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AZ-400 Microsoft Azure Devops Solution Training





Course Description

AZ-400 Microsoft Azure DevOps Solution Training is aimed at professionals to teach them the skills required for designing a DevOps strategy. This technical course provides comprehensive information on various elements, including dependency management, implementing continuous feedback and application infrastructure. Check out the Enterprise Training program, which is perfect for organizations and companies. It teaches development of a DevOps software and implementation of DevOps software building processes. Trainees will also learn to develop CI (continuous integration) and CD (continuous delivery) and enable continuous feedback mechanisms. This training program is perfect for IT professionals who want to transform themselves into an Azure DevOps Engineer Expert. It provides in-depth and comprehensive information, which makes it ideal for individuals to prepare for Microsoft's AZ-400 examination.

This training is designed based on the objectives of the course variant AZ-400T00-A

  • Design a dependency management strategy and secure development process
  • Learn about consolidation and migration strategy for DevOps tools
  • Create and implement an Agile management approach
  • Implement mobile DevOps strategy
  • Manage application configuration and secrets
  • Employ and integrate source control
  • Design a version release strategy and control strategy
  • Design a quality strategy and tool integration strategy
  • Implement and manage code flow and build infrastructure
  • Set up a release management workflow
  • Design a container build strategy, build strategy, and a deployment pattern
  • Manage security policies and code quality
  • Design and optimize system feedback mechanisms
  • Design a configuration and an infrastructure management strategy
  • Implement infrastructure security and compliance
  • Manage Azure Kubernetes Service infrastructure
  • Manage compliance and security and implement infrastructure as code (IaC)
  • Employ process for routing system feedback
Who Should Attend?

Experienced Azure professionals with Azure Developer Associate certifications or Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-103) planning to advance their career in DevOps and skills are the ideal candidates for the AZ-400: Microsoft Azure DevOps Solution certification training.


You need to have Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-103) or Azure Developer Associate (AZ-203) certification to take on AZ-400 exam. You must have fair knowledge of Azure, version control, core software development principles and Agile software development. Working experience in a software development organization is highly beneficial.

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Course Details
  • Start Date: May 03, 2021
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Skill Level: Advanced
  • More Schedules: Click
  • Certification: YES
  • Enrolled: 1563
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