Microsoft SC 300 Certification Exam: A Complete Study Guide


The SC300 certification exam evaluates a candidate’s technical proficiency in tasks including creating an authentication and access management solution, carrying out an identity governance strategy, carrying out an identity management solution, obtaining access management for apps, etc.

Microsoft SC-300 Certification Exam Details

  • Exam: Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator
  • Certification: Microsoft Certified – Identity and Access Administrator Associate
  • Code: SC-300
  • Duration: 120 minutes
  • Types of Questions: Multiple-Choice and Multi-Response
  • 40-60 questions total.
  • Fee: $165
  • Exam Language: English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese (Brazil), German, Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Italian, Chinese (Traditional)
  • Passing Score: 700/1000
  • Registration for Exams with Pearson Vue or Certiport

After completing the SC-300 exam, the applicant will be recognized as a Microsoft Certified: Identity and Access Administrator Associate.

Exam Topics for SC300 Certification

There are four key domains on the SC-300 exam. Each domain has a unique weighting and a broad range of subtopics.

  • 25-30% – Implement a solution for identity management
  • 25-30% – Implement a solution for authentication and access control
  • 10-15% – Implement app access control.
  • 25-30% – Create and implement a plan for identity governance.

Some Advice for Passing the Microsoft SC-300 Certification Exam

By using the advice provided below, you can smoothly start your preparation for SC 300 certification exam:

1. Be familiar with the Microsoft SC-300 skills

All of the topics listed in the Microsoft SC-300 exam overview should be known by exam-takers. As a result, they were able to get the right study resources for full exam preparation. This can help them avoid wasting a lot of time and effort looking for resources to strengthen their preparations.

2. Use Microsoft Learning to your advantage

You can go on to the next round of exam preparation if you have a clear understanding of all the key components of the Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator certification exam. To fully understand all exam topics and ace the exam with acclaim, you need reliable study materials. Official resources from Microsoft Learning are available to help you prepare for exams.

The approved learning pathways for the Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator exam that are accessible on the official certification webpage greatly assist all participants. To make learning easier for you, the learning routes are divided into many sections. Your understanding of the fundamentals of Azure security, compliance, and identity can be improved by taking one of the learning pathways available for the Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator exam. Candidates could identify the ideal starting point for their SC300 certification exam preparations by using Microsoft learning paths.

3. SC 300 Certification Training

Candidates can also benefit from the official training program SC-300T00: Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator while studying for the SC-300 exam. You will learn the topics in-depth in this course, which is taught by professors who hold Microsoft certifications.

4. SC-300 Practice Test: Measure Your Level of Preparation

Practice is, without a doubt, the key to passing Microsoft certification exams. In order to evaluate your level of preparation, you must utilize SC-300 practice exams to the fullest. Practice exams for the SC-300 mimic the format of the real exam and give applicants more confidence. Consistent practice with the SC-300 practice tests available on Microtek Learning can assist candidates in becoming familiar with the format and setting of the exam as well as show how they perform in the real exam. In order to complete your exam preparations, SC-300 practice exams are therefore always essential.

5. Participate in Forum Discussions

A discussion forum is a website where you can post your questions, and professionals in the field will attempt to answer them. When you decide to self-study, these forums are helpful. These online forums may also provide information about the exam environment and useful preparation advice. So, to make studying for the SC-300 exam more engaging, make sure to join some worthwhile discussion forums and participate regularly.

Additional Advice for Studying for the SC-300 Certification Exam

  • Your study sessions should be shorter.
  • Set clear objectives for each topic on the exam syllabus.
  • Create Notes
  • Describe the fresh ideas you’ve picked up from others.
  • Create a dedicated study space.
  • While studying, break up with your smartphone.


Work hard and study carefully if you want to clear the exam. Use the advice provided in this article to ace the exam the first time. The website Microtek Learning is devoted to assisting you in earning the SC 300 certification. So, begin your preparations right away!

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