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AWS Business Essentials Training

What AWS Business Essentials training is all about?

AWS Business Essentials Training is developed to help professionals gain the right information regarding cloud computing and cloud strategies. It reveals the advantages of cloud computing and teaches individuals how a cloud strategy can help them achieve their business objectives. Essential fundamentals of AWS are discussed in the course, and individuals also get to learn about compliance and security concepts.

This technical course helps individuals identify the benefits and value of the AWS Cloud and spot best ways that platforms can be utilized. You will develop a good understanding of security capabilities, assurance, and controls to maintain network and data security. It will also elaborate on the monetary impact that AWS Cloud can have on a business's cost management while diminishing the dangers linked with consumption based pricing models. This course is suitable for IT business decision-makers and individuals who want to get familiar with AWS.


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What are the course objectives for AWS Business Essentials training?
  • Advantages and assessment of AWS Cloud.
  • Important methods which are used for AWS platform.
  • Robust controls, assurances and security capabilities so as to maintain data and security protection.
  • Clear economical impact of AWS Cloud which covers contracts, cost management and organization's procurement cycle keeping in mind about consumption pricing models.
Who should attend AWS Business Essentials training?

This course is suitable for IT business decision makers who are newest to work with Amazon Web Services. Professionals having in-depth interest information technology in regards to business can also sign up for this training.

What is the course outline for AWS Business Essentials training?
  • Getting Started with the Cloud
  • Leveraging AWS for Competitive Advantages
  • Cloud Economics
  • Security and Compliance
  • Migrating to the Cloud
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