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Course Description

This Dynamic 365 training course provides you with a complete hands-on experience of the sales features of Microsoft Dynamic 365. It is a one-day instructor-led training that will help you gain an in-depth knowledge of Lead and Opportunity management, working with the Sales Order Process, Product Catalog, Quotes, Orders, and Invoices.

The latest update on this course has been made on the October 2020 Release Wave 2 of Microsoft Dynamic 365 and the Power Platform.

This training is designed based on the objectives of the course variant 55258A.

Prerequisites for this training

  • A working knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement
  • Successful completion of the ‘Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365’ course

Who should attend this course?

This course is intended for Sales Representatives (SR), Sales Managers and End-users who are interested in the Sales components of Dynamics 365. Students should have an existing working knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365. At a minimum, students should attend the prerequisite course ‘Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365’.


Oct 29, 2021
9:00 am - 5:30 pm EST
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What you will learn

  • Navigate and explore the Sales Hub in Dynamics 365
  • Understand the features and tools that exist in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for SR’s and Sales Managers
  • Be familiar with the stages of the Sales Order Process in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Understand the fundamentals of Lead and Opportunity Management. Be able to track, manage, qualify Leads and convert to Opportunities and related customer records in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Know how to disqualify and cancel Leads, and convert Activity records to Leads and Opportunities
  • Understand how to collaborate on Opportunities with other SR’s and close Opportunity records as Won and Lost
  • Be able to track Competitors and Stakeholders.
  • Add Products and Write-In Products to Opportunities
  • Build and maintain a repository of Products, Product Bundles and Product Families in the Product Catalog
  • Configure Unit Groups, Price Lists and Discount Lists
  • Work with Product Properties and view a Product Hierarchy.
  • Create Quotes and add Products
  • Work with the Sales Order Process to convert Quotes to Orders and Invoices.
  • Fulfil Orders and manage Invoice payments
  • Explore the Sales Reports and create a custom Sales Report using the Reporting Wizard in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Understand the significance of Sales Goal Management and Metrics in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Explore the Sales Charts and Dashboards and create a custom Sales Dashboard in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Configure Sales Insights and understand the Artificial Intelligence features of the Sales Hub
  • Configure and implement Playbooks to help aid the Sales Process

With Microtek Learning, you’ll receive:

  • Certified Instructor-led training
  • Industry Best Trainers
  • Official Training Course Student Handbook
  • Pre and Post assessments/evaluations
  • Collaboration with classmates (not available for a self-paced course)
  • Real-world knowledge activities and scenarios
  • Exam scheduling support*
  • Learn and earn program*
  • Practice Tests
  • Knowledge acquisition and exam-oriented
  • Interactive online course.
  • Support from an approved expert
  • For Government and Private pricing*
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This module provides the attendee with an introduction to the concept of Sales in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

  • Sales Order Process Scenarios
  • An Introduction to Sales in Dynamics 365
  • The Dynamics 365 Platform
  • Dynamics 365 Sales Fundamentals
  • Security Considerations
  • Where to get Help
  • Further Reading and Resources
  • Lab1: Sales in Dynamics 365 Orientation

  • Explore the Sales features in Dynamics 365
  • This module presents the Lead Management Process in Dynamics 365. We examine the process to create and assign Lead records, how to create Leads from Activities and how to qualify and disqualify leads. We also look at the various stages of the Lead to Opportunity Sales Process in Dynamics 365.

  • The Lead Management Process
  • Working with Lead Records
  • Working with the Lead Form
  • Lead Assignment
  • Leads and Activities
  • Qualifying a Lead
  • Disqualifying a Lead
  • Lab1: Working with Leads

  • Create a Lead record
  • Update a Lead record
  • Qualify a Lead to an Opportunity record
  • Disqualify a Lead record
  • Convert an Email activity to a Lead record
  • This module presents the concepts of Opportunities in Dynamics 365. We examine the Opportunity Views and Forms, and the Opportunity Sales Process when closing an Opportunity record. We also look at Resolution Activities and how they influence the Sales Order Process.

  • Introduction to Opportunities
  • The Opportunity Views
  • The Opportunity Form
  • Opportunity Sales Process
  • Closing an Opportunity
  • Resolution Activities
  • Lab1: Working with Opportunities

  • Working on Opportunities
  • Closing an Opportunity as Lost
  • Closing an Opportunity as Won
  • This module explains how to start to look at the Product Catalog in Dynamics 365. We look at how to create Products and configure Unit Groups and Price Lists. Finally, we look at Product Properties, Product Bundles and Product Families.

  • Introduction to the Product Catalog
  • Adding Products
  • Configuring Unit Groups
  • Price Lists and Price List Items
  • Product Properties, Bundles and Families
  • Lab1: Configuring the Product Catalog

  • Configure Unit Groups
  • Add a Product
  • Create and Configure a Price List
  • Lab2: Working with the Product Catalog

  • Clone a Product
  • Create a Product Bundle
  • Create a Product Family
  • This module explains how to presents Quotes, Orders and Invoices in Microsoft Dynamics 365. We look at how to add Products from the Product Catalog to Opportunities and Quotes, and when to use ‘write-in’ Products. This module also steps through the process to convert Quotes to Orders, Order fulfilment and the procedure of Invoice management.

  • Introduction to Order Processing
  • Adding Products to an Opportunity
  • Working with Quotes
  • Working with Orders
  • Working with Invoices
  • Lab1: Working with Quotes, Orders and Invoices

  • Add Products to an Opportunity
  • Add a Quote to an Opportunity
  • Convert a Quote to an Order and Invoice
  • This module explains how to look at the different methods available to analyse sales information that is stored in Dynamics 365. We look at them out of the box sales reports and the process to create a custom report using the Dynamics 365 Report Wizard. This module also demonstrates the Chart and Dashboard designer, as well as reviewing the out of the box sales dashboards to analyse service data.

  • Introduction to Sales Analysis in Dynamics 365
  • The Sales Reports
  • The Reporting Wizard
  • Working with Sales Charts
  • Working with Sales Dashboards
  • Working with Sales Goals and Metrics
  • Working with Sales Insights
  • Lab1: Explore the Sales Reports

  • Exploring the Sales Pipeline Report
  • Exploring the Quote Report
  • Lab2: Sales Goals and Metrics

  • Create Goals for the Sales Team
  • Create a Personal View
  • View Sales Goals and Chart
  • Lab3: Explore the Sales Charts and Dashboards

  • Explore the Lead and Opportunity Charts
  • Create a custom Sales Chart
  • Explore the Sales Dashboards
  • Create a custom Sales Dashboard
  • Lab4: Explore the Sales Insights and Playbooks

  • Setting up Sales Insights
  • Configure Sales Insights Settings
  • Configure and use Playbooks
  • Create a Playbook Template
  • Apply a Sales Playbook to an Opportunity
  • Update and Complete a Playbook


    I was sceptical at first whether to enrol with Microtek Learning or not, however, I am glad that I did- I got everything that was promised (maybe more). The trainer was very patient and knowledgeable and with his effort and mine, I was able to clear the exam with ease! Keep up the good work everyone.



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    I'm really impressed with the storytelling skills of the instructor. She makes the session exciting by keeping things simple and easy to understand.

    Prince N.


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    I was recommended the ITIL 4 Foundation course by an IT professional who had completed the same course at Microtek Learning. The training gave me a thorough understanding of service management that I felt I could take back to my job as an IT Project Management and apply it to improve the value of products and services.

    Marsh George


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    Course Details

    • Start Date: Oct 29, 2021
    • Duration: 1 Day
    • Skill Level: Intermediate
    • Enrolled: 1234
    • Price: $625
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