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CNS-320 Citrix (NetScaler) ADC 12.x Advanced Concepts - Security, Management, and Optimization Training

What CNS-320 Citrix (NetScaler) ADC 12.x Advanced Concepts - Security, Management, and Optimization training is all about?

CNS-320 Citrix (NetScaler) ADC 12.X Advanced Concepts - Security, Management, And Optimization Training program are appropriate for the students who wish to send and oversee Citrix NetScaler Application Management for securing the application access in any Citrix Netscaler conditions. With this full-fledged training program, students can learn about caching, frontend optimization, Netscaler weblogging along with TCP/HTTP for enhancing the movement oversaw under and Netscaler situation. By the end of this technical training program, you could develop the ability to scale out the application designs with Citrix NetScaler management and the Analytics system for advancement in Netscaler application conveyance activity.

Highlighted course objectives for this training program are the identification of frequent web attacks and vulnerabilities, develop writing for PERL compatible regular expression, get an understanding of operating the adaptive learning engine, the configuration of Citrix Web App Firewall for protection of web applications and utilizing the ADC insight to monitor, manage and report about application services security. Aspirants who can be part of this Enterprise training program can be the teams that need skills for deploying and managing the Citrix Web App Firewall to secure the application access. The technical training course also upgrades the skill set of administrators, engineers, implementers, and architects.


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What are the course objectives for CNS-320 Citrix (NetScaler) ADC 12.x Advanced Concepts - Security, Management, and Optimization training?
  • Using ADC 12.x secure insights for managing, reporting and monitoring on Application Service Security.
  • Operating the adaptive learning engine.
  • Identifying several vulnerabilities and web attacks.
  • Configuring Citrix Web Application Firewall to protect web apps.
  • Learn how to write about PERL compatible regular expressions.
Who should attend CNS-320 Citrix (NetScaler) ADC 12.x Advanced Concepts - Security, Management, and Optimization training?

The training is recommended for the students who are keen to manage and deploy Citrix Web App Firewall to secure apps in the Citrix Networking environments. However, the professionals who are working as Citrix Application Delivery Manager and administers in a Citrix Networking environment.

The target audience for the course are engineers, architects administrators and implementers.

What is the course outline for CNS-320 Citrix (NetScaler) ADC 12.x Advanced Concepts - Security, Management, and Optimization training?
  • 1. Citrix Web App Firewall Overview
  • a). Web App Firewall solution Security Model
  • b). Common Attacks Overview
  • c). PCI-DSS Compliance
  • 2. Citrix Web App Firewall Policies and Profiles
  • a). Profiles
  • b). Policies
  • c). Engine Settings
  • d). Citrix Web App Firewall Learning
  • 3. Regular Expressions
  • a). Forms of Regular Expressions
  • b). Using Regular Expressions
  • c). Meta/Literal Characters
  • d). PCRE
  • e). RegEx Tools
  • f). Regular Expression Scope
  • 4. Attacks and Protections
  • a). Data Flow with Citrix Web App Firewall
  • b). Security Checks
  • c). Web App Firewall Actions
  • d). Adaptive Learning
  • e). Signatures
  • f). Cookie Protection
  • g). Advanced Form Protection Checks
  • h). URL Protections
  • 5. Web App Firewall Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • a). Citrix Web App Firewall and Web Applications
  • b). Logging and Reporting
  • c). Customizing Errors
  • d). Troubleshooting
  • e). ADC 12.x Security Insight
  • 6. Security and Filtering
  • a). IP Reputation
  • b). Rate Limiting
  • c). AppQoE
  • d). HTTP Callout
  • 7. Application Delivery Management Introduction
  • a). An introduction to Application Delivery Management
  • b). Application Delivery Management Deployment and Configuration
  • c). Deploying Citrix Application Delivery Management in High Availability
  • d). Citrix Application Delivery Management Instance Management
  • 8. Managing and Monitoring Application Delivery Management
  • a). Inventory Management
  • b). User Management
  • c). Analytics and Automation
  • d). SSL Certificate Management
  • 9. Managing Citrix ADC Configuration
  • a). Application Management
  • b). StyleBooks
  • c). Configuration Management
  • 10. Citrix ADC Web Logging
  • a). Understanding Web Traffic
  • b). Installing and configuring ADC 12.x Web Logging
  • c). Troubleshooting ADC 12.x Web Logging
  • 11. ADC 12.x Integrated Caching
  • a). Introduction to Integrated Caching
  • b). Static and Dynamic Content
  • c). Request and Response Process Flow
  • d). Understanding Cache Policies
  • e). Identifying Content Group Settings
  • 12. Citrix Web App Firewall Overview
  • a). Improving Content Delivery
  • b). Front-End Optimization Use Cases
  • c). Understanding Minification
  • d). CSS Optimizations
  • 13. Citrix Web App Firewall Policies and Profiles
  • a). Connections on the Citrix ADC
  • b). Connection Profiles
  • c). Queuing on the Citrix ADC
  • d). Connection Tuning Practices
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