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Microsoft Excel

Microtek Learning Excel Training is the new age learning program with a rich spectrum of Microsoft courses for enterprises and professionals seeking practical learning experience. With multiple excel tutorials, we, at Microtek Learning, strive to offer you the best practices that you can leverage and be proficient at using Microsoft Excel.

Our training starts from the basic version of Excel to understand the structure of spreadsheets, concepts of cells, rows, and columns, and reach the intermediate level to organize data manipulations and mathematical formulas. Our Microsoft Excel Training live training course also offers deep insights into conditional formatting, pivot tables, paste special, absolute references, print optimization, and index matching.

We understand that the lessons can go overboard, and students can easily mix all the concepts. As a result, we have taken ample care to structure our lessons on Microsoft Excel in a way that is easy to comprehend for students. At the end of the course, students receive assignments and tutorials to quickly test the amount of knowledge they have received from the session and get their query resolved there and then.

Students can learn from our wide range of courses; all our instructors are Microsoft certified and we are their authorized training partners. By the end of our Microsoft Excel Training course, you can work on the corporate level after some independent practice.