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SQL Certifications

Do you believe obtaining the MS SQL certification can assist you in climbing the corporate ladder in today’s highly competitive market? Have you ever considered taking MS SQL training despite having experience in applying the tactics? If you are new to MS SQL, you can check out the best SQL certifications online to scale your data career.

What is Microsoft SQL Certification?

Microsoft SQL certifications are professional credentials that validate candidates’ knowledge of using SQL Server, Microsoft’s relational database management system. To obtain SQLcertification, you must pass the exam that assesses your knowledge and abilities. However, there are 3 stages of Microsoft SQL Certification, separately with their own set of skills. As a result, multiple Microsoft SQL certifications might help you get ready for various roles.

The MTA – Microsoft Technology Associate certification is the first level of SQL certification. It can be applied to showcase foundational skills in one of three specialization areas: developer, database, or IT infrastructure. The developer credential might help candidates land an entry-level web developer position, where they use Microsoft SQL to build websites and mobile apps. As web developers, they might also work on aspects of website design, like graphics and photo layout. The MTA: Database certificate, at its most basic level, is for people who want to work in data platform management or business intelligence. Aspiring software or web developers can earn the MTA: Developer designation. The MTA: Infrastructure certification is designed for people who wish to work in future server infrastructure, desktop infrastructure, or cloud computing.

Best SQL certifications Online

The Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) is the second level of SQL certification. It can validate candidates’ database development and administration and business intelligence development skills. The Database Administration choice indicates candidates’ ability to set up, maintain, configure, and troubleshoot databases, which may help you land a position as a database administrator. Candidates would be trusted by businesses to enhance the functionality of their databases while simultaneously guarding them against security issues. Individuals who have gained significant professional abilities in information technology through direct work experience or post secondary education are eligible for the MCSA. The certification can assist them in obtaining a mid-level job. They may work as a database developer if they choose the MCSA: Database Development credential, where they would design and implement systems for various organizations. If you would rather work for a single organization as a database administrator or infrastructure specialist, you could get the MCSA: Database Administrator Credential. The MCSA: Business Intelligence Development designation is available for those who want to focus their careers on business intelligence development, including data modeling and online data processing.

MCSE, or Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert, is the most advanced level of SQL certification. The candidates for this certification can demonstrate their knowledge in database management and Analytics, Data platforms, and Business Intelligence at this level. They may work as a computer or information systems manager with the analytics and data management expertise, where they would organize all computer-related operations inside a business. They would study an organization’s computer needs, design an improvement strategy, and direct lower-level IT specialists to implement it in this top position. At the MCSE level, the Data Management and Analytics designation is the only one not on the verge of retirement. Individuals who have already acquired an MCSA and desire to advance to managerial roles in information technology can pursue this designation.

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Benefits of SQL Certification

MS SQL training is aimed at increasing database administrators’ professional performance and productivity by revisiting the new capabilities of SQL Server. Specifically, the training is designed to broaden the technical knowledge of experts, allowing them to advance their careers. Even though many professionals are enrolling in such certification or training programs, many are hesitant to move forward owing to a lack of understanding of the true worth of IT certifications in today’s employment market. Though the worth is still unknown to many, the advantages of MS SQL training can alleviate many doubts.

Get  Best SQL certifications

Let us analyze the following benefits:

  • After becoming certified as a Microsoft SQL professional, one can have an advantage over the competition in terms of career growth and job opportunities.
  • A Microsoft SQL certification is highly valued in the IT business, as it allows candidates to increase their productivity and raise their salaries.
  • Regarding job benefits, the MS SQL certification credentials included in the CV can help them improve their presentation. Also, enhance the overall professional approach and demonstrate to employers that candidates have expert knowledge of SQL Server’s new features.
  • Employers prefer to hire a skilled employee over a newcomer. The certification will undoubtedly assist candidates in becoming their top priority.
  • SQL certification has a wide range of technological applications and provides additional skills for database administrators, back-end developers, machine learning specialists, data analysts, and other professionals. Analysts use SQL to post and retrieve data because it is one of the additional abilities that developers can master to increase their expertise and market ability. SQL training can be advantageous to non-technical people, including data analysts and business owners, and financial analysts. One of the simplest programming languages is SQL. IT workers use this to track and monitor expenses, while institutions use it to track student performance. SQL facilitates the transition from one database to another, improving programming skills and simplifying troubleshooting.
  • In addition to demonstrating your skills, certification also gives you several supplemental benefits. One can utilize the Microsoft Server logo, receive a plaque, gain access to the SQL Server e-mail group, receive invitations to continuing education courses, and be listed in the Microsoft Certified Master directory, among other benefits.

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Upskill Your Skill

Top 5 SQL Certifications

1. Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals: Earning this Microsoft entry position certificate verifies your understanding of data notions and Microsoft Azure data services, including the workings of PostgreSQL and MySQL databases. With this certificate, you can show that you understand data workloads and relational and non-relational data.

Price: $99

Skills measured: Fundamentals of data, using relational and non-relational data on Azure, and analytics workload

2. Oracle SQL Certified Associate Certification: The Oracle Database SQL CertifiedAssociate Certification validates your knowledge of basic SQL concepts, mainly as they apply to the Oracle Database server. The certification demonstrates your proficiency in SQL, table usage, data modeling, and more.

Price: $245

Skills measured: Essential database concepts as well as obtaining, restricting, and sorting data, as well as applying conversion functions and conditional expressions, and maintaining many tables. Access restriction and other issues.

3. IBM Certified Database Associate: IBM provides three Certified Database Associate certificates for candidates who want to prove they are experts in the Informix or Db2 relational database management systems. Basic knowledge of SQL, database design, transaction isolation, and security are prerequisites for the certification. Each student must take one exam.
Price: $200

Skills Measured: Knowledge of tables, writing SQL statements in database definition language, working with data security, SQL & XML, communing to DB2 servers, and other data planning principles.

4. MySQL 5.7 Database Administrator Certification, Oracle Certified Professional: One exam is required for the MySQL 5.7 Database Administrator Certification, which will evaluate your understanding of MySQL, an Oracle relational database management system. The certification will show that you have a working knowledge of MySQL, such as how to install, configure, and monitor the database management system.
Price: $245

Skills Measured: Installing, starting, and halting MySQL; comprehending MySQL architecture; managing users; recognizing security threats and other MySQL security components

5. Associate Certification for EDB Postgre SQL 12: The PostgreSQL 12 Associate Certification confirms your knowledge of the fundamentals of dealing with PostgreSQL servers from EDB. Large businesses can use PostgreSQL as a scalable relational database.PostgreSQL 12 is the most recent version.
Price: $200

Skills Measured: Maintaining and managing a PostgreSQL server and related applications

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The Microsoft SQL certification training program offers you three key benefits: access to your skill set, exposure to important technologies, and verification that you are committed to attaining your professional goal. Additionally, Microsoft has indicated multiple times that hiring managers frequently look for those who are certified. According to statistics, more than half of hiring managers prefer properly certified administrators. They believe that persons who have received certification are more dynamic than those who have not. According to some studies, certification does not guarantee placement in the top ten lists but ensures that you remain in the top twenty.

You can compete in a field that is anticipated to be in high demand by earning a data-related certification. Data science is anticipated to be among the fields with the fastest growth over the next several years., Computer and information research specialists are expected to grow at a rate of 22%, which is significantly faster than the norm. You can achieve your objectives in the field of data science with the aid of a SQL or database certification.

Given the benefits of the MS SQL Certification and the impending career opportunities, completing the training and certification through Microtek Learning can provide a professional advantage. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll and start your prep today!

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