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Troubleshooting TCP/IP Networks with Wireshark Certification Exam– An Overview

Wireshark is the leading open source network traffic analyzer and an essential tool for security professionals or system administrators. It is widely used to analyze the real time network traffic, and for troubleshooting the issues on the network. Wireshark helps you troubleshoot dropped packets,  malicious activities and latency issues in the network. It empowers you to put the network traffic under microscopic surveillance because of providing several tools to filtering and drilling down into the traffic. You can zoom the root cause of the specific problem the fix it promptly. System administrators use Wireshark to identify the faulty network appliances, data ex-filtration and even the hacking attempts.

Wireshark Certified Network Analyst certification, renamed “WCNA Certification” on June 19, 2019 delivers deep insights with practical knowledge about using Wireshark packet capture tool as well as it trains you take the WCNA exam.

For whom ‘WCNA Course’ is the Must to Join:

  • Experienced Network engineers interested to learn competitive network troubleshooting skills

  • IT students aspiring to understand TCP deep

  • IT novices and advanced users willing to improve their skills in network analysis and trouble shooting

  • IT engineers interested to understand TCP/IP

  • Aspiring network engineers

Learning Objectives of Troubleshooting TCP/IP Networks with Wireshark Training Course:

  • Validating optimal configuration of network hosts.

  • Identifying glitches in network performance due to high path latency.

  • Locating devices on the network that drop packets.

  • Analyzing dependencies and application functionalities.

  • Optimizing application behavior for best performance.

  • Learning the functions of TCP/IP networks.

  • Analyzing the capacity of a network before launching applications.

  • Verifying security of an application during log in, launch, data transfer.

  • Identifying and reporting issues using graphs

  • Spotting unusual network traffic activities

Future Prospects of Troubleshooting TCP/IP Networks with Wireshark Certification: 

  • WCNA professionals earn the verage salary of $85,000 per annum; top earners earn more than $130,000per year.

  • The jobs increment of  network engineers, from 2016 to 2026 is expected to be 6 percent

  • Top organizations prefer to hire the network professionals with specific network certifications.

  • WCNA certification may bring can 20% earning increase.


We at Microtek Learning provide five days comprehensive training for WCNA exam course following the most detailed syllabus and robust lab activities:

  • Network Analysis and Wireshark

  • Capture Methods and Use Capture Filters

  • Customize for Efficiency: Configure Your Global Preferences

  • Navigate Quickly and Focus Faster with Coloring Techniques

  • Focus on Traffic Using Display Filters

  • Network and Application Issues with Time Values & Summaries

  • Create and Interpret Basic Trace File Statistics

  • TCP/IP Communications with Resolutions Overview

  • Analysis of DNS Traffic,  ARP Traffic and IPv4 Traffic

  • Analysis of ICMP Traffic, UDP Traffic

  • TCP Protoco

  • Graph Traffic Characteristics

  • Analysis of HTTP Traffic

  • Analysis of  TLS-Encrypted Traffic (HTTPS)

  • Reviewing Key Troubleshooting Steps

Virtual Lab Practice

  • Lab 1: Capture Traffic to/from Your Hardware Address

  • Lab 2: Create Your Troubleshooting Profile

  • Lab 3: Set Basic Preferences for Your Troubleshooting Profile

  • Lab 4: Find, Mark, Save, and Colorize Packets

  • Lab 5: Detect and Colorize High Latency Indications

  • Lab 6: Find the Top Talkers and Protocols/Applications on a Network

  • Lab 7: Create and Use an IO Graph to Spot Performance Issues

  • Lab 8: Locate a Text String in a Trace File

  • Lab 9: Create a Coloring Rule to Detect DNS Error Responses and Suspicious DNS Responses

  • Lab 10: Analyze a Network Problem Indicated by ARP

  • Lab 11: Filter on a Range of IPv4 Addresses

  • Lab 12: Detect Suspicious Traffic with a New ICMP Coloring Rule

  • Lab 13: Analyze UDP-Based Multicast Streams and Queuing Delays

  • Lab 14: Use an IO Graph to Locate TCP Performance Issues

  • Lab 15: Determine Who is at Fault and Work with Multiple Trace Files

  • Lab 16: Determine the Cause of Slow File Downloads

  • Lab 17: Use TCP Graphs to Detect the Cause of Performance Problems

  • Lab 18: Create a Filter Expression Button to Detect HTTP Error Responses

  • Lab 19: Export an HTTP Object

  • Lab 20: Decrypt HTTPS Communications

Prerequisites for Troubleshooting TCP/IP Networks with Wireshark Certification Exam Training:

Candidates of WCNA also named as Troubleshooting TCP/IP Networks with Wireshark exam must have in-depth understanding of networking and related concepts including administration and configuration of Windows Server 2008 and 2012 platforms. Basic knowledge of domain security and Active Directory is also recommended. The candidates are also rred to have hands-on experience in Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server, Microsoft Hyper-Are etc.equi

FAQs for Troubleshooting TCP/IP Networks with Wireshark Certification Training

Q: What are the key areas focused by Troubleshooting TCP/IP Networks with Wireshark certification exam?

The four primary areas covered in Troubleshooting TCP/IP Networks with Wireshark certification exam are:

  • Wireshark Functionality

  • Network Troubleshooting

  • TCP/IP Network Communications

  • Network Security

Q: Where can I get registered for Troubleshooting TCP IP Networks with Wireshark Certification Exam?

Our experienced instructors will help you get registered for the forthcoming WCNA Certification Exam online through KRYTERION High-stake Secure Testing (HOST) location.

Q: Where can I take on the Troubleshooting TCP/IP Networks with Wireshark exam?

The Exam is available in Online Proctored format that allows the candidates to schedule the test from anywhere - home or office. You will have to process Biometric authentication in order to register for Online Proctored Exam.   

Q: What is Troubleshooting TCP/IP Networks with Wireshark certification exam format?

The WCNA certification Exam is a closed-book Exam. No Internet access or open computer is allowed. It consists of 100 questions. The Exam duration is 120 minutes.

Q: How much percentage is required to pass Troubleshooting TCP/IP Networks with Wireshark certification exam?

The Troubleshooting TCP/IP Networks with Wireshark Certification Exam results are declared as the pass/fail grades. Passing scores are set on the basis of statistical analysis. After completion of WCNA exam, candidates receive online score report.​​

Q: What is the validity period for Wireshark certification?

Troubleshooting TCP/IP Networks with Wireshark certification is valid for three (3) years from the date of successful WCNA certification exam completion. 

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