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Veeam Certified Architect Package (VMCA)

Course Overview

Execute and improve the Veeam programming arrangement. Also, it will cover the Veeam Availability Suite outline and enhancement in light of best practices from Veeam arrangements planners.


  • Get greater usefulness out of Veeam arrangements
  • Distinguish and resolve issues all the more productively
  • Pick up a qualification from your associates
  • Expand your mastery on counseling/proficient administrations for the Veeam Availability Suite arrangement
  • Go for the VMCA title and consent to a portion of the confirmations necessities for Platinum ProPartners and Veeam Accredited Service Partners (VASPs)
  • Increase proficient favorable position with the most elevated amount of Veeam specialized confirmation
  • Go for professional success

Veeam Certified Architect Package (VMCA)

Course Outline

1. Presentation

2. Diagram of Veeam Products

  • Veeam Products
  • Veeam Availability Suite
  • Key Concepts

3. Organization

  • Center Components and Their Interaction
  • Discretionary Components
  • Organization Scenarios
  • Prerequisites
  • Updating Veeam Backup and Replication

4. Introductory Configuration

  • Including Servers
  • Including a VMware Backup Proxy
  • Including a Hyper-V Off-have Backup Proxy
  • Including Backup Repositories
  • Performing Configuration Backup and Restore
  • Overseeing Network Traffic
  • Worldwide Notification Settings
  • Becoming more acquainted with User Interface

5. Ensure

  • Making Backup Jobs
  • Making Restore Points with VeeamZIP and Quick Backup
  • Reinforcement Copy
  • Replication
  • Making VM/File Copy Jobs

6. Check

  • SureBackup Recovery Verification
  • SureReplica

7. Whole VM Recovery

  • Information Recovery
  • Working with Veeam Backup and Replication Utilities
  • Understanding into Recovery from Replica

8. Articles Recovery

  • Thing Level Recovery
  • Visitor OS File Recovery

9. Propelled Data Protection

  • Tape Device Support
  • SAN Storage Systems Support
  • Support for Deduplicating Storage Systems
  • Veeam Cloud Connect
  • Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager
  • vCloud Director Support

10. Veeam ONE Features and Functionality

  • Auto Discovery of Backup and Virtual Infrastructure
  • Business Categorization
  • Pre-Defined Alerting
  • Unattended Monitoring
  • Revealing and Dashboards
  • Agentless Data Gathering
  • Hyper-V Specific Features
  • Veeam ONE Deployment
  • Veeam ONE Assessment Tool

11. Item Editions

  • Item versions examination
  • Full and free usefulness modes

12. Investigating

  • The most effective method to distinguish the issue
  • The most effective method to audit and dissect the issue
  • Look for extra data
  • Veeam bolster

13. Extra Resources

14. Plan and Sizing

  • DNS and name determination
  • Veeam reinforcement server
  • Reinforcement and replication database
  • Intermediary server
  • Transport modes
  • Storehouse server
  • WAN quickening agent
  • Connection with hypervisors

15. Framework

  • Phases of Proof of Concept
  • Appraisal utilizing Veeam ONE
  • Essential information to gather (Veeam ONE + foundation accounts)

16. Security

  • Consents

17. Plan Scenario: Part 1

  • Disclosure
  • Make an outline in view of the client condition

18. Improvements

  • Reinforcement and replication database
  • Intermediary server
  • Store server
  • WAN quickening agent
  • Tape
  • Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager
  • Ordering
  • Antivirus on Veeam servers and visitor VM (if VSS is utilized)
  • Securing Veeam reinforcement and replication design

19. Plan Scenario: Part 2

  • Make a plan in light of the client's developing condition

20. Mechanization

  • Veeam reinforcement server
  • VMware vSphere labels

21. Review and Compliance

  • Evaluating
  • Consistence
  • SureBackup and SureReplica

22. Investigating

  • Profound plunge into perusing log records
  • Normal issues
  • Investigating mode (SureBackup/SureReplica)


It is prescribed understudies have a strong virtualization, reinforcement, and recuperation learning base.