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HDP Operations: Security Training

What HDP Operations: Security training is all about?

This training is recommended for Administrators having good experience in implementing secure Hadoop clusters by utilizing authorization, authentication, data protection and auditing strategies.


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What are the course objectives for HDP Operations: Security training?
  • Configuring and Installing Ranger Key Management Services
  • Describing about five pillars of a secure environment.
  • Listing the explanations about the important of secure environment.
  • Select the best security tools and utilize it for particular use.
  • Listing the security eligibility.
  • Configuring Ambari security.
  • Setting up Ambari Views for controlled authorization.
  • Describing Kerberos architecture and uses.
  • Installing Kerberos.
  • Describing the partner security solutions.
  • Configuring Ambari for Kerberos.
  • Configuring Hadoop for Kerberos.
  • Enabling Kerberos.
  • Configuring and installing Apache Knox.
  • Configuring and installing Apache Ranger.
  • Configuring and installing Ranger Key Management services.
  • Utilizing Ranger to assure the Secure Data Access.
Who should attend HDP Operations: Security training?

This training is intended for IT operators and administrators who know how to install, support and configure an Apache Hadoop2.3 deployment in Linux environment.

What are the prerequisites for HDP Operations: Security training?

The recommended prerequisite for this course is basic understanding of HDP operations.

What is the course outline for HDP Operations: Security training?
  • Definition of Security
  • Securing Sensitive Data
  • Integrating HDP Security
  • What Security Tools to use for Each Use Case
  • HDP Security Prerequisites
  • Ambari Server Security
  • Kerberos Deep Dive
  • LABS

  • Setting up the Lab Environment
  • Configuring the AD Resolution Certificate
  • Security Options for Ambari
  • Enable Kerberos
  • Apache Ranger Installation
  • Apache Ranger KMS
  • LABS

  • Kerberizing the Cluster
  • Installing Apache Ranger
  • Setting up Apache Ranger KMS Data Encryption​
  • Secure Access with Ranger
  • Apache Knox Overview
  • Apache Knox Installation
  • Ambari Views for Controlled Access
  • LABS

  • Secured Hadoop Exercises
  • Configuring Apache Knox
  • Exploring Other Security Features of Apache Ambari
  • Installing SolrCloud
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