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Veeam Certified Engineer - Advanced: Design and Optimization (VMCE-ADO) – An Overview

Veeam Certified Engineer - Advanced: Design and Optimization (VMCE-ADO) is a globally high in demand two-days Advanced Design and Optimization course. The training is focused on teaching the IT professionals the skills to effectively design, optimize, size, scope, automate and troubleshoot the data management by deploying Veeam Availability Suite. The VMCE-ADO training also covers the aspects like audit, compliance and security while using Veeam Availability Suite.

Veeam Certified Engineer - Advanced: Design and Optimization certification is the excellent credential for the IT professional interested to reduce operating costs and increase productivity as well to improve personal career advancement and to make themselves stand out. 

For whom ‘VMCE-ADO’ is the Must to Join Course:

It is a value added high promising career booster course for System engineers, system administrators, Backup & virtualization administrators, Solution architects, data management consultants etc responsible for Veeam deployments. It is also good credential for the professionals engaged in providing centralized IT services to corporate business.

Learning Objectives of ‘VMCE-ADO’ Course:

By completing the VMCE-A: Design & Optimization course, after Veeam Certified Engineer (VMCE) certification, you will be able to:

  • Get VMCA title and qualify for some certifications like Platinum ProPartners and Veeam Accredited Service Partners (VASPs)

  • Interrogate log files for root cause analysis

  • Verify the data recoverability

  • Improve your consulting/professional services pertaining Veeam Availability Suite solution

  • Gain professional edge by having high level Veeam technical certification

  • Improve your expertise in Plan and estimating; Framework; Security; Advancement; Computerization; Review and Compliance; Investigating etc.

Future Career Prospects of ‘VMCE-ADO’ Certification: 

  • The demand for certified system engineers is high as per predictions as the organizations are expanding their network with key focus on data integrity, security, and database communication.    

  • The increasing risk of cyber attacks also makes the system engineers more important for the organizations provided that have valuable expertise to effectively design, optimize, size, scope, automate and troubleshoot the data management.

  • According to a report by TechTarget released in 2018, nearly 81% of organizations will adopt the multi-cloud strategy by end of 2019.

  • Veeam recently partnered with Cisco to create an industry-leading data protection program allowing the organizations to protect the data irrespective to its location. 

Veeam Certified Engineer - Advanced: Design & Optimization (VMCE-ADO) Course Training Syllabus

We at Microtek Learning provide two days comprehensive training for Veeam Certified Engineer - Advanced: Design and Optimization (VMCE-ADO) course following the most detailed syllabus and lab activities:


  • Always-On™

  • Design and Sizing

Design and Sizing

  • DNS and name resolution

  • Veeam BackUp Server and Veeam BackUp Server Database

  • Veeam BackUp Server Locations and Veeam BackUp Server Proxy Sizing

  • Transport Modes

  • Repository Server & Estimating Repository Capacity

  • WAN Accelerator & Interaction With Hypervisors

Infrastructure Assessment

  • Stages of POC

  • Important Data to Collect

  • Network and Firewall; Veeam ONETM


  • Permissions; MS Hyper-Are;  VMware vCenter

  • App-aware Processing

  • MS Active Directory

  • MS SQL Server;  MS Exchange

  • MS Sharepoint; Oracle


  • Protecting Veeam Backup & Replication Configuration

  • Proxy and Repository Servers

  • Scale-out Backup Repoistory

  • Deduplication Appliances

  • WAN Accelerator

  • Tape Server, Drives and Drivers

  • Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager & Indexing

  • Anti-Virus on Veeam Servers and Guest VMs


  • Veeam Backup Server

  • Silent Updates of Backup Server

  • VMware vSphere Tags

Audit and Compliance

  • Auditing; Compliance

  • SureBackup and SureReplica


  • Advanced troubleshooting and diagnostic techniques and methodologies

  • Detailed understanding of log files, creation reading and searching

  • Troubleshooting mode


Prerequisites for Veeam Certified Engineer - Advanced: Design and Optimization: 

This class is designed for the experienced data management experts who have already completed three-day VMCE Standard course training and are interested to get globally recognized Veeam Certified Architect (VMCA) designation. Hands-on experience in virtualization, data backup and recovery is must.

Faqs for Veeam Certified Engineer - Advanced: Design and Optimization (VMCE-ADO)

Q: Does Veeam also deliver the instructor – led training?

No, Veeam as itself doesn’t conduct any training. The Veeam instructor-led training for any Veeam course including Veeam Certified Engineer - Advanced: Design and Optimization (VMCE-ADO) is delivered by Veeam Authorized Education Centers (VMAECs) through Veeam Certified Trainers; anxiety disorder, Microtek Learning leads the way by providing the best optimized VMCE-ADO exam training.

Q: What are the main focus areas of Veeam Certified Engineer - Advanced: Design and Optimization (VMCE-ADO) exam training?

The major focus areas of VMCE exam training include Design and sizing, Infrastructure, Security, Optimization, Automation, Audit and Compliance and Troubleshooting.

Q: How can I become a VMCE-ADO certified professional?

You will need to go through a 2-days instructor-led VMCE-ADO training to prepare for the VMC exam at one of the Veeam Authorized Education Centers; and Microtek Learning is one of those.  

Q: What is the format of VMCE-ADO certification exam?

The final exam contains 50 questions. The minimum passing score is 70%; after that, you will get the VMCE credential. 

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