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Aruba Clear Pass Essentials Training


This five-day course covering labs and modules will teach participants about fundamental features of the ClearPass Portfolio.

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Course Price : $2499 Per Participant

Course Description

This Aruba Clearpass training helps you prepare for the basic foundation skills utilized in Network Access Control utilizing the ClearPass product portfolio.  

This five-day course covering labs and modules will teach participants about the fundamental features of the ClearPass Portfolio.

Learners will also learn to set up ClearPass as an AAA server, configuring policy manager, OnBoard, OnGuard, and guest featured sets. 

This Aruba training course also covers integrating with external servers in Active Directories, Reporting, and Monitoring the deployment best performances.

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What you will learn

  • green-tick Setting up ClearPass as a AAA Server.
  • green-tick Integrating with the External AD Server.
  • green-tick Understanding reporting and monitoring.
  • green-tick Validating deployment and scaling best fundamental practices.
  • green-tick Validating Configuring Guest, Profiling characteristics, Onboard and Onguard.


You must have good knowledge of the fundamental access layer, operations of firewall rules, and ACLs.

Learners must have experience and knowledge of network phrasing and standards, IP protocols, and VLANs.

Learners are known to have the best idea about switching and directing, LLDAP, AAA, 802.1x validation WLANs, etc.

Who should attend this course?

This training is intended for system and framework engineers. However, network administrators, system administrators and system operators can also sign up for this course.


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  • BYOD; High Level Overview
  • Posture; Profiling; Guest and Onboard
  • Policy Service Rules
  • Authentication, Authorization and Roles
  • Enforcement Policy and Profiles
  • Authentication Types
  • Servers; Radius COA
  • Active Directory; Certificates
  • NAD Devices; Adding NAD to ClearPass
  • Network Device Groups; Attributes
  • Aruba Controller as NAD; Aruba Switch; Aruba Instant
  • Monitoring; Troubleshooting; Logging
  • Policy Simulation
  • Insight Dashboard, Reports, Alerts
  • Insight Search, Administration, Replication
  • Adding AD as Auth Source
  • Joining AD domain; Using AD services
  • Multiple AD domains
  • LDAP; Static Host Lists
  • SQL Database; External Radius Server
  • Guest Account creation; Web Login pages
  • Guest Service configuration
  • Self-registration pages; Configuring NADS for Guest
  • Guest Manager Deep Dive; Web Login Deep Dive
  • Sponsor Approval; MAC Caching
  • Intro to Onboard; Basic Onboard Setup
  • Onboard Deepdive; Single SSID Onboarding
  • Dual SSID Onboarding
  • Profiling; Endpoint Analysis Deep Dive
  • Posture; Posture Deployment Options
  • OnGuard Agent Health Collection; Workflow
  • 802.1x with Posture using Persistent/dissolvable agent
  • OnGuard web Login; Monitoring & Updates
  • Clustering; Redundancy & LAB
  • ClearPass Licensing; Base License; Applications
  • Deployment Options; ClearPass Admin Login SSO
  • Access Network SSO; ASO-Auto-Sign On
  • Configuration & Demo
  • Intro; Examples.
  • General HTTP Palo Alto Firewall & Configuration
  • Objectives; Discussion
  • Advanced Labs Overview
  • FAQs

    You need to get registered for HPE0-A122P exam to get 'Aruba ClearPass Essentials, Rev. 19.21' certification.

    ClearPass Onboard portal dynamically detects the devices operating system as well as guides the users through appropriate steps.

  • Aruba Expert- It is Aruba's top level achievement.
  • Aruba Professional- It validates your skills to build mobile first network solutions.
  • Aruba Associate- This level certification validates your foundational knowledge to build mobile first network solutions.
  • For all the HPE Certification and Learning exams, you need to get registered at pearsonvue.com/hpe. Proctored exams (HPE6-xxx) are aligned to Aruba exams, which are administered at Pearson VUE testing centers.

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      Duration: 5 Days

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