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55232: Writing Analytical Queries for Business Intelligence Training


Power BI



Course Description

In this instructor-led training, Microtek Learning teaches students how to write T-SQL queries for database analysis, reporting, and business intelligence. This course presents TSQL within the data analysis context to be specific, creating purpose using data rather than developing transaction-oriented data-tier applications. The course explains measurement levels and quantitative research methodology and submerges all the explained concepts with the presented TSQL topics. The objective here is to give a continuous, straightforward, and meaningful learning path for data retrieval from relational databases to use in analytical tools including SQL SRS, R, Power BI, and Excel.

This training is designed based on the objectives of the course variant 55232A.

  • Identifying dependent and independent measurement and variable levels in analytical work scenarios.
  • Identifying variables of interest in RDBMS tables.
  • Choosing data aggregation level and designing appropriate data set for the intended analysis tool.
  • Producing ready-to-use data sets using TSQL SELECT queries for analytic tools like Power BI, SQL SRS, R, SAS, Excel, SPSS, and others.
  • Creating stored procedures, functions, and views for modularizing data retrieval code.
Who Should Attend?

The course is aimed at IT pros and data scientists seeking to learn how to use database analysis and reporting tools: SQL SRS, Power BI, R, SAS, Excel and more. They also look to learn using TSQL queries to retrieve data sets effectively through SQL server RDBMS to use with other tools.


Before going to 55232: Writing Analytical Queries for Business Intelligence course, understudies must have:

  • Setting learning of information examination and business knowledge situations. For instance, a comprehension of a business related business knowledge venture or need.
  • Fundamental information of the Windows working framework and its center usefulness, including document framework route.
  • Essential comprehension of the reason for social database administration frameworks, for example, SQL Server.
Course Details
  • Start Date: May 05, 2021
  • Duration: 3 Days
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  • Certification: NO
  • Enrolled: 1376
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