Top 5 Best PowerShell Learning Resources

PowerShell Resources

The most frequently asked question is, “How can I get started and where can I find PowerShell learning resources?” This blog contains the standard response to that query, as well as links to extra information. Please read this post and look at the resources since they may help get you started with PowerShell! If I miss anything here, according to you, please share that in the comment box, and I’ll add them.

How do you prefer to learn?

This is an essential question to ask before learning anything. The ‘proper’ method to learn PowerShell is to choose the modality that most suits you. To assist you in learning PowerShell, below are five major learning modalities:

1. Virtual Instructor-led Training

Microsoft offers the following official PowerShell courses that can be obtained from any Microsoft Official Learning partner.

There are no official PowerShell Core or PowerShell 7 courses available currently.

There are many third-party training courses available, and Microtek Learning’s PowerShell Courses also offer other training courses.

2. Book Learning

Many people get knowledge from reading books. Don Jones’ book is one of the best publications on the subject. The book’s title is ‘Learn PowerShell in a Month of Lunches.’ For more information, Click Here. The book and the MS training courses are strikingly similar, as keen-eyed readers will see. Don Jones and his colleagues wrote both courses; therefore, this is intentional.

Conversational PowerShell: A Beginner’s Guide e-book.

3. Video Training

Some people learn from watching videos. Following are some recommendations:

Microsoft PowerShell by Jeffrey Snover:-…

PowerShell 3.0:-…

Advanced Tools and Scripting with PowerShell 3.0:-…

Other MVA:- 

An Online YouTube video by Don Jones accompanies the book:-

Plataan TV:- Windows PowerShell 101 is a free video course that teaches you how to use PowerShell.

4. From Community

Microtek Learning has a great blog post about Microsoft PowerShell Scripting Tutorial For Beginners. This is an excellent reference for beginners and a helpful review for those with some experience.

Many people benefit from reading postings and also by asking questions and & answers in the community. The Group Admins and others are a source of knowledge and may provide a wide range of advice.

Adam Gordon, a community member, teaches one cmdlet each week. Each article explains how and when to use them. Find it here –

There are numerous other online communities. You can choose whatever community you like.

5. Podcasts

You can learn from the podcasts as well. And they’re both educational and entertaining. Give it a try!

Microtek Learning can provide you with all these resources and help you in your PowerShell learning journey; drop us a query!

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