Career Opportunities for a CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker

CEH Certification

When you hear the term “hacking,” what comes to mind? That it is unlawful in some way? Yet, the topic at hand is ethical hacking, which is completely legal. This is done in businesses to guarantee that the system in place is error-free. They hire an ethical hacker to handle this task on their behalf.

The exam needed to become a certified ethical hacker is known as the CEH exam. It would be best if you had a working knowledge of UNIX, C++, or Java and certain networking basics to apply for this certification. A certified ethical hacker has various employment options, some of which are listed below.

Career opportunities for a CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker

1. Ethical Hacker

A networking and computer expert known as an “ethical hacker” tries to access a company’s computer system or network on behalf of the owners. This reveals any security holes in the system that a nasty person would try to exploit. The firm executives are then informed of these and the necessary actions.

2. Network Security Engineer

Network security engineers maintain the safety of networking systems. He affirms that the system can recover from issues brought on by natural disasters, hacker attacks, or other causes. He evaluates enterprise-class networks, offers mitigation techniques, and, if necessary, works to restructure the network.

3. Computer Forensics Investigator

An investigator who specializes in computer forensics works with businesses and law enforcement agencies to retrieve data from computers and other data storage devices. He tries to recover data from computers that have been hacked, destroyed, or corrupted by malware. The work is quite difficult, and to avoid losing the data before it can be recovered, he must be patient and willing to spend long hours.

4. Security Auditor

A company hires a security auditor to perform an audit of the company’s security systems. After finishing, he gives the business a thorough report on the information systems. This aids the organization in implementing adjustments required to raise integrity. He can operate independently or in a group.

5. Data Security Analyst

Data security analysts, also known as data security specialists, develop plans to protect data on networks and computers within a company. They train the staff members of the company on security procedures. They typically report to a manager of information technology.

6. Information Security Officer

He is a senior manager who oversees the enterprise strategy and vision for the company to guarantee that the assets related to technology and information are adequately safeguarded. He supports the employees in creating, implementing, and maintaining procedures that lower information risks. He is primarily in charge of compliance with information. You can get security expertise in firms by becoming a certified ethical hacker. After submitting your application for CEH certification, you can enroll in ethical hacking training, which will provide you with the information and abilities needed to pass the exam

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