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Airwave Wireless Management Suite Installation, Configuration And Use (AICU) Training

What Airwave Wireless Management Suite Installation, Configuration And Use (AICU) training is all about?

In this AICU training you will gain experience along with knowledge in installing and utilizing the AirWave Wireless Management Suite. Additionally, you will also learn in the management suite covering RAPIDS, client troubleshooting, Visual RF, reporting and troubleshooting network health. The training also provides knowledge about AirWave’s potentials utilized to troubleshoot network health along with client status through the several stages of authentication and association.


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What are the course objectives for Airwave Wireless Management Suite Installation, Configuration And Use (AICU) training?
  • Knowledge of Airwave Wireless Management Suite 8.2.
  • Installing AWMS 8.x.
  • Understanding about Visual RF location and heatmaps information.
  • Investigating about the remote system errors using Airwave.
  • Utilizing RAPIDS in distinguishing and searching mavericks.
  • Investigating remote system errors in using Airwave.
  • Using Rapids to search and differentiate mavericks.
  • Regulating and overseeing an Airwave Management Suite.
  • Arranging the devices in using AWMS.
  • Managing User targeted audience and extensions.
  • Troubleshooting the client and network status to several stages of association and authentication.
  • Troubleshooting the client and network status at several phases of association and authentication.
Who should attend Airwave Wireless Management Suite Installation, Configuration And Use (AICU) training?

The target audience for this training are Network administrators who know how to troubleshoot and monitor wireless networks. On the other hands System administrators and network administrators can also sign up for this training.

What are the prerequisites for Airwave Wireless Management Suite Installation, Configuration And Use (AICU) training?

It is recommended to have fundamental basic knowledge of WLAN concepts and terminology. Familiarity of wireless networking designing, operational besides, wired networking and installing network monitor software.

What is the course outline for Airwave Wireless Management Suite Installation, Configuration And Use (AICU) training?
  • 1. Introduction to AWMS
  • Airwave Platform
  • Features and Benefits of AMP RAPIDS and Visual RF
  • Airwave products; Basic operations using AWMS
  • 2. Installing AWMS
  • Installing AMP; Hardware requirements
  • Cent OS and AWMS software
  • Basic configuration steps; Upgrade AWMS software
  • Licensing AWMS; AWMS documentation
  • 3. Adding Device to AWMS
  • Folders and Groups
  • Adding devices general process; Manually adding devices
  • Device discovery and managing device discovery
  • Moving a device to a folder; Troubleshooting
  • 4. IAP Organization and Groups
  • Overview of IAP
  • Airwave integration; Golden configuration
  • IAP Organization options; IAP White list
  • 5. Using Visual RF and Visual RF Plan
  • Navigation; Setup
  • Heat maps and location information
  • Import floor plan graphics; Plan deployments
  • Provision APs; Manage Visual RF performance
  • 6. Network Health
  • Diagnostics page indicators; Network performance tabs
  • Source of issues; Network issues
  • 7. Troubleshooting Clients and Wireless Networks
  • Searching for users and Diagnostics tab
  • Client issues; Network issues; AP issues
  • Switch/Controller issues; General Issues
  • 8. Rogue Detection and Using RAPIDS
  • Why use RAPIDS; Threat Detection Methods
  • Rules; Classifications; IDS Events Report
  • New Rogue Devices Report; Visualization
  • PCI Compliance; WMS Offload
  • 9. Managing Administrative Acess Alerts Triggers and Reporting
  • Configure role-based administrative use access to the AMP system
  • Triggers; Alerts
  • Define and generate reports
  • 10. Scalability and Redundancy
  • VM Redundancy; Failover for Redundancy
  • Master Console for large deployments
  • Multiple AMP Server deployments; Deployment example
  • 11. System Administration
  • AMP Maintenance; Device Maintenance
  • 12. Wired Device Management
  • Wired device port and interface information
  • Monitoring wired devices in AWMS
  • Wired device bandwith statistics & counters
  • Managing & configuring wired devices via AWMS templates
  • 13. Airwave Aruba Groups
  • How AWMS configures devices
  • Creating and controlling groups to control policies
  • Basic Group Design; Configuration Audits
  • 14. Configuring Aruba Devices
  • Configuring Aruba Devices via AWMS GUI
  • Auditing and Configuration; Managing AWMS Profiles
  • Pushing Configurations to Controllers; Visibility
  • Additional Troubleshooting
  • 15. IAP Template Configuration
  • Fetching a Template; Template Variables
  • Templates Configuration
  • 16. IAP Gui Configuration
  • Golden configuration; GUI mode
  • GUI configuration
  • 17. Cisco Groups and Firmware updates
  • AWMS configure to devices; Groups to control policies
  • Create and control groups; Basic group design
  • Configuration audits
  • 18. Configuring Cisco Devices with IOS Templates
  • Configuring groups for CISCO IOS devices
  • Configuring group templates for Cisco IOS devices
  • Making required changes using template variables
  • 19. Cisco WLC Configuration
  • Cisco Wireless LAN controllers; Cisco WLC configuration

ACMA, ACMP and ACMX are the three levels of Aruba AICU certification.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise products (HPE) certification exams are challenging. The exams are conducted to test your "real world" experience. The supporting advanced courses supplement your existing knowledge. Hands-on experience is must to pass the AICU certification exam.

Aruba technology and products make IT environments more productive, secure and efficient enabling the professionals for fast and flexible responses in a competitive landscape; therefore, organizations get better reputation and client retaining. Aruba certified professionals help the organizations act quickly on novice concepts by recomposing the infrastructure swiftly and to meet the shifting demands.

Pearson VUE testing centers conduct the HPE certification exams including for Aruba AICU certification exam.

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