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CobIT 5 Foundation Training


This technical course provides a perfect blend of practices, principles, analytical tools, and models, and is suitable for enterprises that require the implementation of IT for its daily functioning.

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Course Description

CobIT 5 Foundation Training is a leading business framework for both management of enterprise IT and Governance.

This technical course provides a perfect blend of practices, principles, analytical tools, and models, and is suitable for enterprises that require the implementation of IT for its daily functioning.

CobIT 5 Foundation Training aims to help practitioners elevate the reliability, trust, and value in necessary IT systems consistently.

This technical program will not only provide you with the knowledge to crack the COBIT 5 Foundation but also start implementing COBIT-5 in the real world and gain more experience as a practitioner.

This training program contains an in-depth explanation of the COBIT5 framework and process, making it best fit professionals from the top management, project managers, business leaders, and anyone who would like to pursue a career in Corporate Governance.

COBIT 5 Foundation Training utilizes an example-driven approach that helps you cover the supporting materials and main elements of the COBIT framework without any complications.

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What you will learn

  • green-tick How to calculate process capacity for an enterprise IT.
  • green-tick How to implement COBIT framework and respond challenges in IT enterprises.
  • green-tick Utilizing COBIT 5 framework for newest application used in
  • green-tick Using COBIT 5 framework to design new applications for enterprise-IT projects
  • green-tick Understand IT governance relied on constantly improvement procedures.
  • green-tick Understand IT management technical hindrances with CobIT 5 which frequently changes organizations.

Who should attend this course?

This course is suitable for Business managers, IT governance professionals and IT management consultants who wish to achieve excellent importance of COBIT 5.

Professionals from topmost management business leaders, business managers, quality professionals, service delivery managers and service team desk members can enroll in this COBIT 5 Foundation Training. 


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  • Course Objectives
  • About ISACA®
  • COBIT® 5 Certification Program Overview
  • COBIT® 5 Certification-Benefits for Enterprises
  • Purpose of the COBIT® 5 Foundation Certification
  • Target Audience of the COBIT® 5 Foundation Course
  • Learning Outcomes of the COBIT® 5 Foundation Course
  • Learning Areas of the COBIT® 5 Foundation Course
  • COBIT® 5 Foundation Certification Examination
  • Preparation for the COBIT® 5 Foundation Certification Examination
  • Overview and Key Features of COBIT® 5.0
  • COBIT® 5 and Other IT Governance Frameworks
  • Meeting Stakeholder Needs
  • Covering the Enterprise End-to-End
  • Applying a Single Integrated Framework
  • Enabling a Holistic Approach
  • Separating Governance from Management
  • Introduction to the COBIT 5 Enablers
  • Principles, Policies and Frameworks
  • Processes
  • Organizational Structures
  • Culture, Ethics and Behavior
  • Information
  • Services, Infrastructure and Applications
  • People, Skills and Competencies
  • COBIT 5 Implementation-Phase 1
  • COBIT 5 Implementation-Phase 2
  • COBIT 5 Implementation-Phase 3
  • COBIT 5 Implementation-Phase 4
  • COBIT 5 Implementation-Phase 5
  • COBIT 5 Implementation-Phase 6
  • COBIT 5 Implementation-Phase 7
  • The Business Case
  • Process Capability Assessment Model
  • Process Attributes and Process Capability Levels
  • FAQs

    Exam Type: Multiple choice questions; Result: 25 marks out of 50 required to pass; Exam Duration: 40 minutes; No of Questions: 50 questions.

    There five domains of CobIT 5 - Evaluate, Direct and Monitor (EDM); Align, Plan and Organise (APO); Build, Acquire and Implement (BAI); Deliver, Service and Support (DSS); and Monitor, Evaluate and Assess (MEA).

    Yes, it will certainly help you secure and manage your exisintg Enterprise IT environment because you learn all the skills to identify the issues, manage the problems, organise the procedures and administer the processes.

    ITIL is focused more on the service management enablers like process activities, organizational structures etc of an enterprise IT. CobIT 5's scope is much broader than ITIL's scope. ITIL is an ITSM framework, while, CobIT 5 is the IT practice governance framework.

    COBIT 5 delivers a comprehensive time tested framework that empowers the corporate businesses to achieve their governance and management objectives aligned to enterprise information technology assets (IT).

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      Skill Level: Foundation
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      Duration: 3 Days

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