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Advanced Python Programming Training





Course Description

Advanced Python Programming Training is an in-depth technical course that helps professionals become experts at Python. It teaches you how to utilize advanced concepts to create real-time and advanced applications based on Python. It polishes your skills and transforms you into an expert Python programmer and elevates your game development knowledge. This training program elaborates on the concepts of Python and describes the standard library comprehensively.

You will develop a better understanding of decorators and gain more information regarding RDB Interaction. The course explores management and multiprocessing and explains CSV, XML, and JSON Modules. It is an ideal program for system administrators, developers, and aspiring data scientists and analysts with Python's fundamental knowledge. From CGI programming, logging, multithreading, to the correct techniques of using objects and classes, this training will educate you on all essential elements required to become an expert Python programmer.

  • Build rich MVC-based web applications with Pyramid
  • Ways to access relational databases from direct SQL
  • Accessing popular NoSQL, document-databases with MongoDB, PyMongo, and MongoKit
  • Build redistributable Windows-based EXEs that do not depend upon Python being installed on the target system
  • How to test all these applications to keep them running correctly
Who Should Attend?

Developers who want to take Python to the next level and need to be effective with Python immediately after the course

Course Details
  • Duration: 4 Days
  • Skill Level: Advanced
  • Certification: NO
  • Enrolled: 1540
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