Out-of-the-Box Monitoring versus Custom Pollers
  • Production of Universal Device Pollers
  • Production of Custom Device Studio Pollers
  • NetPath Configuration
  • System Insight for F5 gadgets diagram

2  System Configuration Manager; NetFlow Trafic Analyzer

  • Establishment and starting Configuration of NCM
  • Making Customized Device Templates
  • Making Customized Configuration Change Templates
  • Establishment and starting Configuration of NTA
  • NetFlow plan hypotheses
  • Arrangement of NetFlow on regular Cisco gadgets utilizing both CLI and NCM

3  IP Address Manager; User Device Tracker; VoIP and Network Quality Manager; Dashboards and Views

  • Establishment and starting Configuration of IPAM
  • Bringing in IPAM information Best-Practices and Caveats
  • Establishment and starting Configuration of UDT
  • Endpoint Monitoring plan hypotheses
  • Establishment and beginning Configuration of VNQM
  • Making IP SLA Operations on Cisco gadgets utilizing the CLI, NCM, and VNQM
  • Making Custom Resources in the SolarWinds Orion site
  • Regular NOC View plans for the endeavor
  • Establishment and beginning Configuration of NTM
  • System Scanning and Reporting

4  Custom SQL Alerts and Reports

  • Prologue to the Transact-SQL dialect and fundamental inquiries
  • Prologue to the Orion SQL Database outline
  • Custom SQL Reporting utilizing both the Web Report Engine and the Orion Report Writer application
  • Custom SQL Alerts utilizing the Web Alert Engine