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CSF-201 Citrix (ShareFile) Content Collaboration Enterprise Essentials Training

What CSF-201 Citrix (ShareFile) Content Collaboration Enterprise Essentials training is all about?

CSF-201 Citrix (ShareFile) Content Collaboration Enterprise Essentials Training provides comprehensive knowledge regarding enterprise file sharing and synchronization with Citrix Content Collaboration. Professionals get to learn essential skills and understanding required to manage and configure the Citrix Content Collaboration environment, including the implementation of Windows and Citrix Virtual Applications and Desktop clients. This technical course lets you explore your data storage options and control plane and help individuals develop a better understanding and knowledge of content collaboration administrative responsibilities.

It also educates individuals about the right procedures to navigate the administrative console for file sharing success and facilitated deployments. You will also get in-depth knowledge on how to handle Citrix Content Collaboration users in an Active Directory area. This program is designed for IT professionals who have a keen interest in learning how to implement Citrix Content Collaboration features with leading practices. It is also very beneficial for professionals, including engineers/implementers, administrators, and architects.


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What are the course objectives for CSF-201 Citrix (ShareFile) Content Collaboration Enterprise Essentials training?
  • Managing users for Citrix Content Collaboration in an active directories enviorments.
  • Integrating Citrix Content Collaboration into the present Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops environment.
  • Navigating the StorageZones and Citrix Content Collaboration administration interfaces.
  • Understanding about Citrix Content Collaboration architecture, Sharing and Enterprise File Synchronization.
Who should attend CSF-201 Citrix (ShareFile) Content Collaboration Enterprise Essentials training?

The training is designed for IT professionals having in-depth interest about implementing Citrix Content Collaboration features utilizing main practice sessions. However, the target audience for this course are students covering Architects, Engineers and Administrators can enroll for this training.

What is the course outline for CSF-201 Citrix (ShareFile) Content Collaboration Enterprise Essentials training?
  • 1. Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) Overview
  • a). Enterprise Document Sharing Use Cases
  • b). Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud concepts
  • c). EFSS Legal Basics
  • 2. Architecture
  • a). Control Plane
  • b). Data Storage Options (Azure, Amazon, Enterprise)
  • c). Security (File Encryption, Password Policy, DLP Overview)
  • 3. Administration
  • a). Folder Administration
  • b). Advanced Preferences
  • c). Manual User setup
  • 4. StorageZones
  • a). Components data flow
  • b). Restricted Zones Overview
  • c). Connectors Overview (CIFS, SharePoint)
  • 5. User management
  • a). Citrix Content Collaboration User Management (UMT) Tool
  • b). Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) Overview
  • c). Citrix Content Collaboration Authentication
  • 6. Endpoint clients
  • a). Windows and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop Client
  • b). Mobile Clients
  • c). Outlook Plug-in
  • 7. User Experience
  • a). Getting Started
  • b). File Management
  • c). Preference Customization
  • 8. Troubleshooting and Management
  • a). Authentication and Access Issues
  • b). Component upgrade
  • c). Component monitoring
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