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CompTIA Server+ Certification Prep (Exam SK0-004) Training

What CompTIA Server+ Certification Prep (Exam SK0-004) training is all about?

CompTIA Server+ Certification Prep (Exam SK0-004) Training course helps get information on computer and hardware support and handling administration for any network server. This course teaches students to maintain, build, troubleshoot, and establish support for server software and hardware. Students can also use technical knowledge in areas such as RAID, SCSI, and help in disaster recovery. Microtek Learning's interactive tutorials enable you to get proficient skills as a server administrator.

CompTIA Server+ Certification Prep (Exam SK0-004) Training course can enable students to learn about the management of server hardware, installing server hardware and operating systems, networking equipment and protocols, and details on basic server configuration tasks. It also develops a skill set for creating a virtual server environment, administering servers, implementing server storage solutions, securing the server, planning and testing disaster recovery, and troubleshooting server issues. Our blended live online training sessions are apt for system engineers, hardware technicians, network administrators, IT professionals, and help desk technicians who need in-depth knowledge about disaster recovery, troubleshooting, and server technology.


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What are the course objectives for CompTIA Server+ Certification Prep (Exam SK0-004) training?
  • Troubleshooting server issues
  • Implementing solutions for server storage.
  • Managing server hardware.
  • Installing OS and Server hardware.
  • Obtain virtual server environment.
  • Configuring protocols and other network hardware.
  • Protected Server & Administer Servers.
  • Testing and planning disaster recovery.
Who should attend CompTIA Server+ Certification Prep (Exam SK0-004) training?

Our CompTIA Server+ courses are intended for hardware technicians, IT experts, support area specialists who require exact information on innovative server.

What is the course outline for CompTIA Server+ Certification Prep (Exam SK0-004) training?
  • 1. Server Architecture
  • Purpose and function of server form factors
  • Install, configure and maintain server components
  • Compare and contrast power and cooling components
  • 2. Server Administration
  • Install and configure server operating systems
  • Compare and contrast server roles and requirements for each
  • Use access and control methods to administer a server
  • Perform proper server maintenance techniques
  • Importance of asset management and documentation
  • Purpose and operation of virtualization components
  • 3. Storage
  • Install and deploy primary storage devices based on given specifications and interfaces
  • Configure RAID using best practices
  • Hardware and features of various storage technologies
  • Calculate appropriate storage capacity and plan for future growth
  • 4. Security
  • Compare and contrast physical security methods and concepts
  • Apply server hardening techniques
  • Basic network security systems and protocols
  • Implement logical access control methods based on company policy
  • Implement data security methods and secure storage disposal techniques
  • Implement proper environmental controls and techniques
  • 5. Networking
  • Configure servers to use IP addressing and network infrastructure services
  • Compare and contrast various ports and protocols
  • Install cables and implement proper cable management procedures
  • 6. Disaster Recovery
  • Importance of disaster recovery principles
  • Implement appropriate backup techniques
  • 7. Troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting theory and methodologies
  • Troubleshoot hardware problems and appropriate tools and methods
  • Troubleshoot software problems and appropriate tools and methods
  • Diagnose network problems and appropriate tools and methods
  • Troubleshoot storage problems and appropriate tools and methods
  • Diagnose security issues and appropriate tools and methods
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