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Configuring and Monitoring NetApp E-Series and EF-Series Storage Systems (CMESERIES) Training

What Configuring and Monitoring NetApp E-Series and EF-Series Storage Systems (CMESERIES) training is all about?

Pursue Configuring and Monitoring NetApp E-Series and EF-Series Storage Systems (CMESERIES) Training course; you will learn how to propose configurations based on a pre-deployment evaluation for a new NetApp EF-Series or E-Series storage system. This course offered by Microtek Learning is specially designed for Professionals or staff workers who are NetApp customers, NetApp partners, or NetApp employees. In the operation phase, you use both the NetApp system management software and SANtricity® storage management to build the configuration, carry out administrative tasks, and set up data protection features. You also get to know about the basic things like how to configure attached servers for input/output operations. At the time of post-deployment, you use SANtricity system mgmt software to gather storage system information for trend analysis, performance tuning, and monitoring and troubleshooting such as accessing support data and utilizing the built-in tools to discover storage system related faults.


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What are the course objectives for Configuring and Monitoring NetApp E-Series and EF-Series Storage Systems (CMESERIES) training?
  • Installing SANtricity Unified Manager & SANtricity 11.50 Storage Management software.
  • Authorization the features of System Management.
  • Administering storage by utilizing features of E-Series storage management.
  • Configuring attached servers for I/O operations.
  • Monitoring performance for E- Series storage system.
  • Troubleshooting technical hindrance for hardware and rectifying other performance errors with E-Series covering EF-Series product lines.
Who should attend Configuring and Monitoring NetApp E-Series and EF-Series Storage Systems (CMESERIES) training?

This training is intended for professionals who are NetApp partners, NetApp customers or NetApp employees.

What are the prerequisites for Configuring and Monitoring NetApp E-Series and EF-Series Storage Systems (CMESERIES) training?
  • Recommended Technical experience for NetApp E-Series Storage System.
  • Knowledge in Windows Administration.
What is the course outline for Configuring and Monitoring NetApp E-Series and EF-Series Storage Systems (CMESERIES) training?
  • 1. Introduction to E-Series and EF-Series Storage
  • a). E-Series and EF-Series storage products
  • b). SANtricity management interfaces
  • c). SANtricity storage manager
  • d). SANtricity unified manager
  • e). System manger overview
  • 2. E-Series and EF-Series Functionality
  • a). Configuration and I/O Operations
  • b). Cache and battery operation
  • c). Data assurance
  • d). Media scan
  • e). Drive security
  • 3. Configuration Concepts and Initial Setup
  • a). Host-Side configuration concepts
  • b). Disk-side configuration concepts
  • c). Pool and volume group configuration concepts
  • d). Initial setup steps
  • e). Additional setup steps
  • 4. Volume Group Administration
  • a). Volume groups
  • b). Creating volume groups and volumes
  • c). System administration tasks
  • d). Managing volume group disks
  • 5. Pools Administration
  • a). Pools
  • b). Creating unsecured disk pools and volumes
  • c). Creating secure pools
  • d). System administration tasks
  • e). Managing disk pool disks
  • 6. SSD Cache Administration
  • a). SSD Cache overview
  • b). SSD Cache administration
  • 7. Snapshot Administration
  • a). The SANtricity Snapshot Feature
  • b). Snapshot administration
  • c). Snapshot volume operational sequences
  • d). Snapshot volume administration
  • e). Snapshot consistency group administration
  • 8. Copy Volume Function
  • a). Copy volume function overview
  • b). Copy volume administration
  • 9. Mirroring Administration
  • a). Mirroring technology
  • b). Synchronous mirroring
  • c). Synchronous mirroring administration
  • d). Asynchronous mirroring
  • e). Asynchronous mirroring administration
  • f). SANtricity feature considerations
  • 10. Data Collection and Monitoring
  • a). Resources for collection and monitoring
  • b). Storage array component information
  • c). AutoSupport support tool
  • d). Informational files
  • e). Performance monitoring
  • 11. General Administrative Tasks
  • a). General administrative tasks
  • b). Alert management
  • c). Storage array, controller and drive tasks
  • d). Managing upgrades
  • 12. Labs:
  • a). Installing SANtricity storage manager
  • b). Adding a storage array to the EMW management domain
  • c). Exploring SANtricity system manager
  • d). Using the setup wizard to configure the storage array
  • e). Creating volume group configurations
  • f). Managing volumes in volume groups
  • g). Managing hot spares
  • h). Creating volume groups from the command line
  • i). Deleting a volume group configuration
  • j). Creating pool configurations
  • k). Managing volumes in pools
  • l). Managing failed drives
  • m). Using the command line to create pools
  • n). Creating an SSD cache drive
  • o). Creating and preparing pool volumes for I/O
  • p). Creating a Snapshot environment
  • q). Rolling back a file system
  • r). Creating a Snapshot volume
  • s). Mounting and accessing a Snapshot volume
  • t). Performing an online volume copy operation
  • u). Performing an offline volume copy operation
  • v). Collecting data
  • w). Taking a controller offline for servicing
  • x). Installing SANtricity unified manager software
  • y). Exploring SANtricity unified manager functions
  • z). Exploring E-Series and EF-Series resources
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