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VMware Mirage [V5.0] and Horizon with View [V6.0]: Fast Track Course Description

This broadened hours, hands-on instructional class furnishes understudies with abilities that they have to send a brought together picture administration framework utilizing VMware Mirage and also introducing, arranging, and dealing with the VMware Horizon View part of VMware Horizon. Understudies figure out how to design security, oversee pictures, play out a Windows relocation, set up endpoint insurance, and perform different administration capacities with Mirage. Understudies will likewise increase pragmatic involvement with View ideas through the consummation of hands-on labs that incorporate VMware View Manager, VMware View Composer, and the View security server.

VMware Mirage [V5.0] And Horizon With View [V6.0]: Fast Track Course Objectives

» Describe the key ideas of Mirage

» Recognize how Mirage fits into the VMware end-client figuring vision

» Identify the fundamental Mirage utilize orders

» Define the capacity of each of the Mirage arrangement segments

» Install, design, and overhaul Mirage

» Identify the errands for SSL design on a Mirage framework

» Discuss the administration capacities accessible in the Mirage Management Console

» Deploy Mirage to endpoints

» Explain the undertakings for catching and allocating base layers and application layers

» Describe techniques for performing debacle recuperation with Mirage

» Outline how to design and play out a mass equipment relocation with Mirage

» Recognize how the document entrance is set up and utilized

» Identify View parts

» Install and arrange View Connection Server

» Install and arrange virtual machines that progress toward becoming work areas

» Configure and oversee VMware Horizon Client frameworks

» Configure and oversee pools of existing physical machines

» Configure and oversee mechanized pools of full virtual machines

» Configure and oversee pools of connected clone machines

» Configure and oversee RDS pools of work areas and applications

» Use View Administrator to arrange the View condition

» Configure secure access to View work areas

» Describe ventures to send View Persona Management for client profile administration

» Manage execution and adaptability of a View arrangement

Course Prerequisites For VMware Mirage [V5.0] And Horizon With View [V6.0]: Fast Track

» Ability to explore Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows Server 2008

» Experience getting to the visitor working framework from the VMware vCenter Server virtual machine comfort

» Ability to utilize VMware vSphere Client to see the condition of virtual machines, datastores, and systems

» Experience in Microsoft Windows Active Directory organization

VMware Mirage [V5.0] and Horizon with View [V6.0]: Fast Track Course Outline

Prologue to Mirage

  • Examine the key ideas of Mirage
  • Depict how Mirage functions with Horizon 6
  • Characterize the fundamental Mirage utilize cases
  • Talk about Mirage highlights and advantages

Parts and Architecture

  • Recognize the capacity of each of the Mirage arrangement segments
  • Characterize the Mirage layers
  • Chart the Mirage engineering

Introducing and Configuring Mirage

  • Blueprint the undertakings for introducing and arranging Mirage
  • Talk about the procedure for conveying the Mirage customer
  • Recognize the abnormal state assignments for updating Mirage

Illusion Security

  • Perceive the design and segments of the Mirage Gateway server and how they communicate
  • Recognize undertakings for performing SSL arrangement on a Mirage framework
  • Disclose how to arrange Mirage stack adjusting

Delusion Management Overview

  • Disclose how to utilize the Mirage dashboard and exchange logs to screen your Mirage framework condition
  • Perceive the procedure for setting up static and dynamic brought together virtual work area (CVD) accumulations
  • Clarify the fundamental Image Composer capacities
  • Portray how Mirage parts are set up and utilized

Illusion Web Manager

  • Recognize the primary establishment and arrangement errands for Mirage Web Manager
  • Talk about how to utilize Mirage Web Manager logs
  • Perceive how to arrange SSL on Mirage Web Manager

Illusion Single Image Management

  • Chart the layer administration lifecycle
  • Disclose how to set up a reference machine
  • Perceive the procedure for catching and doling out base layers and application layers

Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 Migration

  • Distinguish ventures for playing out a Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 relocation and how to screen the movement procedure
  • Examine the reinforcement capacities of Mirage
  • Clarify the Mirage endpoint fiasco recuperation choices

Endpoint Protection with Mirage

  • Examine the reinforcement capacities of Mirage and how transfer arrangements are utilized to characterize reinforcement parameters
  • Clarify the Mirage endpoint fiasco recuperation choices
  • Working with the Mirage File Portal
  • Clarify the procedure for designing the record gateway
  • Perceive how to design end-client CVD mapping
  • Depict how to get to records utilizing the document gateway

Prologue to Horizon and View

  • Diagram of Horizon 6
  • Present View highlights and segments

View Connection Server

  • Introduce and arrange View Connection Server
  • Design the View occasions database and syslog server

View Desktops

  • Get ready virtual machines as View work areas
  • Think about PCoIP and RDP remote show conventions
  • Clarify USB redirection and mixed media redirection
  • Introduce Horizon View Agent in a format
  • Convey a manual pool and qualifies clients for get to it

Skyline Client Options

  • Present Horizon Client for Windows and Mac OS X
  • Portray HTML Access, thin customers, and zero customers
  • Arrange Virtual Printing with Horizon Client

Making and Managing Automated Pools

  • Arrange and arrangement computerized pools of work areas
  • Look at devoted and coasting task pools
  • Look at capacity alternatives, including VMware Virtual SAN™

Making and Managing Linked-Clone Desktop Pools

  • Review of View Composer operations
  • Send and arrangement connected clone work areas
  • Look at capacity alternatives, including Virtual SAN and layered stockpiling
  • Oversee connected clone work areas

Oversee steady plates

  • Making and Managing RDS Desktop and Application Pools
  • Set up RDS hosts to make a homestead
  • Convey and arrangement RDS work area pools
  • Convey and arrangement RDS application pools
  • Oversee application pools

Utilizing View Administrator

  • Design the View condition
  • Think about confirmation alternatives for work area get to
  • Oversee clients, sessions, and approaches
  • Actualize part based assigned organization
  • Screen the View condition

Overseeing View Security

  • Portray suggested organize designs and validation alternatives
  • Arrange the View security server
  • View Persona Management
  • Arrange client profiles with View Persona Management

Portray View Persona Management and Windows meandering profiles

  • Arrange a View Persona Management organization
  • Portray best practices for a View Persona Management organization
  • Charge Line Tools and Backup Options
  • Present the vdmadmin utility
  • Portray customer frameworks in booth mode

Go down the View databases

  • Reestablish the View databases
  • View Performance and Scalability
  • Portray multiserver arrangements to make a case
  • Clarify execution contemplations and load adjusting for a solitary unit
  • Clarify Cloud Pod Architecture for various View unit organizations