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OnCommand Insight: Intelligent Operation (OCIIO) Training





Course Description

The OnCommand Insight: Intelligent Operation (OCIIO) Training course allows you to get insights with some significant characteristics of OnCommand Insight relevant to the day-to-day management, monitoring, and trouble-shooting of data infrastructures. Candidates interested in the characteristics of OnCommand Insight related more toward IT Department Integration or Business Reporting must check the course offerings precise to those topics. Through this particular training course, you will learn the OnCommand Insight features that support in day to day administrative works, precisely concerning common storage administration problems and the characteristics helpful for solving those issues. Learners will also learn the ways to include new assets to an OnCommand Insight infrastructure. This course will assist OCI version 7.2 and targets the persons who are in charge of using OCI for Diagnostic Analytics around guaranteeing to troubleshoot the environment, availability, resolving issues, removing risk, and meeting service levels.

  • Create data infrastructure alerts and policies.
  • Creating Storage Area Network Infrastructure and alerts.
  • Creating the real time visual presentations of components in data infrastructure.
  • Learn how to rectify performance errors in a data infrastructure.
  • Integrating new resources into OnCommand insight environment.
  • Associating compute features along with apps for app infrastructure troubleshooting and monitoring.
Who Should Attend?

This training is recommended for professionals who are working as NetApp Partners on the other hand Sales Engineers, Infrastructure engineers and customers can also sign up.


Learners are requested to complete following prerequisites before enrolling:

  • Technical Overview of OnCommand Insight.
Course Details
  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Certification: NO
  • Enrolled: 1362
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