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VMware vSphere: Troubleshooting Workshop 6.5 Course Description

This VMware vSphere: Troubleshooting Workshop V6.5 furnishes you with the propelled learning, aptitudes, and capacities to accomplish fitness in investigating the VMware vSphere 6.x condition. This workshop builds your expertise and fitness in utilizing the charge line interface, VMware vSphere Web Client, VMware vRealize Log lnsight, and different instruments to break down and take care of issues.

VMware VSphere: Troubleshooting Workshop V6.5 Course Objectives

» Use vSphere Web Client, the summon line interface, and logs to analyze and resolve issues in the vSphere condition

» Introduce investigating standards and methodology

» Troubleshoot organizing issues and recoup from these issues

» Analyze stockpiling disappointment situations and resolve the issues

» Troubleshoot vSphere bunch disappointment situations and dissect conceivable causes

» Diagnose basic VMware vSphere® High Availability issues and give arrangements

» Troubleshoot issues identified with virtual machine relocation (VMware vSphere vMotion) and enhance asset utilize (VMware vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler)

» Troubleshoot VMware vCenter Server issues

» Identify VMware ESXi have issues, examine disappointment situations, and right them

» Troubleshoot defective virtual machines, including establishment issues, preview issues, association issues, and the sky is the limit from there

VMware vSphere: Troubleshooting Workshop 6.5 Course Outline

Course Introduction

  • Presentations and course coordinations
  • Course goals
  • Portray the substance of this course
  • Pick up a total photo of the VMware accreditation framework
  • Acquaint yourself with the advantages of the VMware Education Learning Zone
  • Recognize extra assets

Prologue to Troubleshooting

  • Recognize the impacts of a framework issue
  • Characterize the extent of investigating
  • Utilize an organized approach
  • Comprehend the standards of investigating
  • Take after a coherent investigating methodology
  • Look at cases of investigating

Investigating Tools

  • Utilize order line devices to recognize and investigate issues
  • Utilize VMware vSphere® Management Assistant
  • Find and translate essential log records
  • Utilize vRealize Log Insight for log collection, effective log hunt, and issue examination

Systems administration

  • Distinguish the side effects of system related issues
  • Investigate and resolve standard switch and circulated switch issues
  • Investigate virtual machine availability issues and fix them
  • Analyze basic administration arrange availability issues and reestablish designs
  • Distinguish and avoid potential issues


  • Investigate stockpiling (iSCSI, NFS, VMware vSphere® VMFS, VMware vSAN, and VMware vSphere® Virtual Volumes) availability issues
  • Examine stockpiling related logs
  • Examine equipment breakdown and programming misconfiguration situations
  • Distinguish multipathing-related issues, including changeless gadget misfortune (PDL) and all ways down (APD)
  • Examine conceivable causes, recuperate from the broken conditions, and reestablish stockpiling perceivability

vSphere Clusters

  • Distinguish and recuperate from issues identified with vSphere HA
  • Investigate and investigate different sorts of vSphere vMotion issues identified with virtual machine relocations
  • Examine and recuperate from vSphere DRS issues to accomplish legitimate capacity and adjusted asset utilize
  • Inspect vSphere bunch disappointment situations and conceivable arrangements

Virtual Machines

  • Examine and resolve basic virtual machine preview issues
  • Recognize conceivable causes and resolve virtual machine control on issues
  • Investigate virtual machine association state issues
  • Resolve issues seen amid VMware Tools establishments
  • Look at disappointment situations and give arrangements

vCenter Server and ESXi

  • Comprehend the vCenter Server and VMware Platform Services Controller design in vSphere 6.x
  • Recognize and resolve validation issues
  • Investigate VMware Certificate Authority and endorsement issues
  • Dissect and fix issues with vCenter Server administrations
  • Examine and fix vCenter Server database issues
  • Recognize VMware vCenter Server® High Availability issues
  • Look at ESXi host and vCenter Server disappointment situations and resolve the issues