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Horizon: Design and Deploy 6.0 COURSE OVERVIEW

This course introduces a technique for planning and conveying a VMware Horizon arrangement. The plan technique incorporates suggestions for the kind of data and information that must be accumulated and dissected to settle on sound outline choices for the customer frameworks, the work area choices, the VMware vSphere foundation, and the Horizon segments. VMware best practices are exhibited for each period of the outline procedure. Amid this class, you will apply your new learning by working with different members to plan and send a Horizon answer for a genuine venture.


  • Evaluate the business and application prerequisites of a domain

  • Outline a Horizon foundation engineering that tends to the necessities of the association and llows VMware best practices

  • Report a plan that can be executed

  • Outline and send a complete Horizon arrangement

Horizon: Design and Deploy 6.0 Course Outline

1. Course Introduction

  • Presentations and course coordinations

  • Course targets

2. Foundation Assessment

  • Characterize client business targets

  • Assemble and break down business and application necessities

  • Utilize an efficient strategy to assess and record plan choices

3. View Design

  • Recognize the outline procedure to manufacture a Horizon arrangement

  • Utilize the Horizon reference design to convey a Horizon arrangement

  • Framework the procedure to characterize an utilization case

  • Decide utilize cases for a given business contextual investigation

4. Pool and Desktop Design

  • Guide utilize cases to Horizon occasions and Horizon pools

  • Make and convey work area pools for a given utilize case

  • Key contemplations for measuring equipment for a work area virtual machine

  • Recognize key virtual work area execution tuning and Windows enhancements and their impacts on Horizon execution

5. Skyline Block and Pod Design

  • Recognize the segments of a commonplace Horizon piece and unit

  • Framework the connections between Horizon administration square segments

  • Outline a Horizon work area square and case design for a given utilize case

  • Arrange cloud unit design for multisite pool get to

6. VMware Infrastructure Design

  • Recognize factors and plan choices that decide the estimating for VMware ESXi has

  • Gauge and size CPU and memory necessities

  • Plan contemplations for measuring system limit

  • Framework the benefits that are required by a regulatory client account

7. Capacity Design

  • Recognize factors that decide the estimating for shared capacity

  • Recognize advantages of utilizing layered capacity for connected clone pools

  • Distinguish utilize cases and advantages of utilizing View Storage Accelerator

  • Recognize utilize cases and advantages of utilizing steady plates and expendable documents circles in connected clone work areas

  • Recognize utilize cases and advantages of utilizing VMware Virtual SAN

8. System and Security Design

  • Recognize the outline choices identified with transmission capacity use

  • Recognize utilize cases and advantages of utilizing load adjusting and movement administration

  • Recognize the accepted procedures for maintaining a strategic distance from organize blockage

  • Recognize utilize cases and advantages of utilizing firewalls for DMZ-based security servers

9. End-User Session and Device Design

  • Distinguish VMware best practices for Active Directory holders, gatherings, and Group Policy protest strategies in a Horizon arrangement

  • Choices for overseeing client profiles

  • Advantages of utilizing View Persona Management

  • Recognize customer gadget qualities and prerequisites

10. Sending and Managing Applications

  • Significance of the application conveyance instrument

  • Figure out which Horizon application instrument ought to be utilized to achieve which business targets

  • Outline and make Remote Desktop Services homesteads and application pools to help the arrangement of utilizations


  • Virtualized work area usage encounter

  • A comprehension of ideas introduced in the Horizon (with View): Install, Configure, Manage course or identical experience

  • A comprehension of ideas exhibited in the VMware Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals course

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