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JumpStart To Python For Data Science Training


JumpStart to Python for Data Science is a training program that is growing a new knowledge domain very vastly. In this course, professionals will learn to solve core data science problems using Python.

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Course Price : $1999 Per Participant

Course Description

JumpStart to Python for Data Science is a training program that is growing a new knowledge domain very vastly. In this course, professionals will learn to solve core data science problems using Python.

Python for data sciences offers professionals a cross-platform, fast, mature, and reliable environment for data analysis, algorithmic problem-solving, and machine learning.

Professionals will choose their careers as data scientists to work with data and derive value from the data.

For the data science practitioner, the Python programming language is an indispensable tool.

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What you will learn

  • green-tick Manage data and perform linear algebra in Python
  • green-tick Derive inferences from the analysis by performing inferential statistics
  • green-tick Solve data science problems in Python
  • green-tick Create high-end visualizations using Python
  • green-tick Evaluate and apply the linear regression technique to estimate the relationships among variables
  • green-tick Build recommendation engines with the various collaborative filtering algorithms
  • green-tick Apply the ensemble methods to improve your predictions
  • green-tick Work with big data technologies to handle data at scale
  • This course has a 50% hands-on labs to 50% lecture ratio with engaging instruction, demos, group discussions, labs, and project work.


  •     Written Python scripts
  •     Be comfortable working with files, folders, and the command line


Who should attend this course?

Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Software Engineers, Data Engineers, and Developers.


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  • The world of arrays with NumPy
  • Empowering data analysis with pandas
  • Data cleansing
  • Data operations
  • Various forms of distribution
  • A z-score
  • A p-value
  • One-tailed and two-tailed tests
  • Type 1 and Type 2 errors
  • A confidence interval
  • Correlation
  • Z-test vs T-test
  • The F distribution
  • The chi-square distribution
  • The chi-square test of independence
  • What is data mining?
  • Presenting an analysis
  • Controlling the line properties of a chart
  • Creating multiple plots
  • Playing with text
  • Styling your plots
  • Box plots
  • Heatmaps
  • Scatter plots with histograms
  • A scatter plot matrix
  • Area plots
  • Bubble charts
  • Hexagon bin plots
  • Trellis plots
  • A 3D plot of a surface
  • Different types of machine learning
  • Decision trees
  • Linear regression
  • Logistic regression
  • The naive Bayes classifier
  • The k-means clustering
  • Hierarchical clustering
  • Simple linear regression
  • Multiple regression
  • Training and testing a model
  • Recommendation data
  • User-based collaborative filtering
  • Item-based collaborative filtering
  • The census income dataset
  • Decision trees
  • Random forests
  • Applying Segmentation with k-means Clustering
  • The k-means algorithm and its working
  • The k-means clustering with countries
  • Clustering the countries
  • Preprocessing data
  • Creating a wordcloud
  • Word and sentence tokenization
  • Parts of speech tagging
  • Stemming and lemmatization
  • The Stanford Named Entity Recognizer
  • Performing sentiment analysis on world leaders using Twitter
  • What is Hadoop?
  • Python MapReduce
  • File handling with Hadoopy
  • Pig
  • Python with Apache Spark
  • Course Details

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      Skill Level: Intermediate
    • enroll enroll-green
      Enrolled: 1543
    • duration duration green
      Duration: 3 Days

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