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TTPS 4926 Advanced Perl Programming Course Training- An Overview

Microtek Learning offers a comprehensive online ‘TTPS 4926 Advanced Perl Programming’ course training focused on fundamental concepts of Perl programming language. Perl scripting course is designed for the individuals interested to use the advanced features of Perl programming language in diverse applications including web application development, system administration, and database interaction. The specialized web language skill like writing CGI scripts helps you build a fast growth-oriented career in web development and technologies.

Practical Extraction and Reporting Language (Perl) is liked because of its unmatched simplicity and user-friendliness despite other programming languages; the language is also used for Intra-webs and older web systems, Data mining, statistical analysis, GUI programming, Web automation, Security system prototyping, Network prototyping etc. Perl 6, released in January 2016, introduces numbers of new features allowing it to be much more flexible in terms of byte code and compilation.

For Whom ‘Advanced Perl Programming’ is must to join Program:

It is the simplest course for the programmers to advance their professional competency in Networking, system administration, web development, network programming, GUI development and database access like areas.  It is also good to take on the course for Digital VLSI Design Verification Enthusiasts.  

Learning Objectives of ‘Advanced Perl Programming’ Course:

During four days’ TTPS 4926 Advanced Perl Programming course training, you will learn about and explore the next-level Perl capabilities and features including:

  • Efficient Data Structures Using References
  • Advanced Text Parsing Techniques
  • Assessment of Data from Relational Database Systems
  • Creating Reusable Modules
  • Designing & Using Objects
  • TCP/IP Clients & Servers

Future Prospects of ‘TTPS 4926 Advanced Perl Programming’ Certification: 

  • Perl, when embedded into web servers, can speed up processing by 2000%.
  • Perl's mod_perl allows Apache web server to embedding a Perl interpreter.
  • Perl can handle encrypted web data including e-commerce transactions.
  • In Digital VLSI Industry, it is widely used across multiple verticals like Design, Automation, Design Verification, CAD, Tools etc.


TTPS 4926 Advanced Perl Programming Course Outline

We at Microtek Learning provide four days comprehensive training for TTPS 4926 Advanced Perl Programming certification course following the most detailed syllabus and robust lab activities:

1. Reference Refresher

  • Creating references
  • Anonymous arrays and hashes
  • Dereferencing
  • References and subroutines
  • References and arrays
  • Complex data structures

2. Data Wrangling

  • Reading text files
  • Creative use of and $/
  • Matching and substituting
  • RE review
  • Using backreferences
  • Parsing lines
  • Using here documents and __END__
  • Converting data with pack/unpack

3. Shortcuts and Defaults

  • The ubiquitous $_
  • How to use
  • Pattern matching in brief
  • File tests on _
  • One-liners

4. Modern Perl

  • Features added since 5.0
  • Higher-order functions
  • Say()
  • Switch statement (given/when)
  • Smart matching
  • Defined-or
  • State variables
  • Lexical $_


Pre-Requisite for ‘Advanced Perl Programming’ Course:

Any candidate with basic knowledge of computer, networking and Perl programming language is good for Perl Programming Essentials course training; knowledge of Perl basic would be an additional advantage for which you can take on TTEP100 Introduction to Perl Scripting Introduction and TTPS 4925 Perl Programming Essentials Perl courses conducted by Microtek Learning.  

FAQs for TTPS 4926 Advanced Perl Programming

Q: What is the practical ratio in TTPS 4926 Advanced Perl Programming training? 

It is 50:50 lecture to lab format training course that delivers hands-on experience to make you prepared to applying Perl learning from the first day in your working environment.

Q: Does TTPS 4926 Advanced Perl Programming training course help me use Perl library for diverse applications?

You will learn to use CPAN to access the Perl library. You will able to install Perl library at your systems.

Q: How will I get the certificate for Advanced Perl Programming course?

After successful completion of training, you will have to pass an online exam. Upon passing the exam, we will issue you widely recognized certificate declaring you an Advanced Perl Programming expert.

Q: Is it good to have Advanced Perl Programming course after the arrival of Python?

Perl is still considered as the simplest and easiest to use scripting language despite availability of Python. The multidimensional use of Perl in Networking, system administration, web development, network programming, GUI development and database access like areas make it the best affordable and awarding short-term career oriented course.   


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