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Data Center Automation with vRealize Orchestrator and vSphere PowerCLI Training


During this five-day course, experienced VMware vSphere® administrators will learn how to take advantage of the powerful automation features that are available to all vSphere users.

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Course Price : $3999 Per Participant

Course Description

During this five-day course, experienced VMware vSphere® administrators will learn how to take advantage of the powerful automation features that are available to all vSphere users.

With the help of VMware vSphere® PowerCLI and VMware vRealize® Orchestrator, you will learn how to automate everyday management tasks.

These tools will be used in class to automate activities in a lab environment that is as close to reality as possible.

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What you will learn

  • green-tick Describe the features and benefits of automation in a vSphere environment
  • green-tick Understand the role of the vSphere Web Services API in automation
  • green-tick Use vSphere PowerCLI to deploy and manage virtual machines and virtual infrastructure
  • green-tick Run and manage library vRealize Orchestrator workflows
  • green-tick Design, develop, and run custom reusable vRealize Orchestrator workflows
  • green-tick Incorporate JavaScript into vRealize Orchestrator workflows
  • green-tick Select the appropriate tool for automating day-to-day tasks in vCenter Server
  • green-tick Use the Managed Object Browser (MOB) to view the structure of VMware vSphere® API and VMware vCenter Server® inventory


Completion of the following courses, or equivalent experience with vSphere deployments:

Who should attend this course?

  • Experienced vSphere administrators who want to use available tools to automate day-to-day tasks.


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  • Introductions and course logistics
  • Course objectives
  • Identify the tools available to vSphere administrators for automation
  • Understand the benefits of automation
  • Understand the function of black boxes in programming
  • Identify the function of an API
  • Recognize the components of the vSphere Web Services API
  • Understand how the vSphere Web Services API is used by automation tools
  • Understand object-oriented terminology relevant to the vSphere Web Services API
  • Use the MOB to explore the vSphere object model and invoke methods
  • Describe features of vSphere PowerCLI
  • List common tasks to perform with vSphere PowerCLI
  • Connect vSphere PowerCLI to vCenter Server and VMware ESXi hosts
  • Define variables to use in vSphere PowerCLI
  • Use basic vSphere PowerCLI cmdlets
  • Describe features of the command pipeline
  • Examine vSphere PowerCLI objects
  • View vSphere PowerCLI object properties
  • Invoke vSphere PowerCLI object methods
  • Perform day-to-day management tasks with vSphere PowerCLI
  • Examine View objects with the Get-View cmdlet
  • Convert View objects to VIObjects
  • Invoke vSphere Web Services API methods
  • Use the Onyx tool to capture vSphere PowerCLI code
  • Identify vRealize Orchestrator components
  • Understand the function of plug-ins
  • Add a vCenter Server instance to the vCenter Server plug-in
  • List the components of a workflow
  • Create a vCenter Server object with a library workflow
  • Distinguish between workflow variable types
  • Create a simple workflow
  • Create workflow input and output parameters
  • Set a workflow input parameter as an attribute
  • Understand the role of binding in workflows
  • Use a library workflow in a new workflow
  • Developing vRealize Orchestrator Workflows
  • Identify and use common vRealize Orchestrator workflow elements
  • Implement vRealize Orchestrator workflow nesting
  • List methods for calling other workflows in vRealize Orchestrator workflows
  • Identify the information required to develop a workflow
  • Use the vRealize Orchestrator workflow scripting debugger
  • Create basic decision loops in workflows
  • Use a for-each loop in a workflow
  • Understand how exceptions are handled in vRealize Orchestrator
  • Use action elements in workflows
  • Capture JavaScript with Onyx and use it in a workflow
  • Create a workflow that deploys multiple virtual machines according to a customer specification
  • Add Windows PowerShell hosts to the vCenter Server inventory
  • Invoke scripts on Windows PowerShell hosts
  • Create Windows PowerShell workflows
  • Understand the architecture of virtual machine guest operations
  • Identify the requirements for using guest operations
  • Perform guest operations with vRealize Orchestrator and vSphere PowerCLI
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      Duration: 5 Days

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