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CSX Practitioner I: Identification and Protection Training

What CSX Practitioner I: Identification and Protection training is all about?

CSX Practitioner I: Identification and Protection Training, teaches you to identify and protect network hazards. Individuals who apply for this technical course learn how to use and apply industry-developed methods, to identify specific internal and external network threats. CSX Practitioner I also teach the basic techniques, concepts, and tools connected with implementing cybersecurity controls to keep a system secure from all different identified dangers. This training program was developed by using existing cybersecurity frameworks and inputs from several industry experts.

Packed with practical exercises, this technical course is suitable for students preparing for the exam or anyone willing to gain more knowledge about Cyber Security. CSX certification improves the knowledge base, skills, and career of cyber risk defenders. CSX training helps you get better at the technical skills required in sensitive security areas and CSX Practitioner I: Identification and Protection is the first step you need to transform yourself into a CSX expert.


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What are the course objectives for CSX Practitioner I: Identification and Protection training?
  • How to apply modernized methods which are used to identify networks.
  • Expansion of secured mechanisms.
  • How to scan hardware and software.
  • Vulnerable scan configurations.
  • Implement practice methods by our skilled cyber security professionals, protect and identify domains accordingly.
  • Reconfiguration and IDS control testing.
  • Entire skills which are needed to pass CSX Practitioner I: Identification and Protection exam
Who should attend CSX Practitioner I: Identification and Protection training?

The CSX Practitioner I: Identification and Protection Training is especially for cybersecurity professionals who have minimum one to five year experience. The professionals who are seeking to enrol in this training should be highly proficient in Network Scanning, Traffic and Centralized Monitoring, Port and Vulnerable scans, network log analysis, network topologies, controlled user account and packet analysis.

What is the course outline for CSX Practitioner I: Identification and Protection training?

    1) Network Reconnaissance

    2) Software and Hardware Scanning

    3) Asset Validation and Anomaly Assessment

    4) Network Mapping

    5) Vulnerability Scanning

    6) Vulnerability Scanning Preparation and Configuration

    7) Conducting a Vulnerability Scan

    8) Vulnerability Scan Assessment and Evaluation

    9) Cybersecurity Control Introduction and Explanation

    10) Cybersecurity Control Evaluation and Configuration

    11) Threat Data Collection and Amalgamation

    12) Threat Log Parsing and Maintenance

    13) Control Vulnerability Scanning and Assessment

    14) Control Monitoring and Assessment

    15) Control Change Implementation

    16) Control Documentation Maintenance

    17) Control Patch Implementation and Dissemination


  • Network Reconnaissance
  • Network and System Scanning
  • Network Topology Generation
  • Vulnerability Scanner Differentiation and Configuration
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Vulnerability Scanner Log Evaluation
  • Security Control Assessment
  • Log Analysis and Collection
  • Host Threat Transmission
  • IDS Installation, Configuration, and Implementation
  • IDS Control Testing
  • IDS Control Reconfiguration
  • IDS Patching

The authorized training partners of ISACA offer training for the CSX Cybersecurity Practitioner Certification. It is a globally recognized value- added certification course for IT professionals engaged in enterprise IT security affairs.

Yes, CSX Practitioner I: Identification and Protection certification delivers you all the sought after expertise to meet out the challenges of modern cybersecurity threats for any size organization. The CSX platform was chosen as the ‘2016 Best Professional Certification Program by SC magazine.

Individual use of the CSX Cybersecurity Practitioner logo on the items like web sites, business cards, marketing /promotional materials is not permitted. However, you can use acronym CSX-P after your name.

All the study material is available online. Our CSX Practitioner I trainers help you get the best material from the authentic resources.

We have the best talented certified CSX Practitioner I trainers with experience of conducting hundreds of classes. As being the leading accredited training partner of ISACA, we have the world-class facilities to impart the best knowledge and hands on training. The price of our CSX Practitioner I course training is the lowest. Overall personalized support makes difference to your learning experience.

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