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PMP Certification Training


This PMP Certification Training will assist you in developing your skills and knowledge to give you a competitive advantage in the project management industry. It will also assist you in preparing for and passing the PMP Certification exam.

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Course Price : $2495 Per Participant

Course Description

Having the Project Management Professional (PMP) credential shows that you have the expertise to lead projects from start to finish.

This PMP® Certification Training will assist you in developing your skills and knowledge to give you a competitive advantage in the project management industry. It will also assist you in preparing for and passing the PMP Certification exam.


PMP certification training includes:

  • Learn from a knowledgeable, PMI-certified instructor who is teaching the official Project Management Institute (PMI) curriculum.
  • Get an in-depth study plan covering all the domains, tasks, and enablers included in the PMI exam topic outline.
  • Individual coaching and guidance are available for the course.
  • Use a PMP Exam Simulator Tool to practice with hundreds of exam practice questions.
  • You can listen to daily class recordings for up to three months, so you can review material before exams.
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What you will learn

  • green-tick Team building
  • green-tick Managing conflict
  • green-tick Managing risks
  • green-tick Project Governance
  • green-tick Delivering Business Value
  • green-tick Managing Compliances
  • green-tick Project Continuity
  • green-tick Continuous Process Improvement
  • green-tick Emotional IntelligenceBusiness Analysis
  • green-tick Negotiating project agreements
  • green-tick Choosing the right project methodology


  • There are no prerequisites to attend the PMP certification training.
  • To be eligible for the PMP exam, candidates must meet very precise eligibility standards in terms of their educational background (diploma, degree, master's, or global equivalent), project management experience, and project management education.


Why you should get a PMP Certification?

Why you should get a PMP Certification?

Project management is currently one of the trendiest careers, not just in the tech market but also in other industries. The need for project managers is increasing more quickly than the requirement for workers in other occupations, and by 2027, 90 million people will require project-oriented job skills.

You can get well-paying jobs in IT, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and other exciting industries with the PMP certification. With more than 1.2 million people holding the PMP certification globally, their median salaries are 16% (and up to 32% in the US) more than those of their non-certified colleagues.

Develop your project management skills, earn your PMI certification, and make sure to take advantage of the high demand in all sectors.

Who should attend this course?

  • Mid-Level, Senior Project Managers
  • Project Coordinators
  • Project Analysts
  • Project Leaders
  • Product Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Project Sponsors
  • Team Leaders
  • Professionals interested in building project management skills



Skills You'll Gain with the PMP Training

  • Leadership
  • Time management
  • Mentorship
  • Team building
  • Conflict resolution
  • Motivation
  • Negotiation
  • Agility
  • Risk management
  • Problem-solving
  • Leading change
  • Customer service
  • Operations management
  • Project communications
  • Project risk assessment
  • Budget planning
  • Project governance



Your Guaranteed PMP Exam Success Path

To become a certified project manager and advance your career, you must first pass the demanding PMP examination. An expert-curated learning route that has been tried and true will help you pass the PMP exam on your first attempt. It will guide you through the precise actions you must follow to be successful.

Simply follow the instructions shown below to ensure your success on the PMP exam:

Your Guaranteed PMP Exam Success Path

LEARN either through instructor-led or self-paced methods.

Best-in-class live training is provided by subject matter experts with years of project management expertise as part of our PMP course. Along with receiving the most recent learning materials, your instructors will be available at all times to answer any questions you may have. But that's not all; in addition to receiving excellent PMP classroom instruction, you will also get access to a self-paced course led by PMP professionals.

Study using our Study Plan, Designed by Experts and Mentors.

Obtain access to a mentor-led study schedule put together by our program director, Kevin Davis. To get all of your questions answered, follow the daily study schedules and show up for the weekly meetings with a professional industry mentor. Make sure you're on pace to earn your PMP certification and wait to apply for the exam until your mentor has faith in your abilities to take it, pass it, and pass it with flying colors.

Use our Premium Question Bank of over 2000 Questions as a resource for practice.

Practicing is essential. The best strategy to improve your chances of passing the PMP exam, according to PMP holders and project management professionals worldwide, is to do this. We have created a premium question bank with over 2000 questions because we recognize that the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam is challenging. Increase your confidence by exploring the entire Question Bank!

SELF-EVALUATE with Unlimited Mock Exam Attempts.

Regularly evaluating your progress to understand where you stand in terms of your preparation is a crucial step on the road to passing the PMP exam. This is when our PMP training's second standout trait is put to use. We've put together a package of 5 practice exam papers with unrestricted access to assist you in doing just that. In order to quickly access mock exams whenever you feel the need to check your PMP skills, just click!

Fully-Length PMP Exam Simulations Prepare You.

Understanding what the PMP exam is truly like is the best strategy to pass it. We also have your back! Utilize simulators, which faithfully reproduce the PMP test environment, to get exam-ready. Get access to five complete PMP simulation examinations that you may take whenever it's convenient for you.

TAKE THE EXAM and succeed on your first attempt!

Now you've reached the end of the road toward earning your Project Management Professional certification. To guarantee a passing score on the PMP exam, just follow our tried-and-true study plan. PMI will notify you through email that you passed the exam once you've proven your proficiency. In roughly two weeks, this will occur, and you'll also be able to check out your entry in the PMI database. As of right now, you can call yourself a PMP-certified expert.


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For dates, times, and location customization of this course, get in touch with us.

You can also speak with a learning consultant by calling 800-961-0337.


Learning Objectives:

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Agile/Scrum Framework, Project Management Framework, and Fundamentals through our course. Dive into the PMP Process Groups and explore the revised PMP Exam Content Outline.

This module in our PMP curriculum also includes a lesson on Business Environment, which covers the essential concepts and business areas that are crucial to grasp before embarking on a project. It aligns with the "Business Environment" domain in the Exam Content Outline and supports learning in the "Business Acumen" aspect of the PMI Talent Triangle.


Agile/Traditional Project Management Foundations

  • Agile/Scrum Framework - From Agile Practice Guide
  • Introduction to Project Management Fundamentals
  • Project Management Framework
  • Summary
  • Assessment
  • Business Environment

  • Aligning with Organizational Trends and Global Strategy
  • Project benefits and business value
  • Organizational Culture and Change Management
  • Project Governance
  • Project Compliance
  • Summary
  • Assessment
  • Learning Objectives:

    In this module, you will learn to define and discuss stakeholders and the most effective ways to communicate with them, explain the best ways to form a team, describe how to build the most effective understanding of a project and how doing so relates to executing a project successfully and explain how predictive and adaptive project life cycles work; explain what a hybrid development approach is.


  • Identify and Engage Stakeholders
  • Form the Team
  • Build a Shared Understanding of the Project
  • Project Approach
  • Summary
  • Assessment
  • Learning Objectives:

    In this module, you will learn about various aspects of project management, such as the significance of a project management plan and its role in ensuring project success. You will also be exploring scope planning in both predictive and adaptive projects, along with schedule planning and resource allocation considerations. This module also covers budgeting structures, risk management strategies, and the importance of quality in project outcomes.

    In addition, you would also learn to integrate project management plans and tailor a change management approach. This will help you deliver on pre-defined project outcomes while being mindful of business objectives and ensuring that stakeholder expectations are met.


  • Project Planning
  • Scope and Schedule Management
  • Cost and Quality Management
  • Resource
  • Procurement Management
  • Integration
  • Summary
  • Assessment
  • Learning Objectives:

    Develop leadership skills and explore the guidelines behind it including discussions on leadership styles and the key components in a blended setting. This module also delves into artefacts and their strategic use in project management. Learn about empowered teams, their characteristics, and core functions.

    Additionally, get to know more about strategies and forms of communication for seamless collaboration including the emphasis on training, coaching, and mentoring in team development. Lastly, understand conflict management, including the causes, levels, and potential outcomes of conflicts. With this knowledge and tools, you can excel as a leader.


  • Craft Your Leadership Skills
  • Create a Collaborative Project Team Environment
  • Empower the Team
  • Support Team Member Performance
  • Communicate and Collaborate with Stakeholders
  • Training, Coaching and Mentoring
  • Manage Conflicts
  • Summary
  • Assessment
  • Learning Objectives:

    Explore different methods for implementing improvement in this module. Gain an understanding of various performance measurement approaches and compare these approaches with an emphasis on communication and accountability. In addition, identify various project implementation strategies and address any impediments that may arise.

    Finally, learn about various implementation methods used during a project. Gain practical knowledge and valuable insights to improve your project management skills and drive outcomes successfully.


  • Implement On-Going Improvements
  • Support Performance
  • Evaluate Project Progress
  • Manage Issues and Impediments
  • Manage Changes
  • Learning Objectives:

    In this module, you will learn to define the reasons and activities related to the closure of a phase or a project, explain the benefits gained from a project or phase, and how they are managed, sustained, examine the reasons for knowledge transfers and how they relate to the closure of a phase or project.


  • Project / Phase Closure
  • Benefits Realization
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Summary
  • Assessment
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