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CWS-206 Citrix Workspace Microapps Essentials Training

What CWS-206 Citrix Workspace Microapps Essentials training is all about?

CWS-206 Citrix Workspace Microapps Essentials Training introduces professionals to Citrix Workspace with Microapps. It is packed with in-depth information on Citrix Microapps, security considerations, web services, and API troubleshooting to guide you through launching microapps in your environment without any complications. You also learn about the best strategies to launch microapps from existing templates and custom System of Record Integrations.

This technical course is suitable for people who want to better understand the fundamentals of APIs, web services, and system integrations by creating microapps developed to elevate the productivity of employees and optimize the end-user experience. Our enterprise training is best for organizations. It is a handy resource for IT professionals looking to develop and launch microapps with Citrix Workspace. Engineers, administrators, architects, and app developers associated with the Citrix Workspace experience can also benefit from this program. It is a perfect way to enhance your skills and boost your credibility in the market.


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What are the course objectives for CWS-206 Citrix Workspace Microapps Essentials training?
  • Designing microapps from present templates covering microapp deployment and customized system of recorded integrations.
  • Achieve in-depth fundamental knowledge of Citrix Intelligent Workspace to be effective with Citrix microapps.
  • How to configure and deploy Citrix Intelligent Workspace Microapps along with Systems of Record (SoR) integrations and basic fundamentals of APIs.
Who should attend CWS-206 Citrix Workspace Microapps Essentials training?

The course is recommended for IT professionals who are seeking to employ and build microapps with Citrix Workspace. However, the primary audience for this course are potential students covering engineers, application developers, architects and administrators in-charge for the Citrix Workspace Experience.

What is the course outline for CWS-206 Citrix Workspace Microapps Essentials training?
  • 1. Introduction to Citrix Workspace with Microapps
  • a). User Experience
  • b). Citrix Workspace Components
  • c). Feature and Functionality Overview
  • 2. Citrix Workspace with microapps Architecture
  • a). Workspace with microapp components
  • 3. Web and Data Elements
  • a). Systems of Record
  • b). API Introduction
  • c). Rest API
  • d). URLs, URI, & Endpoint URIs
  • e). HTTP Overview
  • f). HTTP & API Workflow
  • g). Authentication
  • h). Connecting to REST APIs
  • 4. Citrix Workspace with HTTP Methods
  • a). Post Method
  • b). Primary Key
  • c). Put Method
  • d). Delete Method
  • 5. Relational Database
  • a). Relational Data Model
  • b). Simplified Data Model Examples
  • c). Complex Data Model Examples
  • 6. Microapps Troubleshooting
  • a). Troubleshooting Methodology
  • b). Integration Logs
  • c). Microapps Logs
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