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Implementing and Administering the FlexPod Solution (FPIMPADM) Training

What Implementing and Administering the FlexPod Solution (FPIMPADM) training is all about?

Implementing and Administering the FlexPod Solution (FPIMPADM) Training provide knowledge to the system and network engineers and administrators for setting up, configure, and administer the FlexPod architecture. The FPIMPADM training course at Microtek Learning will give a broad understanding of the configuration necessities for FlexPod at the storage, network, and compute architecture layers. FlexPod can be used for deploying and managing external, internal & cloud architectures. Centralized administration is attained by utilizing effective management tools such as vCenter, NetApp Virtual Storage, Console, Cisco UCS Director, and so on. Such management tools are introduced & practical hands-on labs are utilized to highlight topics to learners. You will also learn key execution or operation procedures, management, and fundamental troubleshooting tasks on the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), Cisco Nexus 9372, and NetApp storage. After completion of FlexPod certification course, you will be skilled enough to design and set-up globally recognized FlexPod® solutions for the series of business workloads.


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What are the course objectives for Implementing and Administering the FlexPod Solution (FPIMPADM) training?
  • Elaborating about data center architecture.
  • Identifying components for FlexPod architecture.
  • Configuring and identifying network components for FlexPod.
  • Configuring and describing FlexPod Storage covering clustered data ONTAP.
  • Configuring and identifying Cisco UCS works of FlexPod.
  • Identifying FlexPod Management and troubleshooting of tools.
Who should attend Implementing and Administering the FlexPod Solution (FPIMPADM) training?

This training is intended for multiple job designations such as System Engineers, Network Administrators, Network engineers etc. This training is recommended for professionals who are working as Software Developers, Support Engineers, IT professionals, Database Administrators etc. However, professionals having deep interest to gain knowledge in management and data storage domain can also sign up.

What are the prerequisites for Implementing and Administering the FlexPod Solution (FPIMPADM) training?

Learners should complete following prerequisite before enrolling in this course:

  • Understanding of server architecture and system designs.
  • Understanding of TCP/IP Networking and Ethernet.
  • Understanding of NFS network attached storage and SANs technologies.
  • Understanding of Fibre Channel Protocols.
  • Understanding concepts of Cisco Enterprise Data Center along with SAN and Unified LAN.
What is the course outline for Implementing and Administering the FlexPod Solution (FPIMPADM) training?
  • 1. FlexPod Architecture and Implementation Overview
  • a). Overview of the FlexPod Solution
  • b). Common FlexPod Architectures
  • c). FlexPod Implementation and Administration Overview
  • 2. The FlexPod Network Layer
  • a). FlexPod Network Layer Components
  • b). Cabling the FlexPod Network
  • c). Configuring the FlexPod Network
  • 3. The FlexPod Storage Layer
  • a). FlexPod Storage Layer Components
  • b). FlexPod Storage Cabling
  • c). FlexPod Storage Configuration
  • 4. The FlexPod Compute Layer
  • a). FlexPod Compute Layer Components
  • b). FlexPod Compute Configuration
  • 5. Overview of FlexPod Workload Solutions
  • a). FlexPod Virtualization Solutions
  • b). FlexPod Application Workloads
  • 6. FlexPod Management Tools
  • a). FlexPod Cisco Management Tools
  • b). FlexPod NetApp Management Tools
  • 7. Labs:
  • a). Cabling the FlexPod Network Components
  • b). Cisco Nexus Network Initial Configuration Setup
  • c). Cisco Nexus LAN Configuration
  • d). NetApp Clustered ONTAP Initial Configuration Setup
  • e). NetApp Clustered ONTAP Network Configuration
  • f). Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect Initial Configuration Setup
  • g). Cisco UCS Configuration
  • h). Create UCS Policies and Templates
  • i). VMware ESXi Installation on a NetApp LUN
  • j). NetApp Virtual Storage Console Configuration
  • k). Cisco UCS Director Discovery and Configuration
  • l). Cisco UCS Director Discovery Monitoring and Statistics

It is a 60-minute online exam that tests system engineers for their knowledge of tools and standards for assessing computing solution performance characteristics and requirements besides testing their expertise in using FlexPod solution.

Yes, FlexPod Logo and certificate is awarded to those individuals who pass FlexPod Specialist certification exam.

The most important element of your FlexPod Implementation and Administration exam study is the strategy to discover your weaknesses and strengths to improve the time management skills. Practice tests are available.

Yes, it is.

Yes, NetApp University certifications are valid for two years from the date issue

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